Man Crush Fridays: Ichiro, Corbin, and Fernandez

Aug 23, 2013

Wanna bet on it, bitches?

We here at the PDI and Bait Shoppe are willing to throw down on just about anything. Over the past 15 years we’ve cobbled together some great ideas and some absolutely terrible ones. We’ve wagered on various animal races to all things involving a ball. Even F1 and NASCAR. Darts, pool, “Mario Kart,” “Madden” (cpu vs. cpu), “Golden Tee,” and the Oscars have all been rooted on like Seabiscuit. When we get bored, someone always breaks out the dice cup and Ship, Captain, & Crew will cost somebody serious change.

For myself, I’ve put together my four majors of the season. I wager on just about everything, but the season-long endeavors are my favorites and are the most difficult to win. If I had to whittle it down because of financial reasons or possibly for my own sanity, I would keep these ones:


Um, let's see, I don't know, maybe about six feet tall and two hundred pounds? I've been doing theater and improv in Chicago for a while now. Like fifteen years or so. O, yeah, I have a full day, day job for insurance and monetary purposes (no more half days with a big nap in the afternoon). I work as a project manager for a metal manufacturing plant. Huh? O, ah, two kids a wife. Yeah, they're great. I mean, not all the time great, like Brady Bunch shit, but no one has burned the house down yet. So, yeah, I guess that's it. I didn't get the job, did I?