Wanna bet on it, bitches?

We here at the PDI and Bait Shoppe are willing to throw down on just about anything. Over the past 15 years we’ve cobbled together some great ideas and some absolutely terrible ones. We’ve wagered on various animal races to all things involving a ball. Even F1 and NASCAR. Darts, pool, “Mario Kart,” “Madden” (cpu vs. cpu), “Golden Tee,” and the Oscars have all been rooted on like Seabiscuit. When we get bored, someone always breaks out the dice cup and Ship, Captain, & Crew will cost somebody serious change.

For myself, I’ve put together my four majors of the season. I wager on just about everything, but the season-long endeavors are my favorites and are the most difficult to win. If I had to whittle it down because of financial reasons or possibly for my own sanity, I would keep these ones:

Major # 1 – My big money fantasy baseball league. This is the grand-daddy of them all. My Masters. I finally got my name etched on the trophy last year and I seriously contemplated leaving the league and going out on top. It’s a set your lineup once a week, points type of league. What I love about fantasy baseball is that everyone is going to get injured, so depth counts. Rookies come into play, as well as old timers making a final gasp before disappearing forever. The baseball season goes on forever, and they play every day, making virtually every game watchable. It’s the only league where rookies make any real difference on a consistent basis.

Major # 2 – My fantasy hockey league. A head-to-head categories league with daily lineup changes. I had always been a fan of the local team, but knew very little about the entire NHL until I joined a fantasy league. For me it is the best way to learn any league quickly. I was in an EPL Fantasy league a few years back just to help learn the lay of the land. The fantasy hockey league has the lowest stakes of any league I’m in, but the competition is some of the best. Plus, no one plays fantasy hockey, so I love the uniqueness of it.

Major # 3 – College Football ATS pickem. – A huge pool of 40 guys that each put in a large entrance fee. We pick every top 25 college football game against the spread for the entire year. Have the best week, win your money back. Top four pay out for the entire year and the top two for the bowl week. I’ve won the bowl week a few times, but never finished top four in the big money. Any league where the winner correctly picks 55 percent has to be something I can eventually win right? We are on four years and counting.

Major # 4 – College Basketball 10 Team Draft – I love this league because of how ridiculously deep it goes. Twenty or so of us pick 10 college basketball teams. He with the most D1 victories at the end of the year wins. Tournaments count. All of them. Thanksgiving, Christmas, conference, NCAA, CBI, CIT, NIT. This is where the original man crush came from. I’d end up falling in love with the Jimmer or Andrew Goudelock or Ben Woodside. This league has eluded my grasp as well. I’ve finished second twice, and there are some real sharks in this pool. Ninety percent of the money in this league comes from side bets. Do you go big ball, or small ball? Always a key question. Holy Cross and Drexel always seem to make on to my team. The best way to win this league lately is get as many teams into the CBI as possible.

So there you have it. My own personal major tournaments of the year. I suggest everyone get on it. To the crushing!


Four-thousand hits. Impressive no matter were he got them. Part of the epically great Mariniers team under Lou Piniella, it’s a shame Ichiro never got a chance to be in the World Series.[ref]and chances look grim for this year[/ref] I can’t even imagine the international coverage the WS would get with Japan’s greatest export, save Nintendo. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak. Funny how baseball is full of superstars that I never hear speak. Would that ever happen in basketball or football? Never. In hockey, everyone has to prove how great a guy they are, so the interviews never stop. Baseball seems to foster the invisible superstar. Congrats Ichiro. Here’s hoping you break Rose’s record.

Patrick Corbin

Goddamnit. Where the hell did this kid come from. It’s the first week of the fantasy baseball playoffs in my Major #1, and this kid goes CG Win on the road at the Reds. With ten strikeouts and no walks, no less. Sometimes the mancrush is an hate crush. But we hate the player not the game here. Patty Corbs dropped a nuke on my fantasy season. I’ve scrambled back to a slim chance, but the after effects are going to be felt for some time. I will tell you this. Patrick Corbin will be on my fantasy team next year. Mark my words.

Jose Fernandez

 The entire population of Cuba focused in on Miami this Monday. Well most of them are probably focused in on Miami other nights as well, but we got a glimpse of the finest Cubanos on the planet doing their thing. Previous Crush Yasiel Puig was in town with his freight train Dodgers who now seem destined to play in the October classic. But good pitching always trumps good hitting. Jose, a month into the legal drinking age portion of his life, struck out eight through six innings, and Miami held on for the win. But the crush here is a little deeper. Specifically Jose’s magnificent curveball. I could watch him throw that thing all day. Magnifico.

Other Sweetness from the Week

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Finally got to play BioShock Infinite

Enjoy the weekend, tip a glass, and let a little love into your life.