That’s how baseball go

Jun 20, 2013

I attended my first Texas Rangers game since 2011 on Tuesday, picking to go during a suddenly crucial four-game series against the Oakland Athletics. I bought a new Yu Darvish t-shirt to replace my since-Goodwilled Josh Hamilton shirt. I enjoyed a $1.99 beer and ate tacos before the game with my girlfriend along with my college bud/Bro Jackson NASCAR and nu-metal expert Robert Rich. I produced a gallon of sweat as the afternoon sun baked the left-field seats for the first two innings of the game. Things were as they’d always been at the Ballpark.

After the game was over and the A’s walked out with a 6-2 win, dropping the Rangers’ record in June to 5-12, a kid sitting in front of me told his mom, “At least FC Dallas wins.”

These are strange times in Dallas-Fort Worth, when children are turning to soccer instead of the Rangers.


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