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The Worst All-Stars All-Star Team

Jul 15, 2013

I was all ready to hate on Jason Castro. The Houston Astros catcher is what inspired me to assemble the team you are about to see. When I heard that Castro was an All-Star, I laughed. I figured that the MLB’s stupid rule that every team has at least one representative at the Midsummer Classic was the only way Castro could have ever made the American League’s squad.

Then I looked at his stats. Turns out, Castro is pretty much the third (or maybe fourth depending on your opinion of Cleveland’s Carlos Santana) best catcher in the AL. He’s having a legitimately good season (.266/.330/.474) for a terrible team.

So fine, Castro. You have escaped my snark for now. But others aren’t so lucky. Thanks to the MLB’s every-one-gets-a-medal All-Star rule, there have been some clunkers that have been paraded around as the league’s best. I’m here to bring them to light. Some ground rules: I’m picking from the last 15 years because, well, I can. And I’m only selecting reserves, so guys who have sucky seasons but won the fan vote because of popularity don’t count. The more obscure the guy, the better. And having terrible stats isn’t the only criteria; Joe Schmoe could have had a legitimately solid half season, but through hindsight we know just how bad he was.

Meet the Worst All-Stars All-Star Team.


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  • astrosince1975

    One could argue that Jason Castro has been the most productive true catcher in the A.L. this season. Mauer and Santana are the only A.L. catchers with a higher OPS than Castro and both have spent considerably fewer innings behind the plate. Castro actually has a higher slugging pct. and more homeruns than Mauer or Santana.

    Salvador Perez, who made an appearance in tonight’s game, may be a better defender but doesn’t even compare offensively. It is unfortunate that Castro didn’t get a chance to showcase his skills on the national stage. His talent won’t be appreciated until people get a chance to see him play.

  • Justin Schultz

    Bryce Harper didn’t deserve the nod this year.