With just over three minutes left in the third quarter, the San Antonio Spurs were down by one in a Game 2 that looked like it could come down to the final stretch.

A 33-5 run by the Miami Heat, and maybe a Red Tails chant, had something to say about that.

The root issue for the Spurs: turnovers. In Game 1, they turned the ball over an NBA Finals record-tying low of four times. Sunday night, they committed 17 turnovers to the Heat’s six. LeBron James, unable to make a move the first half of the game, suddenly turned it on in the third quarter, leading the charge for the Heat’s big run.

Tiago Splitter thought for a second, maybe two that he could dunk on LeBron. Wasn’t happening. It was easily one of the better blocks on the playoffs.

The two brightest spots in the game didn’t come from either team’s Big Three. Danny Green put in work for the Spurs, hitting every one of his shots and contributing 17 points as their leading scorer. The Heat’s leading scorer was none other than Mario Chalmers, who played a huge part in Miami’s win and picked up the slack while LeBron was still deciding whether or not to flip the switch.

Tuesday night in San Antonio, the Spurs win. On their home court, they revisit what made them so effective in Game 1 (especially fewer turnovers) and they catch the Heat slipping.

GAME NOTES: Sunday night was the first time I had ever heard Chris Bosh called “sassy,” and I wish I had thought of that . . . Down 25 in the fourth, I swear at one point I saw Splitter, Patty Mills, Cory Joseph, Tracy McGrady, and Matt Bonner in the game and couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone just wanted to say they had at least one bucket in the Finals and just kept jacking shots up . . . Part of tonight’s loss may or may not be due to a Heat fan’s giant Eva Longoria head that Tony Parker DEFINITELY saw . . . The Miami Heat’s use of the Red Tails rallying cry is new to me, and I probably wouldn’t have known where their call-and-response came from if not for a certain ESPN analyst. Has anyone seen that movie more than once?