The Commuter Chronicles, Vol. 5: Bottoms up

Dec 2, 2013

Erin Payton has been riding Chicago’s CTA rail system to and from work for 15 years. Mondays, she roasts and celebrates our collective commute.

Brown Line toward Loop – morning

I get on the Brown Line in the morning at the beginning of the trek from Kimball to the Loop. As the cars don’t start filling up until the Western stop in Lincoln Square, the train is usually pretty empty when I plop down.

It was on a next-to-empty train one fine morning that I looked to my right and saw a dude, about 20 feet away, changing his clothes. All of them.


Was dubbed 'Ms. TV Guide' by family in 1981 when I could tell you any show's station and air date/time. Granted, there were only 3.5 stations back then but I was also in kindergarten. Now that we have 560 stations, I can only give you the listings for 65-70 stations. But I'm working on it.