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College fantasy football should be a thing

The number one sport in America is professional football.

The number two American pastime–per ratings and revenue–is college football.

This is a blowhard factoid that I heard uttered once on sports talk radio. It’s the kind of baseless notion that you wind up parroting like crazy whenever people talk about the NBA. I heard said factoid in a clunky and gas-guzzling 2001 Chevrolet Venture. It was a lunch break, in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru, and I was kind of angry at myself for indirectly supporting pray-the-gay-away initiatives and being too weak to resist a fried chicken breast with pickles. This moment kind of sticks because in the late summer of 2009 I’d just committed to ponying up $120 to join a collegiate fantasy football league through my office.

Quick word about this office. We do finance and trading and money stuff. We are really good at mutual funds that beat the Lipper average. One of the founding partners has a picture that he took alongside George W. and Laura Bush in his office. We are deep in the heart.


Ramon Ramirez is Bro Jackson's managing editor. His work has appeared in Grantland, Consequence of Sound, The Daily Dot, Fansided, In Fact Daily, the Washington City Paper, and the Austin American-Statesman.