On the arrest record, Titus Young Sr.‘s job status is “unemployed.” It’s been a gravitational freefall from grace for the talented but troubled wide receiver, who finds himself out of the NFL, staring down jail time, and unlikely to get another shot in the league.

Young’s character issues got him cut from the Detroit Lions after a moderately successful season. A second round selection in 2011, Young posted a promising rookie campaign, catching 48 balls for 607 yards and six touchdowns. Going into 2012, Young was supposed to be the guy to take the pressure off of double and triple teamed stud Calvin Johnson.

Instead, Young began his downward spiral by reportedly punching team safety Louis Delmas at an offseason workout. He was held out of OTAs by the team, and lost the competition for second fiddle at receiver to Nate Burleson. He’d had brushes with team leaders before, told by center Dominic Raiola during his rookie year to “Grow the [expletive] up” after a personal foul against the Saints.

His attitude problems again surfaced on the field when he intentionally lined up in the wrong spots. Unsurprisingly, Young was benched for doing this, an unbelievably stubborn move that he had to know wouldn’t have had a positive outcome.

The Lions made Young leave the team, deactivated him from the roster, and eventually placed him on Injured Reserve, citing a sore knee. The move, in reality, had very little to do with Young’s physical ailments. Young had been sent home three times already by the Lions; this time, he was gone for good.

After the season, Young was cut by the Lions, and claimed on waivers by the Rams, a team in dire need of receiver help. He lasted nine days with the Rams, before they decided he wasn’t worth the trouble. This time, nobody claimed him on waivers. Titus Young was a free man.

Very soon, it’s likely that Young will no longer have that freedom, as his next organization may be a correctional facility. In the month of May, Young has been charged with an astounding eight crimes in 10 days. On May 4, Young, who made $465,000 last season, allegedly stole water, candy, and cigars from a Chevron station. He was arrested three hours later on suspicion of impaired driving after making an illegal left turn. His Ford Mustang was impounded, and he signed a notice to appear in court.

After the night’s events, Young decided he needed to get his car back. At 2:22 p.m. on May 5, Young was arrested again after jumping the fence at the impound lot. It was his second arrest in less than 15 hours. He became a punchline, his ridiculous, short-sighted escapades laughable. What will that zany character Titus Young get into next?

It took only six more days for Young to thrust himself into the public eye once again, and the joke may now be more sad than funny. After trying to break in to a house in San Clemente, Calif., Young ran from police officers. Despite his 4.43 second combine 40 time, Young was unable to evade the police. He then tried to fight them, but without the chance to throw a sucker-punch, Young’s pugilism was subdued, and he was charged with attempted burglary, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest.

That’s three arrests in six days, pretty unbelievable by any standards. Young plead not guilty to eight different criminal counts, and faces up to 7.5 years of incarceration. He’s still in custody, being held on a $25,000 bail that his family is unsure if they will post. His girlfriend filed for a restraining order against him after he reportedly vocally empathized with O.J. Simpson‘s assumed murder.

Young’s father, Richard, says that Young has a brain disorder that is causing him to act out. Richard says that his brain is compressed into the front of his skull, and pointed to a concussion he says that Young suffered during his rookie season as a possible cause of the behavior. The concussion was never reported on the injury list.

“I hope they just forgive Titus because this ain’t none of Titus, it wasn’t none of his fault,” Richard Young said. “I look at my son right now, I don’t see my son. That’s not my son.”

Young sought help at multiple outpatient facilities, but didn’t complete the treatments. He is prescribed the antipsychotic medication Seroquel, but doesn’t take it regularly, Richard Young says.

“He’s not rational,” Richard Young said. “He’s not really rational cause he’s not really dealing with it. He’s trying to compress it and he don’t want to take his medication and stuff like that, but I think it could be a thing where he might even depressed sitting there.”

After the offseason birth of his son, Titus Young unconventionally added the suffix Sr. to his jersey, in what some called a “diva move.” It’s likely a matter of pride and legacy. Unfortunately, Young’s legacy is now tarnished, and Young’s young son may have to look elsewhere for a positive role model.