Robin Thicke is a bitch

Jul 2, 2013

Kat Gotsick

I first listened to “Blurred Lines” on the iTunes Store’s Top 10 Singles list 1 and this particular song seemed wildly popular. Without listening to it, I could see why. I loved the combination of Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I., all of whom I really enjoy individually, and took it as guys doing thoughtful, innovative work. But they took the day off from thoughtful with this one.

Once I listened to “Blurred Lines,” my progression went from love to hate to love again. Here’s how it worked: I loved it upon the sample iTunes listen and I listened to it again. Upon the second listen, I zeroed in on “You’re the hottest bitch in this place” and I hated it. I turned away. But I couldn’t turn away for long. This song is a Slim Shady lyric come to life, infesting in my ears and nesting. I heard it coming out of car after car after I car as I rode my bike down the Southport corridor in Chicago. I heard it blasting out of douchebag bars and gay bars alike. I couldn’t deny it. I liked it. I finally broke down and downloaded it and I listen to it often, despite my own strong convictions that this song is bad for my soul.

Here’s my rant: I don’t want to be referred to as a bitch, not even when you’re telling me how hot I am. I don’t want to be told how badly you want to F me, even if I really really really want you to F me, if you think of me as a bitch instead of a woman. I truly don’t understand it. Speaking musically, I like Kanye West, I like Jay Z, I like Eminem, hell, I liked NWA. But they hate women so much in their music. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? WHY IS IT OKAY? It doesn’t make any sense to me.



  1. I listen to every single new song that comes on that list every day. I want to know exactly what’s popular in real time. It’s an affectation.

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  • Albert Livchin

    So is Macklemore’s use of the word “Bitch” in the song, “Thrift Shop” taboo even though it appears that he is not directing it anybody of the female persuasion at all but of mainstream rappers in general?

    • Kat G

      I think that’s one of Josh’s points to me – that bitch is more denigrating to men these days than women. Clearly “Thrift Shop” isn’t directed at women and so the word bitch is neutralized there. Neither of you are wrong.

      When you point it directly at a woman, then my opinion is it’s open for judgment though. Thoughts?

      Side note: it’s terrifying to me that there’s way more “bitch” out there in music than I was aware of.

      • Albert Livchin

        I do see your point here Kat. All it takes is one instance of the word being applied in the wrong fashion to totally ruin a song like this. Given that one of the three artists in this song has a rich history of degrading women and goes into some rather graphic detail in this song, I can definitely see further how this gets ruined. However, given that the other 2 don’t have the same documented history and how upbeat this song is, the one line should get the pass. However, I do believe that an artist like Ludacris or Ma$e could make this song better or even Big Boi.

        • Kat G

          Every bitch out there gets a pass these days. That’s what makes me 1) sad and 2) think I’m almost too old (or at least old fashioned) to be in the conversation. I appreciate your points too though.