Best Movie Round 1

The #BroKnowsFilm Draft

Jul 8, 2013

Bro Jackson’s writing bullpen gets homogeneous. We all know sports, like pop culture, we’re all pretty smart and we’re also incredibly dumb. Alongside guests like’s Sigmund Bloom, we organized a fantasy draft of our favorite movie characters and executed it via email over the course of two glorious weeks in June.

Before we were able to start, there was intricate deliberation about the settings of the draft. Chief among the arguments, would the choice of a character include all the performances of that character or could they be carved out? Could one person take Sean Connery‘s James Bond and another take the Daniel Craig Bond? We ruled that no, you could not carve out different portrayals of the same character. If you took Bond, you got Lazenby and Dalton right along with Connery and Craig.


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