BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY, Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, 2001

A bro’s guide to Bridget Jones

Oct 2, 2013

A cry went up around the world Monday, not as the government threatened to shut down and stop the incomes of thousands of Americans and possibly render lasting ill effects on the economy as a whole; but rather, because of a stunning plot twist revealed in the latest Bridget Jones novel, “Mad About the Boy.”  Yes, in these most difficult times, what we need most is another installment of British satire of weight-obsessed, superficial women. (I hope it’s satire.  A lot of people seem to take it very seriously.)

You might find yourself talking to a lady this weekend who is just as stressed about the Bridget Jones spoilers as the state of the government, and you’ll find yourself at a loss to comfort her. Never fear, bro. I can get you up to speed on Bridget Jones, and you won’t even have to sit through three hours of Renee Zellweger squinting at you. You’re welcome.

Mel Evans is a Chicago-based writer and comedian. She is the co-host of An Hour With Your Ex podcast.

  • ramongramirez

    I had no idea this bit of media existed beyond two romcoms. First joint was solid, the sequel is in the “Hangover” conversation of generally terrible, recreate the premise, lazy-ass bullshit Part Twos. What kills me is the chasing after you montage set to “Crazy In Love.”