Dearest Party Planner. There was a time when I wasn’t so meticulous about my party planning. When I simply purchased a keg and red Solos and enjoyed the company of my friends. That time . . . was college. Which is why today, I celebrate Pixar’s “Monsters University.” However, there will be no red Solo cups. This time, we plan a REAL party. Even though you don’t see Mike Wazowski taking shots himself doesn’t mean you can’t every time someone says his last name. The Scare Games are about to begin. Lets make some rules to go with them.


Billy Cristal – A classy drink, suitable for a city slicker
John Wood(ford)man – too much Woodford bourbon poured in a too small glass
Holey Moley Foley – 1/2 Red Bull and 1/2 coffee with 2 shots of Cherry vodka. It’s what all the kids in the hall are drinking these days
Hellen Beeren – Theakston’s Old Peculiar–acidic, dry, and nicely hopped, leaving a long lasting dry aftertaste
Jameson P. Sullivan– Your favorite type of monster
Alfred Stolina – Stoli vodka that will probably win an Oscar someday
Boozma Kappa – A keg of good beer shared with friends who can hold their liquor


Mike Wazowski – A clam chowder that’s worth keeping your eye on
Steve Buschetta – An appetizer so good you “Fargo” the rest of dinner
Nathan Fillionion Dip – A dip that’s sure to bring you Serenity
Sean Layes – Fabulous chips. You can’t eat just one
Vienna Sauscareges –Vienna Sausages

The Drinking Game

Drink every time one of the following things happens:

* Someone yells Mike’s last name
* Someone doesn’t believe that Mike has what it takes to be a scarer
* You appreciate Pixar’s attention to detail
* You wish your college was more like the movie
* You wonder which actor is doing the voice for a certain character
* During the credits you find out Nathan Fillion was in the movie and then try to remember which character was Johnny
* A misfit becomes more popular

SOCIAL: You see the Pizza Planet delivery truck