Each week Bro Jackson takes a look at a select group of music charts from across the ranking landscape to see what’s hot, and whether or not said hotness is warranted.

The Chart: Big ‘Uns

The Compiler: Sirius XM Octane

The Description: The best hard rock songs of the week as voted by Octane’s “Air Force” of listeners.

1. Five Finger Death Punch, “Lift Me Up”

At one point, FFDP’s brand of thrash meets melody was intriguing, but they’ve been playing the same song over and over again for years now.

Good for: Not much, but Rob Halford makes an appearance, so that gives it a little weight, right?

2. Device, “Vilify”

David Draiman‘s Disturbed side project has been at the top of the rock charts for weeks, and his voice is suited for industrial-based tunes, even if he does say some weird shit at concerts.

Good for: Holding you over until you can get home and turn on “Down With The Sickness.”

3. Evans Blue, “Warrior”

Evans Blue has become standard mainstream rock fare after they lost vocalist Kevin Matisyn, and that’s a shame, because these Canucks used to jam pretty hard.

Good for: Any number of mindless activities where you’re not going to pay attention to the music but need something in the background.

4. Stone Sour, “Do Me A Favor”

This isn’t the best example, and is relatively weak for the band’s usual standards, but Stone Sour is miles better than Slipknot, and Corey Taylor knows it.

Good for: Background music while you burn those old Slipknot shirts.

5. Pop Evil, “Trenches”

Ugh. No.

Good for: Trying to make a list of other bands that sound like cereals.

6. Devour The Day, “Good Man”

I’ll be honest, I’ve never fully paid attention to this song because the guy that introduces it on Octane says it obnoxiously different than he logically should, and that’s all I can focus on.

Good for: Something, I’m sure, if I can ever get around to paying attention to the actual song.

7. Killswitch Engage, “In Due Time”

Say it with me everybody: o-ver-rat-ed.

Good for: Playing before a better song so you can remind yourself just how mediocre Killswitch Engage really is.

8. Sevendust, “Decay”

It’s not classic Sevendust, but it’s at least way better than the crap off of Next.

Good for: Running. This is a great jog jam. Oh shit, Jog Jam, new band name I call it.

9. Mindset Evolution, “Burn It Down”

Full disclosure: same situation as number six. The way this guy says “down,” he’s either Canadian or just an asshole.

Good for: see number six.

10. Black Veil Brides, “In The End”

It’s nothing special, but I dig this song. Nice little hook.

Good for: Talking about this song’s nice little hook.