The Best Song Ever Draft

Jun 3, 2013

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I wanted to do a list.

Lists are fun, spark conversation, and serve as definitive benchmarks. You spend a few weeks in their wake digging through your CD collection, some touchstone mixes surface. Everyone wins. Problem is, results are pooled from a collective braintrust and the boring, old hat middle rises alongside the cream. More importantly, music lists are illogical, driven by nostalgia, dominated by the ’60s.

We looked at our strengths as a website. Bro Jackson is an unofficial coalition of football and fantasy football lifers–it’s a sort of common thread in the clubhouse. We have been conditioned to draft. Perfect: In lieu of polls and predictable results, we opened up the playbook. 14 writers, 14 rounds, just under 200 songs.


Ramon Ramirez is Bro Jackson's managing editor. His work has appeared in Grantland, Consequence of Sound, The Daily Dot, Fansided, In Fact Daily, the Washington City Paper, and the Austin American-Statesman.