And That’s That: Fall TV teasers edition

May 22, 2013

Two dope dudes tell you what’s what.

Ahhh . . . You smell that? Spring is in the air. Flowers are in bloom, mail carriers have switched to shorts and knee-highs, and television networks are unveiling next fall’s new shows with extremely bland, cliché-ridden trailers. But who has time to wade through all the corny voiceovers and punny taglines? Leave it to your boys Zach Nice and Dan Fresh, 1 Hollywood’s two biggest dopes, to tell you what’s what.



  1. Zachary Posner, Daniel Furlong in real life, respectively.
  • Zach By The Pound

    Thanks for all the comment y’all!

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for covering the fall schedule and posting these trailers, Zach. It’s the Crazy One’s that I’m looking forward to; I had to send that link to people sitting near me in my office at DISH so they could see what had me laughing so hard. I’ll be checking out a few of these other shows too; my DISH Hopper DVR records everything that ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC air during primetime, so I’ll be able to watch them even if I forget the premier dates.