Broject Runway: It’s all about the cape

Aug 30, 2013

Short story? This was a run of the mill episode. However. In the waning moments of the episode, just when I thought all was lost, man alive, he appeared. Puffier then I remember, and as orange as a construction cone, Michael Fucking Kors appears to be back next week! Honestly, this coupled with the start of the NFL football season on the same night and I’m speechless. It’s the birth of my children and my wedding day all rolled into one, except better, and much less expensive. September 5, 2013. Remember this day folks. Or actually, you won’t need to. I’m going to get a tattoo to commemorate.

In what appears to be a one night only performance outside of his obligatory indoor shades cameo at fashion week, Kors is back. He looks to be at the top of his game as well. The whining. The catty remarks. Almost falling out of his chair laughing at his own jokes. I re-ran the DVR like 50 times. I had that smile a child gets when she first sees bubbles being blown. I’m smiling right now in my sleep. And on my way to work. And in a car accident. And in the hospital. And in surgery. And in post op. Nothing can dampen this week. Wait, what? It’s a three-day weekend? Damn right it is. BRING MY CHALICE AND MY FINEST ROBES.

Sorry, toweling off and getting back to the recap.


Um, let's see, I don't know, maybe about six feet tall and two hundred pounds? I've been doing theater and improv in Chicago for a while now. Like fifteen years or so. O, yeah, I have a full day, day job for insurance and monetary purposes (no more half days with a big nap in the afternoon). I work as a project manager for a metal manufacturing plant. Huh? O, ah, two kids a wife. Yeah, they're great. I mean, not all the time great, like Brady Bunch shit, but no one has burned the house down yet. So, yeah, I guess that's it. I didn't get the job, did I?

  • Kat G

    Disagreements erawhere.

    First, how can you make fun of Justin for dressing himself the same all the time when you know who else does exactly that? Michael Kors.

    Second, I hated dom’s dress. It made her model look like Optimus Prime.

  • Harri Boyd

    Totally agree about Helen – she’s growing on me. And the return of KORS! YUSSS!!!

  • Pete Fitzsimmons

    Justin is a retread contestant on PR. Michael Kors is heavyweight champion of my tv. One’s earned the right to dress however he wants whenever he wants. The other is an extra from Newsies. Both should change it up on occasion.

    You can’t cloud my vision for world Dom-ination. She tried something. I said the fit was wonky. The material was like a quilt. tough to work with. The top three were like off the rack black dresses excepting Ken’s inspired fabric choice.

    Disagreements – still disagreed upon.

    • Kat G

      She quilted the material herself, it didn’t come that way yo. She made the skinniest person on TV look like a linebacker. Although I bet that was the most comfortable outfit there that night.

      I don’t hate Dom. Quite the opposite. But that dress? Unh uh.

  • Joanna Hustler-Sterngold

    Tim letting Swatch lick his ears was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Ever. That’s all.