Broject Runway: The ship is sinking, we’re swimming for our lives, and there’s a tsunami coming

Mar 15, 2013

This week we had another reshuffling of the teams. The twist of the team shuffling for this go around was the judges got to choose them. Based on my rankings from last week, the teams chosen were basically even. Apparently I’m a terrible ranker, because as the episode wore on, we realized the teams weren’t very even.


Um, let's see, I don't know, maybe about six feet tall and two hundred pounds? I've been doing theater and improv in Chicago for a while now. Like fifteen years or so. O, yeah, I have a full day, day job for insurance and monetary purposes (no more half days with a big nap in the afternoon). I work as a project manager for a metal manufacturing plant. Huh? O, ah, two kids a wife. Yeah, they're great. I mean, not all the time great, like Brady Bunch shit, but no one has burned the house down yet. So, yeah, I guess that's it. I didn't get the job, did I?