DWTS Season 17, The Finale Stats of the Week

Nov 27, 2013

Amber Riley is your Fall 2013 Mirrorball Champion! Huzzah!!  I see two statistical storylines here.

First, if you’re like me though, you’re probably thinking that it’s time for Derek Hough to retire and give someone else a chance, right? I mean, the guy is DOMINANT … or at least he feels dominant, right? It’s fitting to look at his statistical accomplishments and see what the objective data tells us.

Second, to the naked eye, it seems that Amber was not the better dancer. Corbin Bleu was absolutely able to execute dance moves with more precision and skill than Amber. She won because America voted her in, right? I’ll confirm or deny this statistically. I will also revisit an old Stat of the Week and update where we are on the “Does the Best Dancer Always Win?”-o-Meter.


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  • Chad Woodward

    Thank you for the wonderful analysis. This has definitely added to my overall enjoyment of DWTS this season.

    • Kat G

      Thanks Chad! Can’t wait for next season.

  • Jennifer

    Why am I just now finding this site??? Love your analysis!

    • Kat G

      Thank you Jennifer! I’ll pick things back up in February with cast predictions. That’s a whole other data set! :)