DWTS Season 17: Week 3 stats, storylines, and rankings

Oct 1, 2013

Last week’s stats and storylines were all about how everyone is a better dancer than Keyshawn Johnson, including Barack Obama, Axl Rose, my grandmother, Al Pacino, Ewoks, every single player in the NFL, and most certainly, all the other Stars appearing on this season of DWTS. This week, the stats are all about how everyone on this season is maybe as good a dancer as has appeared on DWTS ever . . . period, end thought. Virtually everyone on the show is legitimately in the hunt through Week 3.


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  • Valerie

    I just thought I’d comment to say that I found your DWTS blogs today and love them – I’ve watched the show since the first season and so I’m a stats NERD, haha – anything that involves Excel and Dancing with the Stars is just excellent to me :D

    I also thought the predicting the stars blogs were really good and insightful too, I usually try and do it too but I thought the look into all the different professions/typecasting was awesome! So yeah, I’m definitely gonna put this site on my favorites, now :)

    • Kat G

      Thanks Valerie! Sorry I took so long to reply – I’ve been traveling. And thanks so much for your nice comment! I’m watching the show right now with my heart, my mind and my spreadsheets are all open. :)