Road Trip, Bitches!

Ahh . . . one of the benefits of being located next to an RV Dealership is they let us use one for two weeks a year.We let them throw their holiday parties at the bar, and in return they loan us a Fleetwood to go cruising.In the past we’ve usually had a destination.We went to Sturgis one year.Montreal another.This year we don’t really have a destination.Our plan is to go out West.Maybe eventually end up in Joshua Tree Forest.Maybe Vegas.Maybe Tijuana.Who knows?Maybe we’ll drive all the way to Cabo.

There’s only one stop we need to make.I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, and I really would like to see that before I die.Sure, it’s just a big hole in the ground, but I don’t care.It seems like nature is disappearing all around us these days.More and more people are moving into cities, and cell phones, and . . . my God I sound old. Guess that’s because I am.

I’m hoping that gazing into a 10-million-year-old monument to the Earth’s righteousness will stick with me for a long time.Be a constant reminder that life is very short, and we are all just passengers on this space ball and we should leave mother earth as we found it for the next generation to enjoy.

I’ve also heard it’s wonderful to take in the landscape after eating some of nature’s hallucinogenic mushrooms.So I lied at the top.  We need to make two stops.First we’ll need to stop in Albuquerque, N.M. to hook up with my college roommate to score some of nature’s finest, THEN we’ll take in the wonders of the Colorado River’s ancient carvings. 

Don’t do drugs, kids.I’m an adult though, so I’m going to do them.We might as well enjoy everything the world has to offer.Life is about taking calculated risks.I’m calculating that this risk is going to be spectacular.Will it cheapen the experience?Probably, but I still can enjoy life as cheaply as I want.They don’t hand out medals for perspective.I’m not the smartest man on the planet, and I’m cool with that.We don’t need all of our brain cells anyways.

Before we set sail on our magical mystery tour, we’ve got some crushing to get to.Later this week we’ll take in one of the seven natural wonders of the world, so for now let’s mix it up with some young pups in MLB announcing their presence with authority.Line Up, Youngsters.

Yasiel Puig – After a monster spring, Yasiel was on the radar of many a fantasy baseballer.I, myself, drafted him in the last round.  Alas, I didn’t keep him around (short rosters, friend), and now he torments my dreams.His numbers so far through 10 games are astounding. Puig is batting .486 and slugging .866 for a team in desperate need for offense.Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp are tied for 2nd on the Dodgers with 17 RBIs, and Yasiel already has 10.It should be a week or so and he’ll be second on the team in RBIs.  He’s got a multi homerun game, he started a brawl after being beaned in the face, and he’s hosed a guy on a double play from the warning track to end a game.Impressive for a season, but he’s been in the league for only 10 games.Ten games.With Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, MannyMachado, and now (hopefully) Puig, MLB is looking rosy for the near future.I’m over the moon for this guy.Plus he gets it done with the Cuban smile and flair that are the absolute best.This kid needs a kick ass nickname, stat. It’s Fernando-mania all over again in Chavez Ravine.  I need to towel off.

Shelby Miller – Another fantasy sleeper at the beginning of the year, Shelby hasn’t disappointed.Averaging over a strikeout an inning, Miller has been mowing guys down with five strikeouts to every walk.Playing for the deepest organization in baseball, Miller hasn’t had to carry the load, as he would in other towns.He’s turned this into his advantage, pitching behind the incredible Adam Wainwright.With the Cardinals poised to make a deep run in the playoffs this year, it will be interesting to see how they handle the young cannon.Do they shut him down like Stephen Strasburg, or let him get a few starts off here and there like Chris Sale?  Or do they throw the kid out there like a man?  Here’s hoping for the latter.Just like Nolan Ryan, he hails from Texas.Hopefully, just like Ryan, he answers the bell every fifth day for the Cardinals.If you’re a fan of anyone in the NL Central besides the Cardinals, be prepared to be disappointed for the next nine years or so.

Hisashi Iwakuma A relative youngster. An old kid on the new scene, Iwakuma is a Japanese import taking the American League by storm.His numbers on the season are rising.A WHIP of .81 and a K/BB ratio of 6.2 lead all American League pitchers.His 1.79 ERA in the American League is unheard of.Pitching in Seattle behind the King and the incredible Japanese fans of the Pacific Northwest, Hisashi has built quite the following.If only the Mariners could hit.Because they sure as shit can pitch.If the season was to end today, Iwa would probably be your Cy Young winner.But the season doesn’t end today, and for that we are grateful.We’ll get to see Hisashi continue to roll along.There is a lot of good baseball being played on both coasts.In the middle, not so much.

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Enjoy the weekend, tip a glass, and let a little love into your life.