Another basketball season pulls into the championship weeks, and as it does, we cannot help but be reminded how awesome Stephen Curry is. Fact is, he hasn’t let us forget all season long, between the Warriors’ record breaking wins, or his record breaking 3-point shots, or his record breaking points in overtime, or his second consecutive (unanimous) MVP award. But personally, I am most prominently reminded of how awesome the Curry ladies are. Let’s face it – I pay the most attention to basketball when there is a chance of a Riley Curry appearance. I bet most ladies you know also don’t know who is playing in the conference championships, but can tell you the basic recipe to the jerk chicken Ayesha Curry made on Rachael Ray’s show. Impress the ladies not with stats and analytics, but with some knowledge of the three coolest Currys court side.

Ayesha Curry

Stephen and Ayesha Curry have known each other since they were 15 and 14, respectively. Aww, you guys! Aww. They married in 2011. Ayesha is originally from Toronto, Canada, which could be a contributing factor to why she is so nice.

Ayesha is a chef who hosts “At Home With Ayesha” on the Food Network. She is collaborating on a pop up restaurant with Michael Mina next month. If you’re not following Ayesha Curry on Instagram, do it now. We’ll wait. It is a foodie paradise with amazing homemade meals, gorgeous cocktails, and glimpses of protein-filled snack packs she makes for Steph. Mixed in are TV appearances and cute baby pictures.

Of course, with this comes a backlash that Curry encourages women to only be “wives and cooks,” – which is kind of bullshit – no one says Martha Stewart is only encouraging women to be domestic, and the GD Barefoot Contessa is always making every GD meal for GD Jeffrey since he’s supporting her with his Wall Street money.  Haters gotta hate though, and they particularly love hating on the Currys.

Ryan Curry

Ryan Carson Curry only showed up on the scene in July of last year, so she does not have the celebrity or following of her older sister. She mostly spends her time being an adorable little ball of baby.

Riley Curry

The only toddler in the world who is way cooler than you will ever hope to be.  Born in July 2012, she’s kissing the big 4 but has all the sass of Beyonce, Bob the Drag Queen, and a grizzled LA cop about to retire when he is given a new partner; combined. She made her mark first on the sidelines during the regular season, but rose to a fevered level of fame when her father brought her into a post game press conference. He explained to “Parents Magazine” that he simply had to walk by the family waiting room to get the media room, and she wanted to go with him. How do you say “no” to a toddler? Have you tried? They can be persistent. Naturally, the kid is a ham and stole the show – and continued to do so a couple days later when she sang Big Sean’s “Blessings” to another media room. 


Meanwhile, Riley knows when to cut the cute shit and get serious, making sure the media knows she’s watching them at her father’s MVP presser.