Reports broke during All-Star Weekend in Houston that Lil Wayne was banned from NBA games for the rest of the year as per the request of the Miami Heat. Tunechi’s[ref]Slang game: this is a Weezy F. Baby nickname. And also Weezy F. Baby is a Lil Wayne nickname.[/ref] feud began earlier this year when he felt disrespect[ref]This is commonly referred to as “dissed” on the “streets.”[/ref] when Lebron James and Dwayne Wade failed to dap him up while he was sitting courtside. The beef escalated when Weezy was supposedly ejected[ref]The Heat report that he left on his own accord[/ref] on February 10 in a game against Lakers for one of two reasons:

  1. Rooting for the opposing Lakers.
  2. Making gun gestures at other fans.

During the weekend’s All-Star festivities, Weezy took the battle public at a concert held for his business partner, Birdman.[ref]**Interlocks thumbs, flaps remaining eight fingers, and makes a “Prrrrrrrrrrr” pigeon sound.**[/ref]

This marks the second time in less than a year when Lil Wayne has claimed to be banned from an NBA game. During last year’s Western Conference Finals he didn’t see the need in purchasing a ticket for a game in Oklahoma City and thought the status would render his typical courtside seats. The issue was resolved when team officials notified him that he would be able to attend the NBA Finals if he would simply purchase a ticket. After his bold statements with this newest “ban,” Weezy might consider following in the foot steps of other celebrities who have faced similar bans.


Culprit: Kelsey Grammer

Conflict: During the fall of 1993 Grammer was on a Seattle based radio show to promote his new show “Frasier” when a caller asked how Dr. Crane would diagnose Shawn Kemp. Grammer said that Kemp was probably suffering from a sex addiction and perhaps faced abandonment issues.

Resolution: Grammer offered to baby sit Kemp’s then five children.

Bronson Pinchot

CulpritBronson Pinchot

Conflict: In the summer of 1988, Pinchot was invited to perform “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” at a Cubs game under the stipulation that he did it as his character Balki from “Perfect Strangers.” Little did the Cubs know that when Pinchot made public appearances he portrayed Balki in a much more vulgar fashion than he was on TV; [ref] Sasha Baron Cohen said in an interview once that Balki was the basis for his Borat character.[/ref] after his singing, the fans at Wrigley were taken by surprise when he made a joke about Ryne “Rhino” Sanberg and a eunuch that was to deal with the cursed Billy Goat.

Resolution: Eventually the Cubs brass saw the humor in Pinchot’s joke so to satisfy the offended fans they invited him back and staged a deportation. To keep the charade up, they asked Pinchot to watch all baseball games on the South side.

Rhea Perlman

CulpritRhea Perlman

Conflict: Rhea Perlman is actually a very strong method actress, so for her 1995 role in “Canadian Bacon” she fully embraced her character of the gun-toting-Canada-hating-cop Honey. During filming she had many incidents with the Canadian government that resulted in a ban from all NHL games played in Canada.

Resolution: Perlman’s husband Danny Devito attempted to intervene, but this only exasperated the problem. After the dust settled, the only sports city in the North America that would grant amnesty to the Devito/Perlman power couple was Philadelphia.