I was contacted earlier today by a young man who claimed to have visual proof, both emails and texts, from Mark Cuban, claiming Cuban wanted to hire him to be a center for the Dallas Mavericks. For the purposes of this story, we’re going to call this young man “Andre Gordon” – although that name has no resemblance to his actual name.

Gordon is an established NBA center, and he was involved in a grievance with his former team – mostly from two parties: a point guard we’ll refer to as “Tristan Rawls”, and a coach we’ll randomly name “Brock Shivers”. As Gordon tells it, he was in a dispute with his team, and agreed to be a center for Cuban’s Mavericks, in exchange for a large sum of money. Gordon then attempted to leverage Cuban into using his connections to get revenge upon his former team. However, before money could be exchanged, Gordon learned that Cuban had no intentions of helping him smear his former team – and backed out.

Obviously, this placed both Gordon and Cuban in a precarious position. ESPN’s Chris Boussard informed me, from one of his sources, that Cuban was driving around the Dallas area, frantically searching for Gordon, in a last-ditch attempt to acquire Gordon’s services.

Since the whole issue arose, Cuban is now denying any involvement with Gordon. Cuban claims that the two were never close, and that he remained at his home the entire duration of the alleged “activity”. It is Gordon’s position that he wants the truth to be known, and give all the information to us. He denies trying to blackmail Cuban into acquiring his services, and also claims that “shooting 39% from the stripe ain’t that bad though” – and citing that Cuban’s terms of “sitting him in the 4th” were not what the two originally agreed to.

Cuban denies any involvement in a “hack a Shaq” or “Hack a Gordon/Jordan” scheme of any kind. Cuban denies ever flying to Los Angeles for the purposes of meeting with Gordon. However, his flight log, cross referenced with the tail number on his private jet, shows that Cuban made several trips to the Los Angeles area in the time right before Gordon reached out to Bro Jackson for a story.

Editorial Note: Mark Cuban is a billionaire owner of the Mavericks, along with many other business interests. We understand that he is in a committed partnership with power-forward and wing Dirk Nowitzki. It is not our goal to “out” Cuban as potentially interested in centers – but we feel that his profile means this is worth reporting. We do not want to wish shame or any negativity onto Cuban, Nowitzki, or anyone in the Mavericks organization. However, due to his high profile, and NBA connections our editorial staff believes this story is worth running.

Staff Note: Many members of our writers┬ávehemently disagree with our editorial decision to run this story, citing that because we’re protecting the identity of the center, we’re only “technically” outing Cuban – and that this story seems like a manipulation of the media. We respect our writers, but have decided to run this story, as is.