Last month, some dude I knew from Twitter decided to tweet about his brand new credit card.

While most functionally sound human beings know about the dangers of identity theft, the dude not only tweeted about his new card, but also tweets out a photo of the card unabated.

When I asked him why he did that, he had this to say.

“My mom had cancer.”

He was too dumb to realize that he made a mistake and decided to play victim among other things.

The same could be applied to Monique, who has now evolved into the crazy cat lady that lives by the railroad tracks with this “poor me” press tour about the deal Netflix offered her.

While a part of me do in fact get what she’s doing because of the countless times black women have been shortchanged in Hollywood, there’s also the other part of me that calls bullshit.

Monique has failed to realize that her actions, despite the fact that she has made a lot of good points, is the reason why her “woe is me” press tour is a load of bunk, even moreso after Tiffany Haddish, the breakout star of “Girls Trip”, got a multi-million Netflix deal.

In addition, the lack of accountability on her end, similar to the guy that I mentioned tweeted out his credit card, has shown me one thing.

She doesn’t get it.

You can only play the victim for so long.

Eventually, everyone is going to get sick of you.