What can possibly follow up all the adorable kitties and pugs of our first two Mel’s March Madness competitions?  Well, after thinking long and hard, I realized we’re all looking forward to something this weekend.  Yes, we are fortunate enough to have two cosmic events occurring late Saturday night / early Sunday: it’s “Batman vs. Superman”s opening weekend and the Easter bunny is coming. How else to celebrate this unholy uprising/holiest rising but a battle to the death: a Sweet Sixteen of Batman vs. Bunny gifs.

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuummmmmblllllle.


“41% on Rotten Tomatoes” Division

“Sad Batman 41%” vs. “Rage Bunny 41%”




This bunny GIF actually has a better rating, it is just being used to express distress.  Sorry, Batman. Maybe Alfred will make you a cocoa and listen to you cry.

The “Pick Up Artist” Division

“Penis Repellent” vs. “Chick Magnet”

adam west


so many buns

In what could be the strongest contender on the Batman side, Batman fights a shark that looks like junk. I’m more concerned about the bunnies that guy might have been crushed than Batman being eaten by that dick.

“I’m Batman” Division

“I’m Batman” vs. “I’m Batman”

I'm Batman



Being Batman is just declaring it and making faces, right? And protecting Gotham?

“Who Run This Mother” Division




Obviously, this bunny doesn’t even need to break a sweat to let you know who is boss.

Automotive Division

“Worst Batmobile Ever” vs. “Worst Buttmobile Ever”

worst bat



Yeah yeah yeah, someone is Jackass-ing Batman style, that’s crazy, WAIT … did that goose poop out a bunny?  How did he do that?  Did that bunny live there? I could watch this all day.

“I Got Skills” Division




Heh. These are the funniest Batman gifs I could find, and the bunnies are SCHOOLING Batman. I almost feel bad for Batman, but then I remember how he unceremoniously dumped Jennifer Garner.

“On Molly” Division



bunny molly

Molly isn’t funny, guys. “The Dark Knight” wasn’t funny either.  But bunnies falling over because they’re so messed up is HILARIOUS.

“Bombshell” Division

“Da Bomb” vs. “Sex Ba-Bomb”



baloon bomb

Batman running is going to kill any time, but when he goes head-to-head with a bunny making sweet love to a balloon till it pops?  His days are numbered.

For the very first time …

For the very first time in Mel’s March Madness, WE HAVE A WINNER! BUNNIES WIN! BUNNIES WIN! BUNNIES WIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn!

Let’s give it up for all our players.