We don’t slow down in the fourth quarter, no. We BEAR down. Bro Jackson has been pumping out great stories on sports and culture all season. These are some of the editors’ favorites.  Click here for favorites from Q2 & Q3.

Long Reads

Finding Molly: Dancing, drugs and deathShane Morris’s first person account of selling the mysterious and dangerous drug called Molly, and watching people die from it.

The Convict GamesRamon Ramirez visits a Louisiana prison to see how the inmates pass the time.

The tao of novel writingKen Griggs does his own play-by-play during NaNoWriMo.

Turning out the Appalachian Trail – A chronicle of  Jared Reggi’s 2013 thru-hike.

No night and no dayJeremy Hurd took a bus to the Golden Gate Bridge with every intention of jumping to his death. His stirring depiction of depression and his personal rock bottom.

Staring down the barrel of an SNL audition – If you dream of getting that golden phone call from Lorne Michaels someday, Natalie Shipman describes what you might go through.

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Did Kevin McCallister grow up to become Jigsaw?Eddie Strait’s hypothesis makes all too much sense.

‘Breaking Bad’ and the 10 best on-screen classic rock momentsRamon Ramirez admires 10 movie and TV moments that music made better.

Dudette, What’s Up?: Kate Hudson – As part of the “Dude, What’s Up?” series examining comedic actors who try to go straight, Erin Payton compares Kate Hudson’s career to Goldie Hawn’s.

In defense of PBR&BShane Morris introspects on the best of this niche-inside-a-niche genre.

A bro’s guide to Disney Princesses – As part of the Bro’s Guide to Girly Things series, Mel Evans reveals the gory, lusty ancient roots of most of the Disney princess stories.

Lessons for reading long booksKen Griggs reads a LOT of dense, heady stuff. He’s got a system. He shares it.

Eminem’s best versesEddie Strait surveys Marshall Mathers’ vast warehouse of published verses and gives us his take on the 20 best.

People’s Sexiest Man Alive: Through the years, by the numbersKat Gotsick performs a statistical analysis of all the relevant ladyboner data.

False authenticity and throwback clothingBlake Hurtik waxes nostalgic about Starter apparel.

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We enjoy adult beverages. Especially during the marquee fall holidays.
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We survive Cat Shutdown ’13.

We call out Buzzfeed for their stupid policy on running negative book reviews.

Eddie wrote this beautiful essay about star-studded holiday classic, “New Year’s Eve.”

Zach Quaintance compares Kanye West to Andy Kaufman.

The email exchange: Campus headliners editionJosh Klein and I recreate the fictional email exchange that misogynist former UT student body president Thor Lund and deranged sorority girl Rebecca Martinson MUST have had.


Life after football: Ken Griggs chats with Super Bowl winner, Ted Peterson.

On Adrian Peterson and measuring loss, from Matt Rittle.

A pretty great Brady-Manning column that picks sides.

Chris Marler went 70-12 in SEC game picks this season and he was pretty hilarious while he did it.

Fifteen years of rage: Hating the BCS for the last time – Bro’s Pac-12 watchdog Evan Barnes reflects on the epic fail that has been the BCS.

Griggs on a night to forget at Lambeau.

Mack Brown stepped down as head football coach at the University of Texas. Ramon got weepy and made him a slideshow.


World Cup brackets in stone, Stephen Whiting and Ramon kind of overdid it with the instant analysis.

The U.S. Men’s National Team’s unofficial drinking game.

Whiting’s on-going quest for a new English Premier League team doubles as a weekly DVR guide. Read about the bad breakup.

Hey we have a soccer podcast now. Look for it every week.

Sports that are not called football on any continent

NBA: The Rookie Superlative PollJared Mintz previews the fall crop of NBA Rookies.

NBA Fan Chronicles: One Year til The Decision to Return?Matt Lardner on LeBron James and the possibility of a return to Cleveland.

The Polygraph LieMatt Lardner reflects on Ryan Braun.

Yo Selig, What you got against Oakland? – Jeff Gibson’s observations about Bud Selig and the lawless MLB.

How the Minnesota Lynx dominated the WNBA — from Clyde Lovellettee.

Robert Rich reluctantly toasts to Jimmie Johnson’s indomitable driving.