Monday, while driving back to my house, I sent my good friend Jeffrey Howard a text message. A couple of years ago, he and his wife gave birth to a little girl, named Gabby, who as I write this, is getting bigger by the day. Due to the fact that both he and I spent many Sundays hearing his uncle John Bryson talk about manhood and what not, I asked him a pair of questions.

“The goal of a dad, if they have a daughter, is to be the ideal guy the dad wants their daughter to pursue right? Like that’s the ultimate goal?”

“I would hope so,” he replied to me.

That same line of thinking, whether a person likes it or not, also applies to notable people–especially people in leadership positions. Which brings us to Mr. Tone Deaf, better known as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

About a month ago, Goodell, father of twin daughters, told anyone with a willing ear that Ray Rice’s punishment (two games by the way) for cold-cocking his now wife was consistent with the NFL’s player conduct policy.

“We have to be consistent. We can’t just make up punishment as we go,” this father of twin daughters said to reporters in Ohio during Hall of Fame Weekend.

But according to Adam “Pacman” Jones (remember him?), Goodell does in fact make up punishment as he goes, something Jones said to the Cincinnati Enquirer‘s “Beyond the Stripes” show.

“His decisions on punishments are mostly influenced by media,” Jones said, “I’ve never had an issue with him as a commissioner personally, but if you look at this situation with Rice, he had to be pushed into taking a harder stance on domestic violence.”

If you’re keeping track at home, the only way this father of twin daughters does anything in regards to something like domestic violence is if the public at-large becomes outraged and that somehow makes the shield looks bad.

Instead of the father of twin daughters having the stones to stand up for once in his life, he tucks his head between his legs until someone slaps him upside his head. But when The Great New Orleans Witch Hunt of 2012 happened, the father of twin daughters didn’t tuck his head between his legs. He just acted.

When Spygate occurred, this father of twin daughters had the evidence destroyed from by the New England Patriots. When Greg Hardy was on the sideline Sunday, the father of twin daughters cared more about the facepaint than what he did during the offseason.

Which begs me to ask these questions to the father of twin daughters. What if your daughter was on that tape? What if you only saw your daughter dragged out an elevator? What if three weeks later more footage came out and it showed your daughter getting knocked the hell out?

Would you, Mr. Goodell, be tone deaf?