Hey there Party Planner! The weather is turning warmer every week and that means our drinking games are getting hotter.

Are you pumped for the hot new Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson sun-drenched Miami crime farce? It’s full of steroids and murder–what more could a Party Planner want? How about Michael Bay, Tony Shalhoub, and Ed Harris? Now THAT’s a drinking game. “Pain and Gain” is about three body builders whose hapless attempt at crime goes awry. Here is the game, drinks, and food to go with it.

Before anything else, EVERYONE wears wife beaters to this party. No exceptions. No shoes? No problem. No tank top, no service.


Drink every time one of the following happens:

-You see female ass cheeks
– You recognize the female lead from a catalog
– The Rock uses his massive size to intimidate his way into or out of a situation
– Marky Mark talks real fast
– You can see the steroids onscreen (either literally or in an acting choice)
– Marky Mark crinkles his forehead and surmises why he isn’t happy with the situation
Rebel Wilson puts her tongue in her cheek
– You think the following about Anthony Mackie: “Oh hey! He’s the guy from …”[ref]”The Hurt Locker,” “Million Dollar Baby,” “Adjustment Bureau,” “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter,” etc.[/ref]
– You think “Michael Bay put this woman onscreen right now for no purpose except to be a sex object”

SOCIAL: The Rock raises one eyebrow


Boogie Flights – A flight of four wines but served in surprisingly large portions
Scotch on the Rockstar – Scotch on the Rocks, a great drink to share with friends (at least Jennifer Aniston)
The Discarded – All the drinks nobody wants to touch
Marky Mark and the funky punch – Spiked fruit punch that gives you good vibrations
The Transformer – Visually stunning, tastes awful
The Tony Shandloub – A summer Shandy in a very clean glass
Killians Irish Red Harris – A Killians Irish Red served with a beautiful orange rind

The Rock Food Specials AKA┬áThe “Rock’s Cooking” (Do you smell it?)

The People’s Elbow Macaroni
Bad Boys – Vienna Sausages dressed in tiny tank tops
Jabroni Bologna Sandwiches
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonville Brats
Race to Sandwich Mountain – a meat, cheese, and bread “make your own sandwich” tray all piled up
Fast and Furious – Taco Bell Burritos that give you The Rundowns
The Other Pies – Boston Cream pies
Ted Bears – a delicious gummy bear dessert
The Perfect Shawarma (could also be Shawarmageddon)