Well, well, well Party Planner. This week, we need a pop-up party inspired by something surprising and amazing that none of us saw coming.

“Sharknado” is on big screens this weekend only, a very special event indeed. For the uninitiated, “Sharknado” is about a tornado made out of sharks. Enough Said. Party proceed. You’ll need some food for your pre-movie gathering and some drinks for the party bus that will take you there.


Sharketti – Spaghetti made out of Sharks
Shark Cheddar – Sharp Cheddar (it’s Sharp because it is made out of sharks)
Sci-Fry – Vegetable Stir-fry that is done on a budget
John Curd – A cheese curd that you forgot was in “Home Alone”
Shark Weiners – Vienna Sausages


Lemonado – Spiked Lemonade; it’s like a Tornado in your mouth and Tara Reid‘s invited.
Tara Mead – A drink that’s been aged more than you think.
A Great White Wine – A tasty drink that relaxes your Jaws.
Hammered Head – A beer with a flat head.
EuropIan Ziering – An imported drink popular in the zip code 90210.


Rules (drink once every time this happens)

  • There is a shark.
  • The special effects are laughably bad.
  • It is raining in one scene and sunny in the next.
  • Someone dies and nobody thinks or reacts to it for the rest of the movie.
  • Something explodes for no reason.
  • Every hour you think it took to take Tara Reid’s makeup on.
  • A Shark is swimming in ankle high water.
  • Someone’s impending death is very obvious.