With so much music out there these days, it’s tough to figure out what to listen to. Since our writing staff has a plethora of music knowledge, we’re having our writers put together Spotify playlists with a theme of their choice for our Jack Jams series. This week, friend of Bro Jackson Sean Swaby compiled some tunes for a rooftop vibes playlist. Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow us on Spotify for all the jams that you need!

A blazing start is only so blazing if one eats the proverbial shit at the finish line—there’s a good reason why Rooftop Vibes II is bookended by Neon Indian.

Shamefully, yours truly never gave 2015’s Vega Intl. Night School its proper time, even though “Polish Girl” was like, the boner jam of the summer of 2011 until…well, the fervor’s never really died off.

But it’s never too late to right wrongs in one’s life, and Neon Indian’s latest effort will have even the most dancing-averse unconsciously bobbing their heads in forward motions.

The rest is highlighted by tantalizing singles from bands pencilled for album releases later in a year that’s been pretty ‘meh’ overall on the album front so far (BUT, BUT FRANK OCEAN…yes, we’ve heard). There’s hope for 2016, after all: an unmistakingly Justice classic from the French duo, a subdued but addictive hit from Sleigh Bells, a high-octane addition from swoon-y Phantogram, and a predictably weird tease from Glass Animals, to name a few.  

Throw all the chill flags at the rest.