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Let me clarify one thing–I understand and acknowledge that “People We Hate” isn’t the correct title for this category. The correct title would be “People Kat Gotsick Hates” but I’m sticking with “People We Hate” because I’m pretty sure it’s only my Mom and my friends Doro and Louise who are reading this and I think I can speak for them.

Here’s the complete list of people I’ve classified as “People We Hate” that have previously appeared on DWTS:

Hate table

There are a couple of noticeable commonalities among these gasbags that we can use to make our predictions.


First, these people are all polarizing figures–you either love them or hate them.[ref]I’m actually not aware of anyone who loves Shannen Doherty.[/ref]  The producers aren’t choosing anyone that’s universally disliked (like John Boehner or the OctoMom).

A full quarter of them have some association with politics or political commentary.[ref]Or legal commentary in the case of Grace[/ref] The balance of people in this category have rich associations with reality TV. Only Shannen Doherty has her roots in a non-politics, non-reality career.

Somehow, with every single one of the previous People We Hate contestants, it fits to crinkle your nose and call them “bitchy.” I’ve decided I need to be able to do that to the people in this category, otherwise they go in another category.[ref]For the record, I had Jerry Springer in this category originally but he didn’t pass this test so I moved him to Quirky Delightful C-Listers[/ref]


The Choices that Make the Most Sense Predictive Criteria Wise: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, ex-Bachelorettes Courtney Robinson and Tierra LiCausi[ref]Although I’m sure the casting people at “Bachelor Pad” are fighting like hell for them.[/ref], Paris Hilton

The White Whale: Hillary Clinton

The Be-Careful-What-You-Wish-For White Whales: Chris Brown, Britney Spears

The Blue Whales: Megan Fox, Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell

The Sterotypical Ready-for-Reality TV Choices: Lindsay Lohan

The Courageous Choice I Bet They Wouldn’t Regret: CM Punk[ref]Punk doesn’t really fit the nose crinkle rule, but I’m going to let it ride.[/ref] and while it’ll never happen, Rahm Emanuel

The Plan B/Deep Cuts: Certainly Sarah Palin will get here, don’t you think?  I think so.