NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Auburn

SEC Nights: No outsiders

Nov 15, 2014No Comments45 Views

Wow, would you look at this. We’ve got our first slate of Saturday games that are all against other conference teams. Thank you God because


Mother vs. Grother 201...

Where would Mother vs. Grother be if Kim

Nov 14, 2014

If NFL teams were DJs,...

Sports and music really aren’t separated by a

Nov 13, 2014



NBA Weekly: labor talk, the NBA superfan GOAT, ...

Nov 18, 2014No Comments26 Views

With three weeks in the books, it’s safe to say the NBA is in full swing. But without League Pass or illegal Internet streams, it can be tough

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Utah Jazz

NBA Weekly: Gordon H...

With two weeks in the books, it’s safe

Nov 11, 2014

NBA Weekly: Because ...

The NBA is back, and I’m personally more

Nov 04, 2014

Long Reads


If NFL teams were DJs, here’s who they&...

Nov 13, 2014No Comments91 Views

Sports and music really aren’t separated by a huge divide. It’s all entertainment, with agents, managers, and various middle-men designed to keep hype built up. Game day for


On the road with Ken Griggs, Part 5

It was one in the morning at a Super 8 Hotel on the outskirts of Albuquerque. I awoke in an empty jacuzzi and I was

Oct 09, 2014

On the road with Ken Griggs, part 4

“Grab hold of the life you want. Sink your teeth into it. And don’t ever let go.” The cowboy looked like an emaciated Sam Elliott

Oct 03, 2014

On the road with Ken Griggs, part 3

When I cleared the city limits of Cut Bank, Montana, the Rockies rose up out on the horizon. They might as well have been a

Sep 29, 2014

Baseball, NASCAR, and other sports with lower Nielsen Scores


NASCAR’s new playoff format delivered a...

The checkered flag waved on the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup series season Sunday, and after a year filled with changes, milestones, and a polarizing new

newcastle united

Fantasy Premier League: All hail . . . Newcas...

Local legend has it that if you buy Mike Ashley a Newcastle, he’ll not only chug it immediately, but take you deep into the bowels

Arsenal v Burnley - Premier League

Fantasy Premier League: Alexis on fire, more ...

Week 10 ended with exactly 11 players scoring in double digits. I’m not entirely sure if that is the norm or impressive, as it’s the


Mission Home Stretch: UEFA Champions League M...

Here we’ve entered matchday 4 of the UEFA Champions League group stage with some teams jockeying for positioning down the home stretch while others are

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