Oregon vs. Ohio State Live (Semi Drunk) Blog

Jan 13, 2015No Comments17 Views

Tonight, I’m live-blogging the Oregon vs. Ohio State game. I’ll post my impressions with timestamps (EST). 9:26 (End of 1st quarter) – I’m surprised, but


Smoke ‘Em Pass &...

This is the week champions are crowned, old

Dec 20, 2014
CFB bowls

Podcast: We talk about...

International Players’ Anthem: Usually a soccer podcast. We

Dec 20, 2014



NBA Weekly: Mo Williams, “Shove-Gate̶...

Jan 16, 2015No Comments5 Views

With the busy lives most people of you have, it can be tough to catch the everything from all 30 teams in the NBA. But never to fear,


NBA Weekly: Pistons,...

Welcome to 2015 everyone! I know with all

Jan 09, 2015

50 things about 2014...

The return of Lebron James to Cleveland was

Jan 01, 2015

Long Reads


50 things about 2014, Part I: Super Bowls and...

Dec 15, 2014No Comments116 Views

It’s the end of another year. The writers of Bro Jackson have summarized it for you in no particular order, or even order of magnitude. Just some look-back-and-wonders


Wrestling with our ethics: CM Punk’...

Thursday November 27th was Thanksgiving in most homes in the United States. While most of you were with your families watching football and listening to

Dec 01, 2014

If NFL teams were DJs, here’s who ...

Sports and music really aren’t separated by a huge divide. It’s all entertainment, with agents, managers, and various middle-men designed to keep hype built up.

Nov 13, 2014

On the road with Ken Griggs, Part 5

It was one in the morning at a Super 8 Hotel on the outskirts of Albuquerque. I awoke in an empty jacuzzi and I was

Oct 09, 2014

Baseball, NASCAR, and other sports with lower Nielsen Scores


Premier League Weekly: Week 22 picks, See ya ...

Oh, how things can change in just one week’s time. Spurs did exactly what they do every time they go ahead of Arsenal in the


Premier League Weekly: GTFO, Steven Gerrard

What an exciting end to a run of holiday fixtures. Spurs throttled league leaders Chelsea so handily, Jose Mourinho’s Blues now sit atop the table

Harry Kane first PL goal

A Gift from on High: Strategies on Using that...

The EPL Fantasy Gods have bestowed upon us a gift from on high, a second Wildcard! Should you have happened to use your first Wildcard


Premier League Weekly: Forecasting the Finish

Happy New Year’s bitches, and Merry second Christmas as the EPL serves us up 10 matches so delicious they’ll have you shouting “Get some Cold

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