The prevailing notion at the moment is that LeBron James will announce where he’ll be playing his NBA basketball via his website, within the week. In fact, NBA veteran writer Chris Sheridan is waging his professional reputation on this news, and points to a trusted inside source.

Wednesday night we saw some tweets speculate that Sheridan’s source is’s web developer. Makes sense–this person would be burdened with building up the announcement via extra pages with, presumably, sparkling new content.

So, we ran a Firebug across and did some back-end digging in an attempt to look at the source code.

Right now, there are pages on his site that were built Tuesday. There is no content on them, but they do have a color palette.

ffbb42, 012a60, 870038, ffffff

Those are the colors of the Cleveland Cavaliers, for those of you too lazy to plug them into a hex chart. Everything else is the same. His web developer built pages with a navy blue header, crimson font sets, and golden accents. Definitely suspicious, but so was that silly La Familia conspiracy theory.


If you head on over to LeBron James’ site, you’ll notice exactly what we reported Thursday. Note the “beehive” comment there. That’s the text from our original, internal email thread yesterday.

Screenshot from 2014-07-11 12_16_40(1)

Furthering thought: There is still an unbuilt page on his server, and it does have the same color scheme on it that we mentioned. They have added eight beehives, and have a crossover link to his Samsung application. Just in case you all want us to call another shot: We expect the color scheme on his site to change imminently, with an emphasis on people downloading the LeBron James app. Not that anyone cares at this point, but that’s what it looks like they’re up to.

[h/t to associate editor Clyde Lovellette for pointing out the Sheridan angle.]

The original version of this post wrote that Bro Jackson only used a Firebug, when more work was required to log into That methodology is outlined in a separate post. Bro Jackson regrets the reporting error.