(UPDATE: Part 2 of this series, “Reconstructing Dreamland” can be found here.)

In the wake of Electric Zoo being canceled on its final day due to some unfortunate drug overdoses, I thought it was time someone from within the music business spoke up. Unfortunately, most people in the music business are devoid of swirling, spherical sacks of awesome, tucked between their legs. However, since I officially left the music business last Tuesday, I have no qualms about airing my former dirty laundry. The business of Electronic Dance Music, colloquially known as EDM, has a huge problem. People are dropping dead like flies. The following essay isn’t a smoking gun; it’s a fucking nuclear onslaught.

First things first: MDMA and “Molly” are two different things. I know what MDMA is, because I can use Wikipedia. Molly is something wholly different – because the person consuming it never really knows what they are taking. In my lifetime, I have done Molly more times than I can count, and I have never taken the same drug twice. It’s not like marijuana, cocaine, or psilocybin mushrooms, where you know what you’re getting. At least if my blow has been stomped on by more Mexican drug dealers than the entire cast of “Breaking Bad,” I’ll know the worst I’m putting in my nose is baby formula, some Bayer, and then maybe a tiny bit of cocaine. We’ve all had a bag of shitty weed – and yeah, it might give you a headache, but it’s not going to kill you.

Molly isn’t like that.

Molly is an anonymous powder, sometimes in bags, and sometimes in capsules. You can snort it or ingest it – whatever tickles your fancy. There have been times I have taken Molly and then said to myself, “Oh shit, this is definitely crystal meth.” Sometimes I’ve been like, “Whoa, this is totally heroin.” Other times I’ve thought, “Oh fuck. This is one of those alphabet soup nBOME hallucinogens.” Or perhaps, “Is this fucking bath salts?” No matter what it was, it was called Molly – and that’s why it’s inherently dangerous. I’m all about doing drugs, don’t get me wrong – I just like knowing what the hell I’m putting into my body.

I should note that I also used to sell Molly, and not in a small way. I’ve sold it in multiple cities, and it’s always to the same crowd: EDM fans and festival attendees. In order to really understand Molly, you need to understand that Molly and EDM are hopelessly intertwined. Molly and EDM are the Stockton and Malone of nightlife for the sub-30 crowd. In a twisted turn of events, I realized selling Molly was more lucrative than being a promoter, or even being the manager of the artists on stage. If you find the right supplier, your profit margins can hold as high as 6 to 1 against your cost. It’s not just obscenely lucrative, it’s HOLY SHIT lucrative. Attendees of an EDM event may pay $20 for a typical event ticket, but they’ll spend another $50 on a gram of Molly. That’s $50 that doesn’t get split with the venue, promoter, artist, or anyone else.

The rise of Molly can be traced back to German Shepherds – allow me to explain. Police dogs are trained to sniff out cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and probably a few other drugs too. However, they totally miss on Molly. I realized sometime around 2005 that people were getting caught going into dance music venues with cocaine and marijuana, but you could walk in the door without a problem if you had Molly. Back then, we still called it MDMA, and it usually came in pill form. As far as I can tell, there is no difference between ecstasy and Molly, because no one knows what the fuck is in either.

When it was in pill form, I could usually get 100-200 into a venue on any given night. How do you sneak 200 pills into a venue without getting caught in a pat down? Use your shirt. Take any t-shirt you have, and examine the bottom seam. If you were to put a small hole in the interior of the bottom seam, you could conceivably slip 200 pills into the tube that is conveniently built into the bottom of your shirt – and as a bonus, no bulges, and bouncers don’t know to look there. Most bouncers will ask you to lift your arms in the air while they pat you down, and when this happens, the bottom of your shirt goes up – and they look in your waistband for guns, knives and other goodies.

Remember Stockton and Malone? You can’t have the pick without the roll. The screen doesn’t work without the pass to the lane. You can’t pick-n-pop without the pop. EDM doesn’t exist without club drugs, because a majority of the culture and event is built around “letting go” and “rolling” at events. Secondly, the entirety of the EDM economy was built upon the complex relationships between drug dealers and promoters.

Sometime around 2009, dubstep became the catalyst that blew EDM into the stratosphere. Around this time, I became a “sub-promoter” at events in Eugene, Ore., San Francisco, and Atlanta (and to a lesser extent, Brooklyn, N.Y.). Rather than work as a promoter, the promoters and I would enter into an agreement: I’d put my friends in their venues to sell Molly, and they would get a percentage of the profits in exchange for laundering my money. It was a perfect situation, because promoters have a unique capability to make drug money disappear. Several hundred, sometimes several thousand, people can come through the door of any given EDM event, and most of them pay cash. After the event, it’s easy to cook the books and boost your attendance with the cash received from drug money. In this case, everyone wins.

The agents win because their shows have artificially inflated attendance numbers, due to the false attendance reporting. This allows them to command higher guarantees.

The promoters win because they collect at the door, and a percentage of the Molly sold in the venue. The extra money they get allows them to buy better talent in the future and boost their profit margins.

The security wins because any “non-promoter-approved” Molly dealer is thrown out and/or arrested, so they keep appearances with local law enforcement.

The drug dealers win because their product is sold in a monopolized environment, free of competition, where they are free to set the price.

The venue wins because they can avoid the rave laws and feign ignorance.

The artists win because they’re playing to packed houses full of young people losing their minds and dancing on drugs.

This brings me to Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There are some inherent problems in unregulated markets with huge amounts of money changing hands. The first and most obvious problem is something I already went over, but it bears repeating: No one knows what the fuck is in Molly except the person cooking it – and we’re not talking about Heisenberg here. I’m talking about Todd being the cook, aka Meth Damon. During my time as a Molly dealer, I met the people making Molly, and they’re not rocket scientists. Most of them are meth cooks entering their second career. Meth may have been vilified by the Montana Meth Project, but Molly is cool, and it’s fun, and everyone should do it.

Molly is just whatever the hell these guys want Molly to be. Pure MDMA is expensive to produce, but designer drugs like 2CI and 2CB can be mixed with a little crystal meth and viola. We have found Molly.

In 2010, I witnessed my first death from a Molly overdose at a venue in Charlotte, N.C. Interestingly enough, the young woman’s death was later attributed to a heart problem – which I found laughable, and depressing. Her heart did have a problem, but the problem was likely a cocktail mix of uppers, downers, and muscle relaxers. If that young woman hadn’t taken Molly, I know for a fact she’d still be alive today. Before she died, I remember her being taken into the green room to “cool down,” and her friends began giving her water. Within 15 minutes, she was vomiting everywhere, prompting one of the DJ’s performing that night to scream, “Get that drunk cunt out of here!” It’s sad to think that the last words she might have coherently heard might have been “Get that drunk cunt out of here.”

After her death, it was a little sobering, but I felt numb about the whole situation. I wasn’t the person who sold her the drugs, so in my mind, she just got “bad Molly” – which I would later learn is “all Molly,” because there is no such thing as “good Molly.” Ref: Above. It’s all bullshit. The promoter and I later discussed it, and I remember him remarking something to the effect of, “some people just can’t handle their drugs.”

As EDM events grew, festivals started popping up as if they were fed Cialis. Every promoter I knew found an investor, and suddenly had a two- or three-day event with over 100 DJs performing. Attendees went in with the expectation of doing drugs. The demographic we’re talking about here is almost all people between the ages of 18-25, and everyone wanted Molly. Once again, the same promoters I worked with before would let me in to sell drugs in exchange for a percentage of what I sold. In order to maintain appearances, security was strict at the entrance, often arresting other drug dealers with several ounces of Molly. Of course, I got there several hours before security showed up, and the people selling my drugs were always attractive women – not grungy hippies with dreadlocks. My girls were never bothered by police, because there is no way attractive women would ever sell drugs, right?

The genius behind what I did was understanding comfort: Very few undercover cops are attractive, young women. By default, guys were more willing to talk to them, and young women trusted them because they didn’t think it was just some dude trying to feed them roofies and rape them. I never personally sold drugs – because I was in the back with a VIP lanyard on, smoking weed, enjoying the show, and spending time with the DJs I managed. I let attractive young women sell drugs for me, and in exchange, they got to be popular, and also got free drugs to give to their friends.

Social stigmas don’t really exist with Molly, and giving it away, or having it around doesn’t seem like a problem – because it is so highly glamorized by the music industry. There are songs about it, and “rolling” is something that is completely socially acceptable in the EDM circle. Additionally, the demand is so high, that it crosses the majority threshold. If you’re attending a large EDM event, I would wager that over half of the people in attendance will consume Molly before, during, or after the event – at an afterparty.

When an entire subculture adopts a drug en masse, the supply market soon follows – it just happened to take Molly a moment to ramp up production. When the production met the demand, and the professional drug dealers got involved, Molly went from being a mostly harmless club drug pushed by harmless frat bros, to something trafficked in the same way cocaine and heroin are – by cartels.

I first witnessed wholesale cartel tactics at Ultra in Miami. Ultra, depending on who you ask, is the largest EDM festival in the world. Over 100,000 people come to Miami to listen to music and experience the event – and the majority of those people are not native to Miami. That means the Molly isn’t coming with them, because driving long distances, or flying with controlled substances is too risky – and that’s when you see drug dealers start competing for your business.

Make no mistake about it: When drug dealers compete, everyone loses. In a completely deregulated market, violence is the only control mechanism, so while you’re having fun “rolling,” various innocent people are becoming the victims of crime.

A “small time” Molly dealer I know went to Ultra this year, thinking he could turn a quick profit. After selling a small amount of Molly to someone he didn’t know, he was led away at gunpoint, through a crowd, by men he didn’t know. As it turns out, it was a Haitian gang known as Zoe Pound – and they informed him that they would be selling Molly, not him. They then stole all his drugs, money, and fractured his femur with a tire iron. He called me from the hospital because he wanted to get revenge – which is completely stupid. I have done a bunch of stupid shit in my life, but starting a gang war isn’t one of them.

Was my friend innocent? Not at all. He was selling a controlled substance, and had he been caught by law enforcement, he would have faced consequences. His problem was being caught by his competitors. I have no doubt that someone involved with the Ultra festival has taken money to allow various groups to sell drugs at Ultra, because otherwise it wouldn’t be the same. If young people can’t find drugs at an EDM event, all you’ll hear on Twitter is “Dude this festie is so lame. I should have gone to Generic Festival Name instead”.

I know for a fact the TomorrowWorld 2013 is being supplied Molly by my former supplier, because I talked with him about it two months ago when I was in Atlanta. I expect that local law enforcement has already been paid to turn a blind eye, the people selling the Molly will arrive before security ever gets there, and no one at TomorrowWorld will have a hard time “finding Molly.” Of course, I’m not sure who got paid, or which person is responsible for bringing it in, but it will without a doubt be there, and there is nothing law enforcement can do to stop it.

Why? Because you can’t search every roadie case, the interior of each speaker, or every bundle of cables. My former supplier boasted that he thinks he can sell five pounds of Molly over three days in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga., the site of TomorrowWorld.

In order to understand what five pounds of Molly really means, let’s think about it in terms of one gram bags, sold for $50 each.

There are 28 grams in one ounce, and 16 ounces to a pound, and he’s saying he’ll sell at least five pounds . . . so . . . carry the eight, plus two . . . eight again . . . two times six . . . take that and… HOLY SHIT.

$112,000 – gross. Of course, he probably had to pay police, security, someone connected to the promoter, a few people to sell it, bribes, etc. I’ll assume he’ll still clear $100,000. He’s like a real life Walter White – no wonder “Breaking Bad” is so popular. It’s real.

Is he kidding? I mean, he can’t possibly make this kind of money selling drugs over the course of a weekend, right? Well, TomorrowWorld is projecting 50,000 people per day in attendance, and five pounds is 35,840 grams – so it’s not actually just possible he’ll sell five pounds. It’s probable.

How many of those people are going to die due to complications of heat, medication interactions, neurological problems, etc? It’s tough to say. Most toxicology reports don’t check for the “alphabet soup” drugs like the nBOMEs I mentioned earlier – so if someone dies at TomorrowWorld from a drug overdose, it will more than likely be attributed to heat stroke, or another heat-related problem.

We live in an extremely litigious society, and few people are going to admit they took drugs with their friends, and then their friend died. You don’t want to get sued for neglect, or be accused of selling the drugs that killed your friend. That’s the dark side of Molly – when people die, everyone runs into plausible deniability land, and never returns.

The last point I want to make about Molly is where it gets really dark: Molly is getting more and more popular by the day, because it is socially acceptable. You’d be crazy to offer someone cocaine at a dance club, because you’re not Tommy Lee, and this isn’t 1989. However, if you’re at a show and you offer someone Molly, that’s OK. Drug dealers know this. A few weeks ago I was in Atlanta, and I needed to buy some cocaine for a musician friend – so I called my old blow man . . . only to have him inform me he had moved into the Molly business.

So I called my backup guy, the dude who used to live next door to me. He wasn’t a cocaine dealer, just a guy who did it recreationally. I said, “Hey (name redacted), you got any white?” He replied, “Naw man, but I got some Molly.”

This is the juncture of bad and worse. As kids, we got told in D.A.R.E. that cocaine, marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol were bad for you – but my D.A.R.E. officer didn’t say shit about Molly, because Molly didn’t exist in the common vernacular.

Someone said on Twitter the other day, I forget who, that “Molly is the new cocaine” – to which I thought, “No, cocaine is cocaine.” Molly is something much worse, because you can’t grow coca plants in Southern Illinois, or Northern Arizona. Cocaine is something that is actually hard to obtain, because the raw materials just don’t exist here. If you want to make bathtub Molly, just head down to your local pool supply store, maybe an office supply store . . . and you know what, get some of the stuff from Home Depot too. Experiment in your bathtub for a bit, and see what happens.

I didn’t quit the music business because my segment of EDM was hopelessly wrapped around designer drugs. I quit for personal reasons.

I also don’t want people to read this essay and conclude that everyone involved in EDM is complicit in selling drugs to young people – some people do it the right way. I tried to do it the right way for the past 16 months. I didn’t sell drugs, and I tried to keep people with drugs out of my events. I didn’t associate with people who cooked Molly. I managed artists the right way, and tried to run a clean business – but the pragmatic realities looked me dead in the eye at the end: If you don’t have Molly at your events, and you don’t sell Molly, your patrons will go to other events where they can find drugs more easily.

If you’re not engaging the Molly business or allowing Molly to be sold at your events, you are tacitly acknowledging that you will have lower profit margins than your competition, and eventually, your competition will beat you.

On Halloween, 2011, I attended Neon Halloween in Atlanta. It was promoted by a friend of mine named M.J. (M.J. – I’m not implicating you here. You do clean business, and I love you for it.), and the lineup was ridiculous – DMX was the headliner, and my friend Daniel Pollard, better known as Heroes X Villains was one of the support acts. My friend Brandon and I were having a great time at the event, until I made a fateful trip to the bathroom.

I saw two young men standing next to the far wall. One was standing, and the other was hunched against a wall. I figured the young man hunched against the wall was just drunk, so I proceeded to saunter over toward the urinal. As I started to pee, the man against the wall started convulsing. As an epileptic, I knew he was having a seizure, so I did that thing where I try to pee as fast as humanly possible. I zipped up my pants and ran over to the young kid, whose friend was panicking, trying to get his friend to quit convulsing.

“What did he take?”, I asked. The guy looked at me blankly and said, “We just took some Molly man. I don’t want to get in trouble. Please don’t tell anyone about this.”

The young man on the floor was still convulsing, and as he was convulsing, he started to choke on his tongue. I grabbed a few paper towels from the dispenser, and pulled his tongue out so he would quit choking. Around this time, my friend Brandon came looking for me – and as he walked in I heard an audible, “What the fuck?!”

About 30 seconds later, the young man quit convulsing, and became conscious again. He wasn’t making much sense, he slurred all his words, and I knew he needed to be at a hospital – and this is the only part of the night I regret: I didn’t call an ambulance. I decided to drive him myself to Grady.

Brandon and I carried him out of the venue with his friend behind us, and we told his buddy to meet us at Grady. On the way to Grady, the young man had two more seizures, and vomited again in the back seat. About one minute before I arrived, Brandon informed me that the kid had stopped breathing.

In my mind, everything got slow. I started having trouble breathing. I was freaking out, because I didn’t want to be the person dropping off an overdosing kid at the Emergency Room. I didn’t know his medication allergies, his date of birth . . . or even his name.

That’s when it really hit me: This kid was one of those people we hear about, the ones that aren’t your friends. They’re the “stupid” kids who can’t handle their drugs and overdose. Except he wasn’t someone else. This was a real person, dying in the back of my Honda, on my friend Brandon’s lap.

We arrived at Grady, and thankfully some EMT’s were hanging out, chatting outside. When we pulled his limp body out of the back seat, they sprung into action like they’d never even been having a conversation – of course, it’s Grady, so I’m sure they’re used to seeing much worse. (Grady: Number 1 in Trauma Treatment – Yay stabbings and shootings?)

That night at the hospital, the young man’s friend never showed up. When he finally got stable, we learned his name, and he called his family. His mother and father thanked Brandon and I for all we had done, and at some point during the night, his father returned and handed Brandon and me each a $50 Chili’s gift card – which actually sorta made me wish I had let the kid die. (Just kidding, but seriously though – Chili’s is the worst thing to ever happen to anyone, ever.)

I wish I was the only person with a story like that – but I’m not. In fact, I think more than a few of us have a “Molly story.” but no one talks about it, because dissenting and saying Molly is dangerous makes you “look like a square.” Some guy you know who knows some guy makes “pure” MDMA, and that’s what YOU take – right? “I’d never take bad Molly. You can’t overdose on real MDMA.”

If you have to keep telling yourself that lie, fine. But I’m here to let you know, I’m the dude who used to tell people that lie. That’s what drug dealers do. They tell you that what you’re getting is the best shit, and it’s perfectly safe – and that’s how they keep you coming back.

There is no such thing as pure Molly. Only pure bullshit – and you’ve been sold a ton of it.

  • Sam

    Great article nice to hear from your perspective. Wish you had more info on nBOME and those designer drugs you mentioned but still amazing. Also straight comedy in some of those lines… i.e. Chili’s had me dying

  • Sal

    u cant be anymore right man. this is wat it is. people are blinded by the risk of safety because they feel as if its a release for themselves. everyone has different tolerances to all sorts of different substances. ive known about this problem ever since i first did it as well. i never had the same feeling twice. EVER. every single time i did it it was a different either for better or worse feeling. it really hurts to see the scene go down like this. even tho i am a huge fan of the art of edm. not the drug infested gatherings. i have a better time listening to it in my car smoking Ls then rolling on god knows wat packed in a supertent with probably 110 degrees inside. i have visions of the perfect event. but honestly from wat i kno of society’s understanding of a music festival is all about drugs and crazy music they dont even kno wtf artist or type of genre it is. just drug music.

  • Mike Bongarzone

    So true. I have said for the past 3 years that most of that shit. Especially the “Moon Rocks” is some sort of Meth or crystal meth mix with mdma or no mdma at all. And a lot of the OD and bad shit started from the “plant food” (mephridrone) bullshit and the other fake molly like drugs. There is no such thing as Pure MDMA ne more.

    • Fixda Fernback

      Except, there are these little things called “Testing kits”, they’re cheap and, well, test drugs. The moon rocks I saw tested a few weeks ago instantly turned positive for MDMA. When further tested for purity, it tested in the mid-90% purity. I think that’s pretty damned pure.

  • pko

    We do get pure mdma in europe, but it’s not the point.
    Great article. You guys are having the problems europe had to deal with at the end of the 90’s. Good luck.

  • Aryu Kiddingme

    Thanks for the real talk.

  • Cris

    Sorry, this article is ridiculous. You claim to have gotten heroin randomly instead of molly? Nefarious drug dealers are in the business of maximizing profits and stretching their supply and cutting drugs with cheaper additives, NOT more expensive drugs.

    There is a very real, simple, and cost effective way to test your molly – dancesafe.org sells Mecke, Marquis, Simon’s A&B, and Mandelin reagent testing kits. With a pinhead size of your supply, you can accurately tell what your drugs are adulterated with, if anything.

    Molly started to rise in 2005? Dude, no. Early 1990s. And there wouldn’t be EDM without Molly? Who are you? Christ.

    I absolutely agree that you need to be vigilant about what you put in your body and what you ingest and that trusting someone with your life who only wants your money is about the stupidest choice you could ever make, but you’re spreading misinformation just as bad as D.A.R.E. did back in middle school telling me I could have acid “flashbacks” or that it’d form crystals in my spine.

    • iamshanemorris

      I’ll disagree here: There has been a rise in “pina colada” and “margarita” scents/flavors to insufflants. Things you sniff don’t have a discernible color or look anymore. They all look crystallized when you add those agents.

      There are a lot of places to get drug tests, and I am well aware of it. However, if I’m in a dark environment, and someone gives me something, and says it’s Molly, I might take it assuming they know what they’re taking.

      But yeah, you know everything. Of course Molly has been around since the 1990s – but at that time, EDM culture barely made a blip in the U.S. The large scale festivals we see now by Insomniac, Disco Donnie, MCP, React, etc – they didn’t even exist.

      So your conjecture comes across more like elitist drug snobbery, which is the wrong opinion to have right now. Sure, YOU may know better, but the majority does not, and unfortunately, that’s a problem right now.

      I know for a FACT that many of the largest production companies were funded my the sale of designer drugs. Many of the people who own and produce these events are my close personal friends, and just a few years ago, they were drug dealers. Once they had enough capital to go legit, they did.

      To divorce the two from each other is just inane, and backwards. This isn’t Europe. This is a new thing – so your elitism and opinions don’t matter in the face of irrefutable hard data regarding ticket sales.

      • Cris

        Alright, I can take a fair point or two. Sorry if I came across as aggressive or elitist; I do spend a decent amount of effort attempting to dispel rumors about drug use, if my frustration came through at seeing some of the same inane “facts” muddled my point, I apologize.

        You’re right, most people don’t test their supply, and as you just showcased right now if someone gave you something and said it was Molly, you’d maybe take it if you trusted them.

        Maybe it’s more black and white to me; although the experience of drugs can be truly incredible and the proverbial “best thing ever,” it isn’t worth my health or life to me, and I test everything I come across. I don’t find it at festivals; that’s reckless and that’s how you get hurt. I’ve gone sober and I’ve gone very not sober and had amazing experiences both ways.

        I’m willing to play along that you have insider knowledge concerning the origins of large promoters, but do you realize without you offering hard evidence on the people you personally know who started big companies, your opinions are just as useless and rife with elitism, right?

        There’s absolutely no way you could pull data on which shows see the most substance use because unlike beers and food, it doesn’t get recorded on the balance sheet; it’s all speculation.

        • iamshanemorris

          Here is what I do know: Pop, Rock, Rap, Country, and Folk concerts don’t have this problem. At all.

          If people went to EDM events “for the music”, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The problem is the level of denial involved here. You don’t see 19 year old college girls dropping dead at Mumford & Sons concerts, but you do at Paul Van Dyke (sorry, had to name a name) events.

          I could offer names of the promoters, and what production companies they now own, but since this goes back five years, they would simply slap me with libel cases.

          If you can go to festivals sober and have a great time, more power to you – but a lot of people obviously aren’t there for the music. Those people are a danger to themselves right now, and that’s why I wrote this piece. This isn’t a canary in a coal mine – it’s dead people already in the coal mine, and the other coal miners standing around saying, “Naw, he likes sleeping without breathing. He’s fine.”

          • Satch

            People don’t go to those massive EDM events for the music, because the music at those events is mostly total rubbish. Those festivals are nothing but a cash grab. It’s a shame this younger generation is being sold this crap. There is so much amazing electronic music out there now, but most will never hear or know about it. I think this piece was well intended, and some good points are made. However, some of your assertions are ridiculous.

          • Laura Caraker

            Shane, here is proof that your statements are not true. I do not roll, but I love going to EDM shows and festivals for the music, experience, and the good vibes. You know, people actually enjoy the artists for their music, and not just how their music sounds on drugs. Are you saying that people don’t go to Bassnectar shows to see bassnectar, but just to do drugs?! yes your statement may be true for some people, but you acting as if it’s so “obvious” that people aren’t there for the music is bullshit.. I’ve spent hundreds on festivals for the music, and the music alone. I agree the Molly thing is spiraling out of control, but don’t degrade the whole scene with them. Articles like this are going to assist in giving it a bad name. I have had family members and work acquaintances approaching me assuming that I must be taking lots of molly since they know I go to festivals. You’re helping to build a stereotype that’s not fair for the people who enjoy the music for the right reasons.

          • Tb11

            laura, thats not proof…. thats just you saying words.

          • Fixda Fernback

            That’s all any of this is. People saying words. What’s your goddamned point?

          • iamshanemorris

            First of all, I know Lorin, and I know him well. I’m not saying ALL people go to his shows to do drugs – because I know better. What I am asserting is that your anecdotal evidence flies in the face of overwhelming empirical evidence.

            The “scene” is the demand for this drug. Very few people consume MDMA while just “chillin at home”. It is not a recreational drug in the same vein as marijuana.

            I’m not building a stereotype. I’m simply pointing out what is already there.

          • nich obert

            Ugh. Lorin Bassnectar. The biggest douchebag on the planet,

            Does he still cut off his sets to talk about Rwanda and shit like he did 10 years ago? I can’t subject myself to brostep because I have self respect.

          • iamshanemorris

            Lorin isn’t a douchebag, at all. He’s a really nice, kind person who cares about things other than music, because he realizes he has a platform to create change.

            “How dare he take 15 seconds of his 90 minute set to make young people aware of important, international issues.”

            Yeah, he’s a real asshole, advocating for people without a voice.

          • miller

            lololol so much feelz bro

          • Blizzy

            I can vividly remember the first time my friend played me a few tracks off of Mesmerizing the Ultra in his car. It blew my mind and honestly, it changed music for me. Before that I used to think “techno is for fairies” or “only weirdo junky chicks go to raves” but something about the sound was just so interesting and different from anything I had ever heard before and I was like okay, this. I need to find some more of this. I wasn’t rolling face. I was completely sober, sitting in the passenger seat of my buddy’s car…but that was it. Lorin was my gateway drug into electronic music and now I’m an addict.

            I was into this music before I ever tried Molly or had any desire or intention of trying Molly. Without a doubt, it plays a massive role in the EDM culture and experience, but so do marijuana and other hallucinogens. I honestly don’t think that MDMA would even be a big deal right now if we could just smoke a fucking blunt at these venues, but that’s just my theory I could be wrong. So yes, drug use is part of this music, and certain risks are part of drug use. I agree that if it weren’t for drugs this music probably wouldn’t exist, but then again neither would The Beatles or Hendrix, right?

            The point I’m trying to make is that the music stands up entirely on it’s own. Certain drugs can make good experiences better but there’s nothing that can make bad music into good music.
            (except maybe a seriously dope ass Flosstradamus remix)

            You’re the man Shane, thank you for your article it’s an interesting story. Tomorrow World should be an unbelievable experience and I hope that everyone will be careful, stay safe, and have a good time.

          • nich obert

            Exactly. Glad you see it my way.
            I threw a can of Budweiser at him, hit ol DJ Zoolander right in the ear and spilled all over his tables.

          • NinjaCville

            Well they obviously aren’t hearing or heeding his little message, and if he didn’t have a captive spun audience, they probably aren’t listening or able to remember.

            His spun fans wandered into my apartment uninvited, and spilled Redbull all over my floor, as one cried in my bathroom with no shoes. I made sure they were OK, and then escorted them out the front door. I’ve never seen good hippies do that, they are too busy giggling, and hugging each other.
            Maybe the EDM scene sucks… and that’s why the shady cartel element approaches them, because the fans are stupid enough to buy from randoms.

          • nhr215

            What does it matter if you know Lorin or not???? Dude you are a fucking douchebag.

            Narcissistic ass…

          • iamshanemorris

            I still manage his production partner, ill.Gates. I take offense when people call good people out. That’s why it matters. I have integrity.

          • LysergiK

            Yea.. Dylan is one of the most genuine awesome people i’ve had the pleasure of working with, he’s playing tonight here in Knoxville, looking forward to his awesome stuff. As someone who works in the industry both from a production company side (I run artist relations-booking the hotels, making sure their needs are handled etc), and we book big stuff in that regard, Big G, Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, you name it, we also work with AC to bring you Moogfest and Mount Oasis in Ashville… And I also see the whole thing from an artists view, being a producer and performer myself, having shared the stage with PantyRaid, Griz, Govinda, and many others… Not bragging here, just attempting to give evidence of my authority on the “EDM scene”, this article is pretty damn point on. I really get what he is saying, while you might not be an idiot, and might test kit, and might be there for the music, there is a growing number of young people that simply don’t know what the f*ck they are doing, just a few weeks ago we brought Doctor P to town for a show, woo dubstep? I don’t care for his stuff, but it brought out all the candy kids, and at one point this young guy, maybe 20 or something tried to dance up on my female friend, when she told him no and pushed him away, he reacted by saying “aren’t you rolling?!” at which she replied, “no i’m not”, which was true, we had other things we needed to be focusing on that night, to which he replied “well then why are you here”… case in point. It’s just one case, one story, but it totally illustrates the unfortunate turn that the scene has been taking. Not all of us, no, there are still tons of wonderful souls there for the music that might wanna have a little icing on their cake 😉 but by and large, i’m seeing more dealer to dealer aggression, more ambulances, and less love, which at the end of the day, is what it is about! Everyone getting together to enjoy some music, it’s the people and the music, and the art, and energy of it all. You can’t just eat icing, you’ll get sick.

          • NinjaCville

            I used to work closely with AC, and they are the best – sober and professional people who have changed their scene to eliminate the garbage element. They also aren’t publishing high-and-mighty white-knight articles inviting police attention to people that viewed them as friends.

          • Kyle Sword

            Best Comment/Analogy ever! You can’t eat the icing off the cake, Ahhhhh I love it :)

          • Becky

            No, he’s telling it how it is. He never said every single person is doing molly. He said over half are probably rolling at an event, and that’s absolutely true. Everything he said in this article is spot on. The molly situation has gotten straight-up fucked up. Maybe it’s always been fucked up. But for him to tell his experiences is not “giving the scene a bad name.” And if it is, maybe it needs a rude awakening, because young kids can’t keep dying at this shit because they got sold a bad batch. Just because YOU don’t do drugs doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

          • Bob Meister

            EDM is just the current scene with the in-crowd who are most likely to do drugs. Every generation has something that pulls these types in. It’s not a great thing I agree but it’s always something. Blaming the drug instead of the people doing it is in my opinion passing the buck. People aren’t this gullible and you aren’t so much smarter than the ‘drunk cunt’ in the article. It’s random bullshit happening to young people doing dangerous shit for no good reason. Molly isn’t the problem.

          • nickyp

            Look at festivals now, at ezoo there was maybe only 10 % of the crowd even paying attention to the dj.

          • Dan Beaubien

            I wanna die at PVD

          • wow

            you guys act like going to concerts is your hobby lol.

          • nich obert

            Guess you have never seen Phish?

            First time I saw Molly instead of pressies was all over Phish tour in 97- essentially a 15-20,000 person party that’s in 4-5 cities a week.
            Then the Disco Biscuits started Camp Bisco, which by 05 or 06 essentially birthed the crappy “EDM” movement into being a major thing by giving guys like Bassnectar a big stage to play in front of 10,000 people.

            There was so much Molly and ketamine and LSD and DMT at these events it was ridiculous
            I was in the trailer the first time Method Man heard the term Molly

            Just seems like your history is truncated. The hippie bands had this shit on lock before their habit of booking DJs late night lead into the electronic scene taking off in America. With music that’s hideously bad compared to its European counterparts

          • Fixda Fernback

            Really, most of my issues with this article stem from, not the article itself and what it’s about, but the lack of actual information. All Shane Morris has done in this article is spread half-truths and anecdotes as if they’re the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ Son of God himself. Between thinking coke is fine, but molly isn’t; or thinking people at shows don’t even do coke, actually. Or thinking people sell heroin as molly. Or thinking no one tests… There’s so much willful ignorance going on here that it’s scary.

          • disqus_lUKTZTWlrI


          • disqus_lUKTZTWlrI

            and don’t be an idiot. A drug dealer will sell you whatever drug he has on hand. Even though heroin is more expensive, if thats the drug in his inventory and people are looking for molly, bets believe he’ll cut that shit into “molly” pills/powder

          • Dayna Menard

            i have to agree with you here. and Shane what is the difference between people doing coke, heroin, pharmies, nitrus, binge drinking, ecstasy, etc and people doing molly at a festie or a show?? Why aren’t you writing about ALL drugs and not just molly. If you are so concerned about festival goers when it comes to dying of an OD then why aren’t you writing about how people OD of these other drugs too while they’re attending these events? just doesn’t really make much sense to me. And Fixda, definitely agree with you.

          • NinjaCville

            EXACTLY my friend. Crappy music is followed by crappy people who have crappy drugs. The transitive property of the music industry. A begets B begets C.

          • Fixda Fernback

            Yeah, instead, most of those genres have violence and alcohol and vomiting and hatred. Sounds wonderful!

          • Bob Meister

            Cocaine, sizzurp, alcohol. More people dying from each of those drugs than Molly. Every scene has it’s poisons.

          • Dayna Menard

            i have to disagree with you about one thing you said here, and that would be the fact that people do get hurt and/or die at other concerts (not involving Dubstep or Electronic Music) from alcohol and other drugs as well. Just look at Woodstock or any other festival that plays “rock” music. And what is “country fest” and any other country music concert all about? Drinking! also i have to agree with Chris on one issue, they do have testing kits, which people should use if they are getting any type of drug from someone they don’t know or even if they do know them. i guess my point is is that people should smarten up about it, and im glad you wrote this article to prompt them to do so, but i think it is a little ridiculous because there are obvious ways to avoid an overdose. i guess im being a little insensitive here but i just feel like people should know that when they ingest something that someone gave you or sold you at a show or festie then they should be prepared to maybe not get what they thought they were getting. im not saying that they deserve what they get but just saying its their own fault for making the decision to ingest a random substance that someone says is “mollly” Also I have to agree with Laura here, she’s absolutely right about you saying that people dont go to festies and shows because of the music. that is why i go. and the most important reason that i go. you are adding to the stereotype by saying those things here

          • Night Crawler

            Shane, i completely agree with you i was a life in color formerly know asdayglow the past weekend, there were no deaths or anything but the whole idea of of a certain person getting let in to sell solely and kick everyone else out, was clearly evident as i saw at least 10 people get kicked out but there happened to be one person who everyone knew who that person was who was getting away with selling it. im not saying i didnt take molly, but most people do not go to these festivals without being on something. most are not sober, i applaud you for being so open about it you’re history with it. youre read isnt nesseraly going to stop me from taking it at tomorrowworld this weekend or any other music festival/ edm concert but its defiently made me more carful in not taking to much and being careful.

        • nickyp

          You dont need any proof to see the obvious. People will do anything to be cool and right now taking molly and going to a festival is cool. Molly is marketed no different than coke or mcdonalds or anything. You see people wearing clothing its a fad. And its obvious these festivals supply the drugs.

      • Fix Me A Sandwich

        Didn’t make a blip? It was a huge counter culture with events weekly up and down the coast in the 90s before it went dormant and turned into these mega festivals and pop culture. Ecstasy was everywhere in the 90s too. You knew this when the preppy girl at school found a dealer on their brand new internet and started selling it to everyone in the high school. Also, while it was not all legit, more times than not it was the exact same experience because it was legit. I totally agree that what is out there today is shit, and those tests are not going to tell you everything that could be wrong with it.

        • Satch

          It was much better when it didn’t make a blip to people like this. In fact, it all started to go downhill after Rolling Stone wrote an article on the Orlando club scene.

          • NinjaCville

            Yeah, the cartels aren’t invited in by a girl with flowers in their hair, they read the Rolling Stone article too, and saw a market, just like a finance guy hearing about a developing nation. Sounds like Skippy just feels bad seeing the consequences of a crappy scene getting worse. The best raves are NOT Ultra, or anything big. They are small raves thrown in the woods or someone’s house, and the scene is much nicer. Commercialization and monetization are the forces which ruin these events, not the drugs, or the music.

      • Tom Blanc

        there’s the problem you taking molly in a dark area from an unrecognizable source.. would you jump in the car with a stranger hitch hiking!? .. thats human error ..

      • nich obert

        Yea. Testing kits exists but if he actually mentioned them and pointed people in their direction he’d be weakening his argument that “it’s impossible to know what you’re taking”

        Who needs active harm reduction messages when you can just get this bullshit?

        • Fixda Fernback

          I like your style, nich obert. Harm reduction through knowledge is the most powerful weapon we have. Willful ignorance not only spreads dangerous disinformation, but it makes us all look worse by association.

        • Nate Alexander

          except that a test kit can give a false positive. MDxx reactions are the strongest in most kits (marquis etc…) so it will usually overpower anything else in the “alphabet soup” and appear to test positive for molly, though there may be other substances present. So mentioning it only confuses the message, which is: you have NO way of knowing exactly what you’re getting unless you cook it yourself.

          As a head, you should know that. Besides, when has anyone ever busted out a kit on shakedown?

          • Dayna Menard


          • nich obert

            You’ve never seen people bust out kits? I guess that’s the difference between seeing shows devoted to music for 12 year olds and seeing actual music I guess?

            I get your point, but it’s still stupid. Testing isn’t foolproof. Neither are condoms. Do you advocate people stop using condoms because they aren’t guaranteed to prevent STDs and pregnancy?

            I’m not saying you’re an idiot if you don’t use a testing kit. And I’m not saying they’re perfect. But you’re an idiot if you write this article and act like knowing what drugs you have is this completely impossible thing and there aren’t any steps towards harm reduction.

            This is just scare tactics from some shitty DJ who probably has 5 bass drops every 60 seconds and ran with some skeevy production company. He piles generalization on generalization and acts like every half-truth and exaggeration is some earth shattering fact that he’s revealing from his lofty perch.

            Again your general point that the tests aren’t perfect is great,and it needs to be out there. But like millions of other things that are designed to protect you in some way while leaving the liability on the consumer, it doesn’t invalidate the fact that they’re a wonderful resource and everyone reading this article should have been pointed to DanceSafe or like minded groups for further information.

            Unfortunately, that didn’t fit in with the fear mongering sensationalism, so he left it out.

          • Nate Alexander

            music for 12 year olds? I’m pretty sure we see the same music, guy. and I’ve worked enough shows and lots that when I say “I’ve never seen someone bust out a kit on shakedown”, it means enough to say that the one, two, or possibly zero times you have mean you’re describing an outlier.

            your understanding of my comment is also as wrong as the proceeding analogy. in what way is a test kit a preventive measure similar to a condom? a condom works some 90% of the time (it’s probably a little more); you can’t fake a condom’s success– if it tears, you’ll know (if you’re not assed out). given what we know about test kits and how drugs are cut or substituted with analogues, you’re likely to get a false reading, or a mixed reading, most of the time. again, if I cut mol down to even 80/20, the 80 being something else, the MDxx creates the strongest reaction in those test kits, and will therefore always come up positive for MDxx.

            So yes, test kits are nice to prevent being sold, say, pipers or meth or bath salts, but to treat them the way you are like they somehow subvert his claim that it is impossible for kids in the EDM scene to know exactly what they’re taking is just plain fucking wrong. Phish is lucky enough to have a scene where people with bunk drugs are found and beat down, and while there are some sketchy fucks, you can always find an actual fan with something at least relatively pure. What the author is talking about is a scene whose drug stream is completely monopolized by people who have diluted both competition and purity to the point of near extinction. And even in the jam scene, in reality, while you may trust someone a lot, you really don’t have any way of knowing 100% what you’re taking without being there when it’s made.

            So to answer your real problem with the article: why doesn’t he at least mention test kits? as I said, when drugs are cut to the point they are, all you’re doing is creating a false sense of knowledge and safety, a potentially DANGEROUS sense of safety for people who are perhaps too naive or trusting. the only solution, much like the only solution to scalping, is to deny the business to the leeches. unfortunately for the people who are actually into edm, their scene is run over by trend-hoppers desperate for “exciting” drugs they hear about throughout high school and media.

            Should people use test kits? yes. for the now rare incidents where they are getting something not even 1% MDxx, but when kits become as popular as you hope, all that will happen is mol will be cut down even more with potentially harmful mixtures.

          • NinjaCville

            If you planned ahead, and didn’t expect to buy stuff there at the event, you would be able to verify it prior to the event, and then avoid the scumbags.

        • Annie

          if you need to buy a drug testing kit you’re probably taking too many drugs… just admit it; you’re a drug addict.

          • nich obert

            Yes. I’ll admit it. I’m in my 30s and have a baby and I’m a total drug addict. You pegged me.

            It definitely has nothing to do with realizing that dying off of some weird chemical one of the 2 or 3 times a year that I get fucked up would be stupid.

      • Carlos Danger

        I think this was an amazingly well written article. You are making the point that I have been trying to make to my friends time and time again for the past year. THIS SHIT IS DANGEROUS. I’m sick of the near death experiences being passed off as “a bad trip” This shit is ruining music, and I have been so turned off by the people around me that it is in turn pushing me away from the tunes I love.

        I also have a friend who attended EDC Vegas, where he was robbed along with many other people. He emailed the festival and without any question’s from them, he was sent a pair of free tickets for next year. Doesn’t it seem odd instead of a brief show of sympathy, they sent him free tickets (as if to admit fault?) There is some fucked up shit going on in our scene. The money will always get in the way of integrity.

      • Bob Meister

        everybody ‘taking molly’ accepts the risk that it’s a sketchy mix of kitchen-sink chemistry at best. Oh these poor kids hah they are so unaware right…and you are so in the know!

      • ziggy dollar fucking bills

        So your butthurt that the drug dealer selling you anonymous powder in a dark club is’nt selling you exactly what you want. Get with the times dude buy your shit beforehand from someone you can trust and test it. At this point anything else is just asking for trouble.

        • killatrill


      • miller

        lol dude. drugs run the whole capital world. get with it. thats how things work. if you don’t like it hop off the grid

      • Earl Lee

        The “majority” are newfags who are replacing rap concerts with raves. Let them all die we need population control anyways….and we need to weed out all the posers and druggies from EDM-lovers. What better way than to make massives less massive and let retards be scared of drugs and all the bad things that come with it.

      • nhr215

        No, its not a new thing. Its been around forever. It may be that this particular drug is now particularly popular on a large scale with youth in America but its not big thing man. get over yourself. You seem very self important. How many times are you going to say how many people you know in the industry. You’re a fucking child. Grow up. Its not all about you. If you cared one iota about the overdoses, you would have written an article about it not an article about YOU and how much money you made selling drugs.

      • NinjaCville

        So maybe the learning point is to stop going to EDM – and maybe go toward the hippie-fest end of the spectrum, where far fewer of these deaths happen, and they have real compounds… Any smart person gets their stuff from reputable personal acquaintances, not scumbags hustling at festival lots. At some point people have to take responsibility for their actions, and not be in lalaland. That’s not elitist drug snobbery, it’s common sense, because I take accountability and responsibility for my actions, as well as what I ingest into my body. I also used to work in festival management at a high level, at some of the largest events around, and in the hippie-end of the spectrum, honorable and good festival promoters like the folks who run Bonnaroo, don’t do this sort of thing, and they are sober folks – you have to choose your forum. A sketchy rave in the woods? Nope – how about a properly maintained event run by professionals? You get what you pay for, and anyone buying crap from some flat-brim hat tool, sweating bullets, and looking over his shoulder, is an idiot. No one walks across the street without looking, so that’s analogous to buying drugs from random spunions.

    • DynamicUno

      Everything I was going to say, Chris just said.

    • Pierce

      You’re an idiot if you think acid flashbacks aren’t real…I personally know someone who was completely normal one second, then out of nowhere started trippin and hallucinating, ran out side to the garage, grabbed matches and doused himself in gasoline, then ran back into his house and burned himself alive in front his parents and several of my close friend’s very eyes. I wish it wasn’t a true story because my friends who witnessed still haven’t gotten over it. This was after drug rehab and he hadn’t ingested any drugs what so ever for a couple months. They all were doing acid together on a regular basis before the rehab and their only explanation for it was an acid flashback – a phenomenon they had all experienced to varying degrees. The guy who lit himself on fire always did the most when they partied…I don’t know if that’s how the science works, but they think that’s why he got the worst flashback. So ya, it’s real. You’ve obviously had very little experience with the things you position yourself as being an expert on, and you’re now the one responsible for misinformation.

      Also, I don’t really know what your whole point is with your comment. What are you defending? You could have said “Here’s a link to a drug testing kit to make sure you stay safe.” But the rest was pretty much you bragging about how much more you know than the guy WHO’S ACTUALLY PART OF THE INDUSTRY. The whole point you made was that people wouldn’t cut MDMA with heroine cause it’s more expensive (I also have friends who have cut it in themselves cause they like the combo – another explanation for some of the stuff you find in ‘molly’ by the way). Who cares if most molly isn’t cut with Heroine? It can be. That’s the whole point of the article numb nuts. And then you say that he was spreading misinformation like DARE (as if D.A.R.E was a bad program?) when the only example of that misinformation was acid flashbacks, which are obviously real and happen as the friends who witnessed what happened in my story would readily tell you. Thanks for the drug testing kit link. You should edit and delete the rest of your post tho cause it’s all wrong.

      • Laura Caraker

        I will say @ Pierce, that DARE needs to modernize it’s system and not associate marijuana into the program the way that they do. Marijuana should never be taught as something that’s bad in any sense. It’s helped more people than it’s hurt.

        • disqus_lUKTZTWlrI

          God you’re delusional. “Marijuana should never be taught as something that’s bad in any sense.” Marijuana is a drug and any drug can be detrimental to oneself when abused. Please avoid making extreme statements into the future. It just makes you sound stupid.

      • Tom Blanc

        uhm … i don’t believe a fucking word of that shit… i’ve taken about 650 micro grams of LS25, and ALD50 … i don’t have flashbacks, nor do i feel like lighting myself on fire…

        • Sus (Pronounced Sooz)

          So you’re asking everyone else for credible sources but yet you’re using your own story to dismiss every else’s…riiiight.

          • Tom Blanc

            actually i’m pretty sure people have taken way more micro units in the 70’s proof is woodstock

      • Tom Blanc

        you should stop posting your knowledge over the subject is weak… completely lacks any credible source… infact find me the article saying your alleged friend burned himself alive cause it should be on the front of the news paper, or on youtube… name and state added… and you wouldn’t work any overtime if you weren’t getting paid for it would you? … so drug dealer selling molly is not about to fucking go out of his way to pay a larger sum of his money to please your needs… heroin in molly is total bullshit, and the powders are much differently colored unless its fentanyl … which is extremely hard to attain unless your going through a hospital jacking that shit… there’s never been any cases reported on the LD50 on lsd and large quantities have been consumed before my very eye’s… yes a bad trip can cause a lot of stress and possible endangerment… but nothing about flashbacks… post some actual legit sources to back your claims or just shut up

        • Pierce Brindza

          You’re a goof. I never went into any details about the subject. And what are you talking about credible sources? It’s a personal story not a case study with references you idiot. Believe what you want. But you can f**k right off trying to tell me that my own story isn’t true cause that was some personally traumatizing shit to deal with, especially for my friends who were really good friends with him. I only partied with the guy a few times, but I knew him. As far as I know the family didn’t want anything printed in the media about it, which is actually why you didn’t hear about it. (that and I live in Alberta, Canada). Not everyone would take a video of one of their best friends burning themselves to death and post it on youtube. You obviously do too many drugs if that’s what you think would really go down cause that’s a ten fucked response. But my buddy sitting beside me as I wrote this just told me he works with a guy who was having acid flashbacks a work recently (only a minute or two at a time so to a much lesser degree). Flashbacks are real buddy. Just because you haven’t seen or experienced them yourself doesn’t mean they’re not real – if that’s what you think then you are literally the very definition of ignorant. Go look it up in a dictionary. Do your own fucking research I have all the proof I need obviously.

          As for my second point, I wasn’t talking about a dealer cutting it. I was talking about my friend who put heroine in his mdma capsules for the night cause he liked the combo. And he sold some of them to randoms in the crowd who were looking for ‘molly’. But that’s my point – and this article’s point. We aren’t talking about ‘molly’ aka MDMA anymore. People making personal mixes go to shows and end up selling that shit too. Or, much more common, people are putting together kitchen counter mixes, throwing together random chemicals and calling it ‘molly’ and then selling it to kids at shows as ‘molly’. And that’s what makes it dangerous. It’s not a really drug, it’s become a blanket term to masquerade cheap shit as MDMA which is dangerous. Why are people arguing that? It’s not an anti drug campaign – it’s an information campaign. Be careful because ‘molly’ isn’t just MDMA anymore. What’s to argue with?

          • Tom Blanc

            bullshit bullshit bullshit…

          • Tom Blanc

            story don’t mean shit if its just coming out your mouth… which is all you got to show for

        • Dayna Menard

          my cousin has them if you do acid enough and especially older people who got the real good shit back in the 70s they can be damaged from using too much acid. also why would you not believe him about his friend lighting himself on fire?? im sure that he would not just make that up and you’re an asshole for assuming that. and actually heroin really isnt that expensive if youre a dealer and can get it in bulk and yes some people like to “speed-ball” combo with molly or e or coke with heroin. and the powders can be different but i am an ex heroin addict and I know that some heroin is brownish, others are almost all white, others are beige or an off white it all depends how good of dope it is and what they cut it with so you’re wrong about the heroin in molly being bullshit and also wrong about the substances not being able to mix together and what credible sources do you have for your fucking information? get off your high horse and realize that people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones

      • Ehrre

        Saying a friend of a friend of blah blah isn’t very solid. There are a lot of LSD horror stories out there to put people off from trying it but really It’s not quite so bad.
        I’m not afraid to say yeah, i’ve tried it. When I was younger I experimented with it- but always in as safe and controlled an environment I could possibly create. I researched it as much as I could before trying it, did it with mentally stable people I trusted and would give myself a lot of time between “trips”. I can’t even count the number of people I know personally who have done it, and the only people who have ever run into problems are ones with pre-existing mental conditions. LSD can “bring out” or make more apparent psychological instability. But it’s hard to nail down the single substance as being an issue when you never know what else a person is putting into their bodies.
        I believe people need to be more cautious, I’m not a complete drug sympathizer by any means either. But I have tried a lot of things just so I could speak about them.
        Don’t put someone down when your damning evidence is a story from someone who knows so and so.

      • miller

        cool story about your friend. have you ever eaten a 5 strip at once? i have, and have never began to flash back blah.

    • mh

      on par and in accordance w/everything you just mentioned! well said mate!

      • iamshanemorris

        “I concur with the idiot!” – this dude

    • Marissa

      I disagree. My camping buddies at EFF got what they were told was a gram of sass. We tested it out and it was heroin. This isn’t a friend of a friend thing, I did the test myself and that’s what it was. Scary.

      • Dayna Menard

        and then you didnt do it right? so problem resolved with a TESTING KIT!!!

      • miller

        hopefully you boofd that hern

      • NinjaCville

        sass has a distinctive smell, almost like rootbeer. Good thing you checked it.

    • Kimberly Crosby Dutton

      In the 90s we called the pills with heroine in them Chocolate Chips. Forget about dancing after taking that.

    • paul

      hahah 05? yeah right

    • skhyzm

      are you serious?? heroin is not a more expensive drug for one, and just because you may have progressed to the point of buying test kits, that does nothing to defer his point of all of the people that are dying due to its use! also you can get flashbacks from acid your points are irrelevant completely, your obviously just a user and that’s why your blind to it! good luck!

      • Tom Blanc

        you don’t die from lsd there is not ld50 rate…

    • Matthew Desilet

      Know how I know you’re an idiot?

      “you’re spreading misinformation just as bad as D.A.R.E. did back in middle school telling me I could have acid “flashbacks””

      You know nothing Jon Snow.

      Acid Flashbacks are 100% real… just like even pure MDMA DOES deteriorate brain tissue (over time- literally puts holes in your brain tissue) and reduce serotonin levels in the immediate, causing the user to lose their ability to feel happy.

      Many of the things people consider “drug propaganda” are, in fact:


      I don’t do drugs, and yeah I’m sure that statement alone could diminish my credibility in the eyes of the viewers here, but let’s get real for a second.

      The medical research is out there. This isn’t scare-tactic media, or improper reporting, it’s a plain and simple convergence of synthetic (drugs) and organic (body) chemistry not playing nice.

      “Molly isn’t the new cocaine, cocaine is cocaine”

      Agreed, and in the same vein:

      Drug users are only learned in the act of taking drugs and people in front of them taking drugs. Just because you’ve rolled a few times, doesn’t make you a medical doctor or research chemist. I wouldn’t have called OJ if I needed legal help in ’95, I would have called Cochran.

      *Drops mic*

      Learn the facts.

  • 708

    Too bad all of these issues could be prevented with a simple chemical test kit with Marquis, Simons and Mecke reagents that costs a next to nothing and takes less than ten seconds to perform on a substance. These are widely available online. People need to wise up and test their “molly”, too many shady ass people out there not to. KNOW YOUR BODY KNOW YOUR SUBSTANCE.

  • markus

    “People are dropping dead like flies”- Lol

    How about you calculate the total people at every known EDC, Tomorrowland, Ultra etc festival and Ill bet you the death toll is 1 in every million, oh no this “molly” stuff is getting out of control!!!

    P.s everyone knows Canada produces the best pure mdma bro

    • Steve Scikosis Washington

      I see your point sir, but think about how many people are dying at a Jack Johnson or Maroon 5 show because of overdose. Comparing them to how many people have died from overdose at EDM oriented shows, I’m fairly certain, is what he’s getting at.

      • markus

        I see your point and raise you sir, does maroon 5 have 3 day long 100,000 people festivals?

        • Josh Klein

          Dave Matthews Band had 3 3-day over-100k festivals in 2011 where they headlined each night. Total deaths over the 9 days? Zero.

          • heavycola

            No deaths at a 3-day DMB gig seems a wasted opportunity, frankly.

        • iamshanemorris

          They do appear at festival events, if that’s what you’re asking.

    • Karen Palma

      I think you missed the part where the kid survived. It’s not tallying up the number of deaths and compare. It’s how many people are affected by the drug, death or not. That’s a complete no brainer. Literally this post is on such a low level of intelligence

      • markus

        ohhh, in that case we should be concerned about how alcohol at these events affect everyones lives too right? stupid square cunt

        • Karen Palma

          haha love the last part. You’re such an inferior being. You lack the intelligence to even comprehend. I pity you </3

          • iamshanemorris

            Yeah, quit being so SQUARE Karen. Don’t you know that Molly is totally cool? Street drugs are cool! Alcohol is basically a street drug anyway.

            *Ace Ventura voice* LOSER!

    • Alexiss Mooney

      YOU are an idiot. 1 in every million dies huh.. talk to the families all over the US who have had their children die just in the past month alone. You are ignorant and obviously in denial just like this article addressed. No one wants to admit that molly is bad. Well time to grow up. Most of us on here have done it and we can regret it or not but the fact is that we should be civilized enough to realize we have to change for the betterment of who we are as a generation.

      Lets all argue about which drug is more ok than the other and which ones are what and who does them and what fucking year they started doing it. Better yet lets argue about what they call it and why. WHO FUCKING CARES. Young people are going out and casually taking a drug that they think is ok because that’s what we tell ourselves as young adults and they are DYING. They are not going home to their families, they are not showing up for their sophomore year in college, or graduating this spring; they are dead. Its honestly disgusting that you demean the death of human beings because you think it’s not prominent enough. People like you make our society sickening.

  • Nicole Papaioannou

    I absolutely HATE when people talk about the “molly problem” that is associated with EDM because it makes me look like a drug-mongering party whore. I don’t use drugs of any kind and never have, so naturally, I just want people to stop hyping up the Molly thing.

    With that said, I really appreciated this article and the insight you provide. Unfortunately, I think most people won’t listen until they’ve lost someone one they know to this “harmless” drug.

    • Sid

      Of course, pure MDMA -is- mostly harmless, and frequently tops the charts of least harmful psychoactives (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6474053.stm ). But as mentioned in the article, the big issue is the cartelization of the production and distribution. It seems obvious what the solution is here– legalization of production and sale of pure MDMA would remedy the entire issue.

      Marijuana legalization has more momentum than ever (legal in 2 states, medically legal in 18 others, fed. gov’t turning a blind eye to states with legal cannabis)– widespread legalization of it seems imminent. And MDMA legalization is not without precedent- only a few decades ago, it was prescribed by psychologists to combat PTSD, marriage troubles, and other psychological ailments. And it was legal to purchase in “Smart Shops” in the Netherlands up until very recently.

      Molly is risky, MDMA is quite safe. With any luck, the current trend towards drug policy liberalization will continue, and substances like MDMA, LSD, and Psilocybin will be among the first wave to follow liberalization of cannabis. These same 18-20-somethings that have very positive attitudes towards the riskier Molly will be the ones shaping legislation later on.

      • Laura Caraker

        Absolutely outlandish of you to relate cannabis liberalization to MDMA and LSD. Cannabis is a natural plant that can be used medicinally, with extensive amounts of proof. If you do some research you’ll find that the only reason Marijuana is illegal is from huge propaganda in the thirties where the treasury was in charge of drug busts and wanted more funding, so therefore created a huge negative reputation around marijuana so they could receive more money to “bust” the incidences involving marijuana. Marijuana helps more than it hurts. It does not alter your mind extensively like MDMA or LSD. MDMA/LSD are not grown from the ground. Cannabis is natural. MDMA and LSD have the potential to increase someone’s risk of safety overwhelmingly more than cannabis. It’ll be 200 years before they’re legalized if ever. I’m not saying these drugs are bad and that you’re going to get hurt on them, of course not, but to compare them to cannabis is just plain silly.

        • Tom Blanc

          sassafras is the tree they use to synthesize MDMA Safrole is a precursor for the clandestine manufacture of the drug MDMA, as well as the drug MDA (3-4 methylenedioxyamphetamine) and as such, its transport is monitored internationally, and lsd is found in rye otherwise known as ergot grown naturally as a fungus … your argument is invalid about it not growing naturally… does anyone do there research, or are we just opening our mouths to shout a ton of bullshit hahahaha

          • Just Kicks

            The part of her argument that you claim to be invalid is not invalid. MDMA and LSD do not grow naturally. They may be derived from natural organisms, but they don’t just spring up from the ground, they must be created in a lab. Thousands of chemicals are derived from natural sources. The point she is making is that cannabis is a plant. LSD and MDMA are not plants. In this way, the social stigma against cannabis culture is much less supported than against MDMA/LSD.

          • Tom Blanc

            umm check again… Sassafras is a genus of three extant and one extinct species of deciduous trees in the family Lauraceae, native to eastern North America and eastern Asia… sounds to me like it grows in the fucking ground buddy… and if you use concentrate oil or any thc pill just cause its synthesized doesn’t mean it doesn’t derive from the ground…

          • iamshanemorris

            … can’t tell if trolling or serious.

          • Mr.J

            I feel like trolling has become the new stigma for intelligence in a lot of people.
            In all honesty I have yet to see a comment debunking the initial drive for making Marijuana illegal, save a topic changer. The reason it was made illegal was due to industrial hemp trumping the textile industry. More specifically, the man in charge of major paper mills paid off officials to make it illegal in order to save his company. The fact that the other “strains” had perception-altering effects just made his fight all the more easy.

          • iamshanemorris

            I’m not opposed to making marijuana legal, but I’m sure Georgia Pacific is. It would destroy the pine/paper industry.

          • Laura Caraker

            Dude my argument isn’t invalid. I have taken many classes on drugs, I know all about ergot, ergotism, and the history of LSD. The effects of these drugs are much more intense than cannabis and do not have medicinal purposes. LSD has a deep cultural history where it was used ritually, but it is not within American culture. The only part of American culture where ergot is relevant is really during the Salem Witch Trials. Cannabis has helped many people and has never lead to a death. Not saying LSD or MDMA will kill you, but I have heard of deaths resulting from tripping on acid because of the strength it can take on someone’s brain. You can’t OD on marijuana, but if you OD on LSD, you’re puking, or the cops will find you running around naked in the woods (happened to my friend.) The symptoms of being high off of cannabis are pretty general and the same. For MDMA and LSD, the effects are much more varied, unpredictable so to speak. Therefore the government would not be legalizing a drug with random effects.

          • Free Your Mind

            This is the case with all drugs, including marijuana, perscription drugs, and alcohol, each and every individual reacts differently to every one of these substances. Sure there are certain substances who a majority of the population can “handle” so to speak — but there are always the stories of those who drive drunk and kill themselves and others, those who become incredibly violent, and those who induce such intense paranoia in themselves that the individual no longer has a grasp on reality and therefore places themselves in danger. People often complain that they don’t like the way marijuana makes them feel, or it may make them lazy; and on the flip side of this, I smoke before I go to the gym, so yes, these substances all affect the human psyche differently.
            I think the problem stems from people not knowing and understanding themselves, their brains, how they react to certain substances/situations, and not listening to their bodies when on these substances. It takes a lot of personal responsibility to be “safe” drug user – which obvioulsy many people lack. Pure LSD cannot kill a human being (unless it is an astronomically high amount) – this has been known for quite sometime. Yes, LSD can uncover already existing phycological issues, but these issues would have come to the surface regardless of the LSD usage – the LSD may have only quickened this process. I guess this is what I mean… there takes a certain level of understanding of your mind/body/soul before you embark on these drug journeys. I have many friends who choose not to use drugs because they feel they would react poorly to it. Everyone should examine themselves internally and make their own personal judgement. If from there, you decided to use these substances and accept the potential risk, then minimize risk by testing before (even though not guarenteed), not blindly throwing money at faceless drug dealers, and listening to how your body reacts to a small amount before diving into the entire stash.
            There are some telltale signs of a potential drug trip gone wrong/oncoming overdose that you and the people you’re with should be knowledgeable of, and those that you are with should be people you trust in case an emergency arises. As far as “bad batches” – these do exist, and because its a combination of many extraneous factors can cause death, so if you are questioning the substance you are about to ingest in any way at all…don’t do it.

          • Laura Caraker

            And also Tom, Ergot even though it’s natural, is a form of mold that grows on rye in humid or wet conditions. It does not grow on all rye. It is not part of the rye plant’s chemical or physical characteristics. Cannabis is cannabis, sure people will alter different growth methods for different results, but it grows out of the ground… you pick it, you trim it, you use it.

        • Tyler Marshall

          It’s actually not silly. You make some assumptions here that you cannot back. “Marijuana does not alter your mind extensively like MDMA”. The issue is the variety of things being sold as MDMA. There is adequate research supporting the safety and efficacy of MDMA. Google mitofer MDMA study in the scholarly section -Double blind placebo controlled PTSD study. There is strong evidence that LSD and MDMA can be medicinal, and toxicology has only shown potentiality at higher doses in rats. And Cannibis is actually harder to legalize from a pharmacological standpoint because there’s over 150 different types of cannabinoids in marijuana compared to one molecule MDMA. Drug liberalization does indeed appear to be the only solution, which is much needed any way.

  • jeff

    Just test your shit and get from people you legitimately trust. Rawkz are the way to go, tested ones at that and test it yourself–if someone won’t let you, it’s fake. High quality mdma is still out there us actual hippies just keep it to ourselves and don’t share with the ignorant “edm” kids (god I hate that acronym) because none of them really know the difference, and we don’t listen to their shitty music and don’t go to their neon-infused bass zombie shows. No, wearing a flower headband doesn’t make you a hippie, like oh my gawd. Electronic music of the 90s was WAY different than “edm” and plenty of electronic music today is not edm. There is house, dubstep (REAL dubstep like Phaeleh), psydub, and various other electronic subgenres and NONE of it is edm. Avicii is edm, and Avicii sucks. Sure, there was the poppy stuff in the 90s too like the stuff of today, but this music has just gotten so mindless and boring and the DJs don’t actually DJ, unlike the poppy DJs of the 90s (see Aoki crowdsurfing, seriously dude? If I were to ever go to one of your shows, and you couldn’t pay me to sit through one for 3 min, I’d be so pissed when I paid to see you actually do your job..what a thought!). To everyone who thinks there’s a good chance its meth, what do you think the ma in mdma stands for? Methamphetamine. It’s meth even at its purest, it’s just a different kind. For people who want more (basic) info about research chems and most drugs known to man in general, erowid.org and go from there. Or, ya know, just google. We live in an internet age don’t act like you can’t work the world’s largest search engine to educate yourself if you really want to, although the problem is that many people don’t care to. If you can’t figure it out on your own, you’re probably the ignorant asshole getting bunked.

    Oh, and for anyone who wants to call me a snob for this post, go ahead. I am, and proud of it because I’ve never gotten anything less than proven high quality everything with the exception of a couple of random pressys when I first started in my mid-teens because I was young and dumb, I’ll admit it, but even those weren’t THAT bad back then because this craze hadn’t exploded and if you sold bad shit you saw lot justice. I also never ate 4 when they took too long to kick or I thought they weren’t strong enough because I actually know my shit and I’m a responsible human being that you’d never see making out with a tree or spazzing in the mud playing with myself. One of the pluses of being a snob, you don’t get to be a snob until you actually know what you’re talking about.

    • jeff

      Side note, the guy who wrote this article sounds like a douchebag in many ways. Worst drug dealer ever, you would have seen lot justice reaaaaaal quick. On the plus side, respect for at least coming clean about the promoter thing. I know plenty of promoters/clubs that worked that way (one being Pacha in NYC, a promoter there used to have the DANKEST pressys) but it takes balls to talk about it. Good ish.

    • jeff

      Side side note, so I don’t look like some raging drug addict because I really don’t use enhancers of any kind too often anymore besides herb and a beer or two, MUSIC OVER EVERYTHING. If you can’t have just as much fun stone cold sober, herb included, stay home.

    • iamshanemorris

      “I can handle my drugs, and the dude who wrote this doesn’t understand me. I’m totally different man. I don’t dig EDM man, I’m above it all. I’m an old school hippie because I’m 25.” – Psytrance Bro, being a Psytrance Bro

      • jeff

        I honestly don’t even listen to that much psytrance, if any, although I will rage it on occasion when the time is right. As far as being a bro, you’d get smacked for actually saying that to my face. Not being an internet tough guy, just the truth-there is nothing about me that is any, way, shape or form “bro” and that’s actually quite insulting. Psytrance heads in general tend to not be bros, in any way. Haven’t met too many burner bro’s, have you? There were many good points in there but many bad points as well. Again, don’t really care if people think I’m a douche as well for it. I’m expressing my opinion, the same way you’re expressing yours. And yes, I am above that garbage that categorizes itself as edm. Nothing about being old school, just being real with it. These kids are riding a fad and it’s destroying the image of what I love, the lifestyle I and many of my friends live and breathe and are. When all this implodes, and it will, these kids will soon forget about these days and we’ll still be here.

      • jeff

        I apologize for the harshness but this is something I’m passionate about, and actually go for music over party, as I’m sure you do and 90% of these baby ravers don’t do. Also, c’mon, you admitted doing some foul things. Props for admitting it, but they were still foul.

      • Tom Cnyc


  • Chris Holmes

    Broski, you’re really not that informed. Get your shit from the right people and you’ll get the pure. Molly is/was pure MDMA. Anyone can call anything whatever they want when dealing with a custie who doesn’t know any better. I aint messed with a pressie in 18 years and took my first Molly 20 years ago. Same shit everytime. The hip hop culture started popping of with Molly which means pure E or MDMA so anyone who has any sort of cut up junk or oressies calls it Molly. Like I said you can call anything you want whatever you want, don’t make it so.

    Sure Molly can kill you but you gotta do a lot. I don’t even get high on it anymore so Im not defending the drug. That said going out to a show and eating a 1/4 of the pure can be an excellent time. If you feel your eyes fluttering and your skin tingling and just absolutely euphoric with the exception of a little tooth chatter or grind, it’s good. Not a psychedelic drug, just makes you feel awesome. Sucks when you come down though.

    The epidemic of kids dying are idiots taking way too much and people eating junk biscuits and pressies that most likely are a mix of meth, cough medecine shit and an opiate. Still not cheap but cheaper than the goods. Molly only sells for about $1K/OZ. The problem is not being able to turn a profit with the goods. Problem is greed. Idiots selling junk to turn a profit at any expense. But it from hippie kids and part kids – not idiots on the street.

    • iamshanemorris

      “Molly” is whatever white powder is in those capsules. It’s supposed to be MDMA, but apparently it isn’t – so it doesn’t really matter what your elitist nonsense opinion wants it to be.

      • Chris Holmes

        Elitist? That’s like buying a Nova at a used car lot and thinking it was a Shelby because the guy “told me that’s what it was”.

        • iamshanemorris

          I think you’re missing the point here: Your music culture has told you that Molly is safe – when in fact it is not. The misnomer that you’re promoting is abhorrent.

          • Chris Holmes

            You’re almost as clueless as the author. My music culture has never told me Molly was safe or you can eat and distribute any junk without worry. Once again few people die from MDMA. Any time someone eats an illicit white powder drug they should know it comes with risk. “Heres some MDMA, eat as much as you want, it’s safe”. This isnt about the party culture or electronica. It’s about ignorance. “I heard Kanye talk about ‘poppin molly’ I think I’ll eat 6 capsules of this stuff I got out on the street”. Ive had better debates with my dog. Keep fighting the good fight.

          • csughrue

            He is the author……

          • KR

            Research can also teach you that MDMA is safe when done responsibly. You’re a fear-mongerer who is no better than someone insisting that marijuana is as dangerous as alcohol.

          • iamshanemorris

            Interesting logical fallacies you’ve interjected here. False equivalency and a straw man, all in two sentences – along with making personal attacks.

            I’m up for a debate, but let’s use facts: MDMA is not safe. It can and often does cause hyperthermia, which leads to organ damage. That’s not safe. That’s not my opinion – that’s the overwhelming opinion of board certified internal medicine specialists.

            I never said marijuana was as dangerous as alcohol, and I would never say that. That’s a ridiculous assertion. Alcohol causes liver damage, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, etc. Marijuana causes… well… not much. Maybe weight gain from eating too much when you get the munchies?

            Please stop misrepresenting my argument.

          • KR

            I see, you’re one of those people who pick and choose pieces or small lines out of studies or articles that support your claim, while leaving out the big picture because it doesn’t. I’m sure you browsed past all the “MDMA is safe” studies on the way to the ones you read, because you don’t want to admit that you’re wrong. MDMA does raise your core body temperature, that is true, but it only contributes to hyperthermia when you take it excessively, or are dancing/exerting yourself without properly hydrating. You can get hyperthermic without drugs, dancing in a hot environment like a crowd. It happens all the time when people don’t have water on hand.

            And I didn’t say you compared marijuana and alcohol. Read my comment again. I said your claims about MDMA being dangerous are THE SAME AS people who make the alcohol/marijuana comparison.

            However, I now see how you could write such a poor article, claiming to have done your research. Your years of MDMA misuse have affected your cognitive abilities, like reading and analysis.

          • iamshanemorris

            I think we’re going to disagree here on MDMA. I’m going to cite the sources I got the information from. (Full disclosure – I purchased a Blackwell Publishing account to get medical journal information and read about it. Most of what I read said something to the effect of, “This is a bad idea and it’s bad for your brain, organs, etc” – OR, “We don’t know enough about this drug, so we’ll need to do more tests to tell you what happens long term.”)

            Also, I’m going to ignore the similarity of debate styles regarding alcohol and marijuana, because that’s not what this is about. You once again knocked over your Straw Man. Great work.

            What I’m preaching here is the gospel of doubt – not definite knowledge. What we do know about MDMA is that is has severe and adverse effects sometimes, and not enough is known about the long term effects to say whether MDMA is safe, or not safe. What we do know is people who consume it are more likely to suffer from hyperthermia, and since the events are probably already hot and elevating your heart rate, it is probably not wise to add fuel to the fire.

            I am not a doctor. I don’t know everything – but I’m willing to trust peer-reviewed medical journals that say MDMA isn’t safe, and the long term effects of MDMA are not known, so it’s probably not wise to use your body as a test tube for it.

            Dismissing my thoughts and saying just bypassed “MDMA is safe” on Google is a detriment to this argument, and has no place in this discussion. My only agenda is to keep young people safe – and if MDMA was safe, I’d probably be okay with it.

            The U.S. National Library of Medicine and The US National Institute of Health both have amazing websites with search criteria that will allow you to learn more about MDMA – aside from what you find on Google, since PDF’s tend to not aggregate as well.

            RE: Chemical makeup and overview – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7913850

            RE: “Seratonin Syndrome” – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24006318

            RE: “Repeated Exposure to MDMA” – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23958955

            RE: “Long term trajectory” – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23899430

      • Tom Cnyc


        Our sample was pure MDMA. Once again, that’s because we have good dealers.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003592689710 Dan Crazytree

          this shane morris guy is a fuckin mook, lol

          • iamshanemorris

            Yeah, fuck that guy speaking out against drug overdoses. What an asshole.

          • Fix Me A Sandwich

            NRO all over this place

          • Tom Blanc

            i agree

        • iamshanemorris

          I’m sure glad Vice figured it all out. I’m just letting you know Vice doesn’t always get it right.

          • Tom Cnyc

            But they did certainly prove that at least one of your claims is bullshit ;). Don’t take the Michael Moore approach. Take up a good cause but skip the nonsense, you’ll help more people in the long run.

        • Jon

          98% pure coke are you shitting me? That article is bogus.
          I love how the dude brags about how good his connects are. I would say a majority of coke users (maybe even in South America for crying out loud) will NEVER see coke that pure.

          Pure MDMA? BULLSHIT If he can get drugs that pure incredibly easy, his little experiment means nothing to most of us that buy off “the streets”.

      • KR

        Molly is a slang term for MDMA. People may put other things in the capsules, but that doesn’t change the fact that MOLLY IS A SLANG TERM FOR MDMA AND ONLY FOR MDMA.

        • leigh

          WAS. isnt anymore. because the molly people are taking is NOT MDMA.

  • KennethJohnTaylor

    There seems to be a lack of genuine information in this article and way too much anecdotal testimony. The plural of anecdote is not data. So permit to add some.

    First off, just because you change the terminology — “raves” to “edm events” and “ecstasy” to “molly” — does not make it something new. It’s been going on uninterrupted since 1987.

    Secondly, ecstasy refers to the class of drugs in the methyl group called empathogens. There’s something like 14 of them (depending on how you classify them), the most famous being MDMA, MDA, MDBD, MDAI and MDEA. They all have relatively similar effects with subtle differences — some are more energetic while others are more euphoric. If you don’t have a lot of experience with these drugs then you’re not going to be able to tell the difference.

    The one everyone claims to love the most is MDMA. It’s the most sensual/social; people LOVE to talk on it. It is not, however, the most preferred at raves — that would be MDA which gives more of a body rush; good for dancing. In the 90s, it was typical for partykids to take MDMA for the lovey-dovey and chase it with crystal meth for the dancing.

    Somehow over the past decade the term “Molly” emerged, most likely from the gay scene because they always have feminine names for drugs (meth they call Tina… as in Crystina), but it is applied from a position of almost complete ignorance. From what I can understand, the term refers to MDMA exclusively although in truth when you buy a batch of e it is impossible to know what you’re getting (most of the time you’re getting a chemical cocktail of MDMA/MDA and meth anyway).

    So when people claim they’re getting, or taking, or they’re on “Molly”, they usually don’t know what they’re talking about. The most common form floating around is MDA — it’s the cheapest and easiest to synthesize so it’s the easiest to get, which is fine because it’s normally the one everyone prefers at parties anyway. MDMA just makes you want to sit around and have intimate conversations all night.

    Whenever there’s an outbreak of ecstasy deaths (like what happened recently), it’s usually attributed to Para-Methoxyamphetamine or PMA (although I’ll withhold judgment in until more info becomes available), which is frequently sold as e. It is an amphetamine but behaves nothing like the ecstasy group, and its odd effects (like a combo between a psychedelic and an anti-depressant) compels kids to take more when it doesn’t work properly, and they overdose and die. PMA is nasty stuff.

    • iamshanemorris

      People are being given Molly, and they think it’s MDMA. The problem is whatever is in those capsules is killing them – so I’m glad your internet-pharmacology skills are on par, but that’s not what this discussion is about.

      We’re talking about the culture and economics here, not the chemical makeup. No one cares about the chemical makeup except you; and your “excuse me” attitude just weakens your argument.

      • balcut

        You’re right, he does know his stuff, especially PMA (horrible sh*t) but it’s not really the point.

        The problem is, this is new with the kids in the US because of the massive boom in electronic music. So much beyond what we have seen before and so many more kids into it. Europe/Australia etc already has a culture of electronic music clubs/festivals. People there (while I’m sure pills are the main choice of drug at a festivals) have moved onto drugs witch worry authorities more eg. GHB.

        Correct. You don’t know what you’re being given but their are ways to ease that concern. pillreports.com, testing kits, not buying at a festival, words of mouth etc. I think education is important but what I see as an outsider looking in on the US where I now live, is the electronic music boom that has happened never grew from a club culture like in Europe, where people would meet like minded people and educate each other. It went straight to festival/arena shows. Now that may/may not be a factor but personally I think it plays a part.

        • KennethJohnTaylor

          This is the third wave – the “edm era” of electronic music’s acceptance in the mainstream (the first was the “techno” era (90-94) and the second was the “electronica” era (97-03). That is how the music press will probably write about it, but those divisions don’t actually exist and in most cases are used pejoratively.

          Electronic music is popular now because of demographics. The Millenials are reaching prime partying years (18-24) and they’re not going to listen to guitar music because that’s what their parents liked.

          Every generation wants its own heroes, and thanks to the pace of technological progress, tradition is something to be annihilated, not obeyed.

      • KennethJohnTaylor

        I am agreeing with you on that front: People are taking mystery pills and believing the hype. There is an added dimension of ignorance, however, when they insist that “molly” is somehow different and better than “ecstasy” (or even that they’re two different things).

        I’m not sure why the name change, but maybe the electronic music scene needed to re-brand its ethos in the wake of some bad publicity, and like McDonalds roll out a new ad campaign every 5-10 years. So “dropping ecstasy at raves” is now “taking molly at edm events”. Everything else is superficial.

        From my perspective, however, anyone who calls it “molly” outs themselves as a poseur (likewise, also, with “edm” and “electronica” before it).

        • Tom Blanc

          dude your very knowledgeable over the subject… i enjoyed the strike of information you have displayed, you sir … are well informed

      • Satch

        Isn’t the chemical makeup the whole point of this piece?

        • Tom Blanc

          The problem is whatever is in those capsules is killing them says the douche, but thats not the topic of the discussion!? … and wtf are you talking about the economics for, the culture is older than you so pike down… america just got into it. Just cause some relative deaths are associated with drug use doesn’t essentially mean the culture is an issue.. those numbers a pretty low compared to those who attend

    • houzemuzik

      Here’s an article that explains a lot:


      PMA has been around for quite some time now, being sold as MDMA a.k.a Molly.
      I first heard about it at least 5-6 years ago if not longer.

      All I know is the shit out there these days is garbage compared to what was out there when I first got in the Rave scene as a partier 19 years ago.

  • Stephen

    This article has to be the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read. Clearly you have the basic knowledge of an elementary student, the fact that you only cite wikipedia as a reference just goes to show the level of competence in this article. Basically what it comes down to is you loved this lifestyle until you finally had a bad experience, and now once you have you’ve jumped on the band wagon of anti-this and anti-that. Piss off

    • iamshanemorris

      How dare I write a topical piece on a problem that is causing the deaths of young people across the country…

      • Chris Holmes

        Broham, this is not a new issue. And it’s not like some “new designer” drug is killing folks. It’s been recreational since the 80’s. Do people die from Molly, yes. Is it an epidemic, no. Most people die from bad stuff and overconsumption. A dose of Molly wont kill anyone.

        • Eff

          That’s not the point tho… It’s true a tiny dose won’t kill anyone (unless maybe they have an underlying condition or an allergy). However, the issue here is that the rise in popularity of EDM means more people are being introduced to Molly, since the two are intimately connected. That and a growing sentiment that the drug is “harmless” and even slightly glorified by music culture. This all mean that Molly(it don’t matter what’s inside the capsules) will be introduced to a fastly growing number of people who are ignorant about the stuff… some who don’t know better will take a lethal dose.

          No one can stop people from taking it, that’s for sure. The money is too good for the dealers, EDM promoters and everyone involved. But people just need to get educated. Like if people knew they will definitely die for taking a handful then maybe they wouldn’t take a handful… maybe.

          Maybe as more incidents occur, get publicized, and talked about, people will start to realize and look into the stuff and take precautions before taking it.

          Good article.

  • Tom Cnyc

    There is a lot of truth to this article, mixed with some nonsense. Yes, the industry is without doubt fueled by drug money. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is in complete denial. However, MDMA is a real drug that actually exists, and you’re spreading nonsense in regards to this. People can “find molly”, just not at a festival for fifty bucks. Just like the Gucci handbags and sunglasses on canal street that are suspiciously cheap – that shit is DEFINITELY fake. A “hit” of MDMA is between 75 and 125mg. This makes a gram between 8 and 13 hits. A fifty dollar gram would mean that your hits cost less than five dollars each – RETAIL. Anything too good to be true – always is. In the 90s a hit was 20 dollars. 25 if you were at the party. Considering our money is worth less now – your product should throw red flags up to anyone with even the most basic understanding of supply and demand. But hey, glad you made enough money poisoning people to get out of the biz, brah.

    • jeff

      For real. 50/g is the most absurd shit I ever heard. You deserve to get bunked if you buy something for that cheap and expect it to be real. Blow in the states goes for 50/g when it’s at best 25% pure and that ish is CHEAP to make because it’s from a plant. MDMA ain’t that expensive but it ain’t cheap either. 50/g is weight prices for the real stuff.

    • iamshanemorris

      Your assertion still misses the point: I’m talking about the cause. You’re talking about the symptoms.

      I can sell drugs at a Kaskade show, because it’s easy.

      If I showed up at a Hot Chip or CHVRCHES show, I’d be hard pressed to sell any drugs at all.

      You’re completely missing the point. It’s not about what the drugs cost. I’m addressing the cultural problem, and you’re talking about the specifics of what a hit should be. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

      • Tom Cnyc

        Dude, I am addressing your closing argument, “There is no such thing as pure Molly. Only pure bullshit – and you’ve been sold a ton of it.:.

        I agreed that the culture is tied up in drug dealing. I agreed it’s a problem. merely pointed out that your article didn’t need the partnership for a drug free america tagline and that you detract from a real point of honestly by making stupid claims. One of the reasons kids are as nonchalant about drugs as they are is b/c we’re brought up to think we’re going to explode if we ever ingest a single marijuana, and then guess what? WE DON’T. Spread truth, and people tend to believe the story. Cry wolf, and people get eaten because they don’t believe anything you say.

  • Veruca Salt

    In the 90s, Molly was often cut with meth or heroin. A lot. This article is spot on, and if you disagree, you are not old enough to know any better.

    • Chris Holmes

      I’m 37 and once it was cut, it wasn’t Molly.

      • Veruca Salt

        It was still being sold as Molly….same problem as today. Nothing’s changed. Just the media has nothing better to report on right now. Apparently, there is NOTHING else going on in the world….

    • Fix Me A Sandwich

      You are retarded. That is in no way cost effective and has been debunked many times.

      • Mr.J

        So, how is “spicing up” a batch not cost effective for future sales? Gotta spend money to make money, right? What better way than to toss in something like heroin. Pretty sure it’s capable of making a solid grab onto someone to make them come back for more.

    • KR

      It was cut with heroin MAYBE a few times in the 90s, but there have been zero recorded cases since before 2000. Meth has been pressed into pills in recent years, but heroin is just silly.

  • William Schenkerberg

    this shit is stupid molly is the purest form of MDMA. and they say its not MDMA?? thats bullshit if your smart you know what your getting and if you a dumb ass then your just a dumb ass.

    • Tom Blanc

      it really is that simple man.. fucking idiots are making a big deal over some shit, more people die getting in the car after being drunk… why don’t we monitor that shit rather than worry about a few kids rolling to hard for there own good

  • tatchagata

    Wanted to make some points here, share my ‘veteran rave’ experiences…

    I have been in a rave scene for, jeez, almost 20 years now (taking breaks here and there). Went to the first rave in 1990’s, last rave – couple of months ago. First of all, when you are going to a rave (festival, whatever you want to call it), you know you will be taking drugs there. Period. I don’t think I ever met a person at 2 am by the speakers who was there having a cranberry juice. Hello. I have never went to a rave with someone who did not take drugs. I am just listening to the music, just want to have ‘clean, pure’ fun, ok, whatever. Most go to take e, molly, whatever you want to call it, to get away from the everyday, to relax and let it out out. Hence, rolling. (btw – I am in my 30’s, degree, professional, kids, house, the whole American dream. Not a junkie, not in rehab, etc, I turned out OK).

    Second. I can tell you for sure that the drugs have changed. MDMA has been around forever, late 80’s. I rolled for the first time in 97 or 98 and what I took couple of days ago was by no means ‘pure MDMA’. We were told it was, but hells no it wasn’t. I felt wrong, like some sort of depressant, down and almost like a vegetable. I had MDMA in Amsterdam in the 90’s and it felt like – you are happy, you are one, you are just are. I remember feeling – I am. No rolling eyes in the back, in fact, no physical effects period, just mental HAPPINESS. There is no pure MDMA at the raves and if you think there is you are tripping. I agree with the author of this post – you never take the same shit twice and you don’t know what’s in it. Generally though, what I took back in the 90’s, then in 2005-7-9 was a ‘roll’ (whether it had H in it, crystal or some type of speed), this Molly shit was, I don’t know bath salts mixed with gasoline and maybe some crystal.

    I have never seen anyone die on MDMA. I see people get sick, space out, puke, etc. I have never seen anyone die (that is not to say it doesn’t happen). Yes, I have seen many times security throw out sick people or get them to some room where they ‘chill’. I saw a very sick guy being thrown out of a club in Miami (ultra after party), he was clearly completely out of it.
    Finally – you are going raving, you are going to do drugs, it is your responsibility to take care of your shit. Don’t want to take a chance, don’t go to the raves and don’t do drugs. I don’t think you can blame promoters, club, even dealers. You are the one who bought it and took it. One thing about rolling – many times you want to take more. The girl that died in Electric Zoo took 6 pills. I know the feeling – you are feeling nice, have no concept of how many you took, want to keep feeling nice, don’t want to stop, lets pop another pill. Who is to blame?

    P.S. There was a summer when I went out 3 times a week and rolled like there is no tomorrow. I started having panic attacks and became very ill. I couldn’t eat, my stomach just stopped functioning, everything made me sick. I was finishing grad school and had to spend a year going from doc to doc trying to figure out wtf is wrong with me. It’s like my head stopped communicating with my body. Did you know that most serotonin receptors are in your gut and not your brain? Anyway, after taking a year of partying, exhausting all of the options with docs, I was referred to someone in a medical research lab in one of the universities. I was diagnosed with IBS – aka we don’t know what’s wrong with you, but something is wrong. I took time off, started doing yoga, stopped eating anything with gluten, processed, etc. I chilled out completely. Anyway, most symptoms are gone, I still get anxiety attacks, nothing Xanax can’t solve. Point is – MDMA/E/Molly is not harmless, maybe you be ok down the road, but the next person won’t. Several of my friends ended up having panic attacks later in life, one is on heavy meds still. Sorry for this long ass rent. Be mindful of what you are putting in your body – it’s your life and your responsibility.

  • TheSussMeisteR

    I am surprised at the amount of defending being done for Molly and its legitimacy in terms of what is in it. The problem is that every poster that defends it and knows “exactly what they are getting” is still essentially recognizing that there are people out there a lot “less experienced at taking drugs” and “a lot dumber” than you are. You are recognizing these individuals are the ones taking the drugs. Ok, that is who this article is meant for. Obviously your opinions are set in stone. That is fine. Can you just leave well enough alone for the person that isn’t as experienced and and smart as you and allow them to read this and absorb it and maybe not think to themselves: “Hmm maybe I should be a little more responsible and not just trust any stranger who hands me something.” or “Hmm maybe next time I won’t take as much molly” or god forbid…any at all. Why be a soldier for Molly? If you think the article attacks drug users intelligence, ok. I don’t think that’s the idea, but it seems like that is the tone in some of the comments. Either way I am not even getting into that aspect. I think the main idea is that Molly seems to be more prevalent as opposed to in the past. I am a musician that plays the NJ scene. I myself do not partake, but I have friends that do and I hear about it being in the bars and clubs. I am 27 and have been playing the scene since I was like 18. In almost 10 years I have only started hearing about it in the past year and a half or so. Also, it always seems to be coming up on the nights we split the stage with a DJ. There are points in this article that are real. Yeah, I may not have documented paperwork and tangible proof of the growth of the Molly pop culture, but thats just an honest, objective point of view from an outsider. I am not for or against Molly, but I do think defending drugs in a discussion in which the topic is people losing their lives is kind of silly. Even if you are going to defend simply “not dying” from Molly does that mean its safe? If we are going with the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger theory” I suppose its a legitimate defense, but what about the other laundry list of potential harmful consequences that come from not only Molly, but from drugs in general? As I said earlier, the people that have their opinions set in stone are not going to change and may also never have any negative impact from Molly or any other drug they take. God Bless you and I hope that is the case, truly. However, don’t knock the idea of trying to raise awareness on the matter. The college kid pledging in a frat that feels invisible in his first semester of college this week may read this and gain some knowledge and attain some new found responsibility. The teenager that is trying to fit in and having their first night out at a club and offered something may now have a little idea of the potential risks. Even if they are slim in your mind, why not just let them get full disclosure? What’s the harm?

    • Tom Blanc

      right so we should all just stop what we are doing cause mr can’t handle himself!?

      • TheSussMeisteR

        Did you even read my post before you replied? I clearly said that I have no issue with people who choose to take molly or any other drug. Personally I don’t care what you do. I realize that 99% of the people that take these drugs and enjoy and are supporters of the drug are set in their ways and to think an article like this is going to change their mind is obviously silly. You are the perfect example. So again, I’m not telling YOU or anyone else to stop what they are doing because of “Mr. can’t handle himself” but MAYBE “Mr.can’t handle himself” is reading this and is going to learn a thing or two, maybe be a little more careful, maybe be a little more responsible. Get it? That was and IS my point. It doesn’t even have to be an irresponsible person that can’t handle themselves out at an event. Young kids take drugs, most young kids don’t have a clue of what is going on. They’re in middle school or high school living the sheltered life. Articles like this simply point out some of the real world functions, habits and potential risks of drugs and the business. I don’t care if you don’t believe ALL of the poster’s facts or life experiences,but is it really that hard to believe? You turn on the evening news any day of the week you’ll hear stories like that. However not every kid in high school or college is watching the evening news. That is why articles like this have value. They don’t have to hear how “drugs are bad” from Barbara Walters or Katie Couric. They may be a little more receptive to an article like this. It isn’t coming from an 80 year old in a pink blouse. I for one feel that an article giving some insight and disclosure on a drug is help. Do you have any kids or nieces or nephews? I am assuming your not a sociopath so if you do have any I ask you this, the questions isn’t “should we all just stop what we are doing cause of mr.can’t handle himself?” It is “Should they not read this and LEARN from mr.can’t handle himself’s unfortunate mistake?”

    • disqbonus

      I agree with you entirely. I do take ecstasy occasionally and at big festivals, but there is no way I would even TRY to persuade other people to take it. I will not defend it, either. It’s a drug and I like how it occasionally (maybe 2-3 times a year) makes me feel, just like how I like how alcohol makes me feel. It kills people, and it will continue to kill people. I just want people to be safe if they do take it.

  • senior

    suppose it’s a good thing I can stay up and dance until 7am without any drugs to keep me going. I get to have fun with my friends and not get involved in this shit. wish I could say the same for them though, I’d really prefer not to see one of them die like that.

  • Steve Hall Fitzpatrick

    Well, my friend and I bought an ounce of brown sugar “Molly” before the event this year. It was dark brown and very moist. It was about half the size of a regular ounce of that off white, buffed up garbage everyone gets and it costed us about 3 times as much. I capped up a small pill and brought it to the testing station and they said it was the purest MDMA they have ever seen. 96%. They said the impurities would have came from being in the bag, capsule and general dust. So, I have had “pure Molly” and let me tell you, it was fucking epic. Never buy a bunch of pills of a random dude, buy one, get it tested and know what your taking, no matter what it is. Eat normally, drink lots of fluids and don’t be the person who takes drugs willingly and knowingly has health problems, such as heart problems (the worst kind of health problem for club drugs). Better yet, just chew some mushrooms and chug some acai juice…

    • iamshanemorris

      They have drug “testing stations” where you are? Secondly, was it a pill, or a bag? To my ears, this sounds like a load of shit. If you took your drugs to be tested (likely at a college or other research center) they couldn’t let you consume them, let alone LEAVE with the drugs.

      Ah yes, and just chew some mushrooms and drink some acai juice – that’ll cure everything.

      If we’re going to have some discourse, let’s not litter it with complete and utter horseshit, shall we?

      • Steve Hall Fitzpatrick

        I am Canadian, our laws are a lot different than yours. I had it tested at Shambhala. I had an ounce bag, which I took some out of and capped up, so I could have it tested. You know, so I wasnt rolling up with an ounce of M. And yeah, they kept the capsule, big fucking deal. i mentioned the mushrooms, in the sense that if people are worried about doing hard drugs and dont have a way to get them tested, thendo some natural dope. And most of the EDM fests up here have testing stations.

        • Steve Hall Fitzpatrick
          • iamshanemorris

            I don’t think you understand the crux of my statement: Your scene is hopelessly tied to drugs. By promoting the “safety” of drugs, you’re part of the problem.

          • Just Kicks

            “By promoting the “safety” of drugs, you’re part of the problem.”

            This statement is absolutely ridiculous.

            Promoting the safety of drugs is by and far the best thing that you can do in regards to having a discussion about drugs, at all, unless you are discussing regulation or pharmacology.

            The bottom line is people are going to want take drugs; if people are going to want to take drugs, then people are going to make and distribute drugs. Therefore, drugs will be available and people are going to take them. This will very likely always be the case.

            I understand that you are trying to make a point, which it seems is: that discussing how to be as safe as possible when taking MDMA may allow people to maintain a false-sense of safety when they unknowingly buy non-MDMA chemicals sold as molly. In other words, you are trying to say that promoting the safety of drugs is a problem if people are taking a mislabeled drug. They may think, “I’ve read about this drug and know how to take care of myself and what to expect from this drug, so I will take it at so-and-so festival and be much safer because of my knowledge,” but then they get to the festival and purchase said drug and it ends up not even being the very molecule that they read up on in the first place.

            Regardless of the unfortunate circumstance that many times, one will get a different molecule other than say, MDMA, when one purchases molly, promoting the safety of specific drugs is indubitably important. Are you suggesting that people should not provide accurate information about how to safely take care of their bodies and what to expect when taking specific drugs? That is what your statement implies, Mr. Morris.

      • Just Kicks

        “If we’re going to have some discourse, let’s not litter it with complete and utter horseshit, shall we?”


  • Joshua WubbaFett Reynolds

    not a very well researched article. You can tell if Molly is real or night by simply smelling it. it has a distinct root beer smell to it and is derived from Sassafras root which is found in Brazil. The issue is uninformed users not drinking water or taking care of themselves.

    • iamshanemorris

      Here we have it folks. Stop everything. Josh has it all figured out. Just SMELL it. It is impossible to make anything else smell like root beer. We simply don’t have the technology to scent or flavor other things with root beer.

      …oh wait. Nope. Nevermind.

  • Alex

    This article would be better if you didn’t come off as an arrogant, pompous douche… just saying. Some good points in there I guess.

  • dogsalsa

    Culture, culture, culture. Really? Well maybe. What came first? Chicken or the egg? The drugs or the music? I’d like to believe for most of us older guys, we heard the music first and liked it…a lot! Only later did we realize drugs were involved in the supposed “culture”. And that’s where things depart. For better or for worse, drug dealers saw a few gay guys using drugs and came into the scene or “culture”… ’cause that’s what drug dealers do. Find a new place to sell drugs. Or maybe they were there from the beginning? I dunno. I honestly believe the music can be separated from the drugs. So many of our most renowned musical artists were high when they made creative music… the audience was/is not always high… but occasionally they are. The author makes some good points, but he is also doing what we all regret about saying we love Dance Music, equating EDM with drugs. EDM is now pop-music, and children like it without knowing what molly is! Can’t we keep it that way? I REALLY disagree with the idea that you can’t have an EDM festival without allowing drug dealers inside, and still be profitable. It’s 2013 and it’s pop-music now. Innuendos all around in pop-music of any genre over any time in history, if it’s not drugs, it’s sex. At the end of the day it’s a silly argument, and the drug dealers and shady promoters should be apologizing for trying to ruin it. I think Mr. Morris is kind of, sort of, trying to apologize in a way, and for that I commend him. :-)

    • iamshanemorris

      I would tend to argue that faulty legislation created this. I also never said anything about the LGBT community – I tend to think music extends beyond sexual orientation.

      The RAVE Act by (former) Senator Kerry had the unintended consequence of forcing communication, and later collusion, between promoters and drug dealers. Promoters needed to “cover their ass”, so they had to know who was actually dealing inside their venues.

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  • Just Kicks

    I rarely comment on anything ever but I feel compelled to say that I stopped reading after the first two paragraphs. Really, I stopped after this :

    ” In my lifetime, I have done Molly more times than I can count, and I have never taken the same drug twice. It’s not like marijuana, cocaine, or psilocybin mushrooms, where you know what you’re getting. At least if my blow has been stomped on by more Mexican drug dealers than the entire cast of “Breaking Bad,” I’ll know the worst I’m putting in my nose is baby formula, some Bayer, and then maybe a tiny bit of cocaine.”

    First, you very likely have taken the same drug twice in all the times that you took supposed molly. To say you’ve had something different EVERY time is highly unlikely.

    Second, if you think that the worst cut in your cocaine is baby formula or Bayer you are gravely misinformed. One such example of something much worse is called “Levamisole.” In 2008–2009, levamisole was found in 69% of cocaine samples seized by the US DEA… Levamisole-tainted cocaine was linked to several high-profile deaths.

    I could not comfortably get through anymore of the article after reading the first few sentences.

    • iamshanemorris

      If you can’t get through the article, then uh… don’t respond? This is rubbish.

      • Just Kicks

        If you read the newer comment above I did read the rest of the article, painfully. Please, explain to me what about my comment is rubbish?

        You are in total denial about the fact that many of the things you are saying contradict yourself or are untrue. I am a seeker of truth and you are spreading false information and dangerous suggestions.

        How dare you try to say you are concerned about people’s safety and then explain in detail how to sneak drugs into a venue. How dare you say that discussing drug safety is part of the problem. You are part of the problem. You are not accomplishing anything in this article that is helping to alleviate the dangers about molly other than noting that many times powder sold as molly could be a wide array of other chemicals.

        I realize you are trying to describe experiences you have had and I’m not discounting your stories, but you make so many false claims that it is sickening. I cannot stand by and say nothing, especially because this topic is important and you are hurting more than helping with many of the things you say in this article and in comments.

        Be an intelligible human being and say something back to me that is TRUE and INTELLIGENT and INFORMATIVE. Just as I have done about your half-assed statements. If you disagree with my comments, if you think what I’m saying is rubbish, then say something back that has some sort of substance.

        • iamshanemorris

          I’d love for you to elaborate on my false claims. I stand by everything I wrote.

          1. I was demonstrating that I had advanced knowledge of how drugs got into venues. The demonstrative nature of the narrative would also imply that I had to get drugs into the venue somehow. I merely told people how I did it.

          2. Which claims do you believe are false, specifically? “So many false claims” doesn’t specify which claim you’re talking about. Some people have taken issue with my “what drugs are cut with/substituted for”, but then commenters have supported my claims. I think that your anecdotal experiences are likely just lost in the noise. That is true of many of the comments.

          3. I said what is true and informative. MDMA is dangerous, even in small amounts. My essay covers the supply-side economics of the issue, while also discussing the cultural problems presented by MDMA as a function of the EDM community.

          I don’t appreciate being called a liar. There is no room for baseless attacks, and then ducking away. If you believe I lied about something, please be specific about it, because you probably just misunderstood the context.

          • Just Kicks

            I never said that you lied about anything. Lying involves knowingly expressing false claims. I do not think that you are lying, I think that you are inaccurate in some of your claims, i.e. you are making false claims. If If I say, “It’s raining in San Francisco, California,” but it’s really sunny in SF, California, that does not mean I’m lying if I really believe it’s raining in California. But, just because I believe something does not mean that it is not false. People believe things that are false. Some of what you say is just false, plain and simple. It’s not that you’re lying about these claims, it’s that you’re wrong.

            And when did I duck away? I have been explaining in detail what is wrong and misinformed about your article and have yet to hear any kind of rebuttal from you about any of the points I’ve made.

            In response to your numbers:

            1. You do not have to explain in detail how you got drugs into venues. You can just say that you got them in, that is all. How can you not realize that you are giving an idea to people to sneak drugs into a venue; an idea mind you, that I myself had not known about until I read this article? You are facilitating the potential for the exact same circumstance that you ended your article with, i.e., a guy convulsing and almost dying.

            2. False claims:

            a) “I have done Molly more times than I can count, and I have never taken the same drug twice.” — I talked about this in a comment earlier; It is very, very, very likely that you HAVE taken the same drug twice. It is very likely that you have gotten at least one RC on two or more different occasions, or MDMA on two or more occasions. When you say that you’ve done molly more times than you can count, that must mean 20 or 30+ times, probably much more, yeah? Do you really think you’ve gotten even to 20-30 totally unique different molecules every time you’ve taken molly? This is just a poorly expressed statement, Shane.

            b) “the worst I’m putting in my nose is baby formula, some Bayer, and then maybe a tiny bit of cocaine.” — I explained this earlier and will not go into it again, but there are far worse things in cocaine. You can remain ignorant to this fact, but what you say here is just not true about most cocaine in the market today.

            c)”There is no such thing as pure Molly” — Yes, there is. It’s called MDMA HCL, a salt, and it is 84% MDMA and 16% Hydrochloride. MDMA in freebase form is actually a liquid oil and is as potent as you can get, but it is almost never attainable in this form as it is not ideal for distribution.

            d) “there is no difference between ecstasy and Molly, because no one knows what the fuck is in either.” — —The first part of this statement is true. Culturally, ecstasy and molly are two names for the same molecule, MDMA. The fact that people choose to sell RC’s or whatever else and call is ecstasy or molly does not mean that the nomenclature is incorrect. The fact is, people who sell a RC and call it molly are lying or are misinformed, it’s not that they are redefining what the name means as you seem to be implying. I agree with you that nowadays if you buy molly, you have a better chance of receiving a RC, and this is a problem. But the very reason people get away with this scam is because the buyers think it is MDMA to begin with, because the name is meant to refer to MDMA. As for the second part of this statement, there ARE people who do know “what the fuck” is in ecstasy or molly, because there are people who use test kits. Yes, this is a small percentage of users, but there is still a way to know that you are getting pure MDMA: Marquis, Simmons and Mecke tests. Everyone has the ability to test both their pills and their powder, these kits are like $50 or less.

            3. SOME of what you said is true and informative, but there is still a lot of work to be done and you don’t have a strong argument to back up some of your claims, plain and simple. You clearly don’t have a firm grasp of some important facts, those of which I’ve touched on above. Why do you keep interchanging MDMA and molly? You seem to be making points in your article that the problem is that stuff sold as molly is not actually MDMA. I 100% agree with you on this point. It is downright scary that people are selling random RC’s as MDMA by calling it molly. That is frightening and dangerous. I also agree that even actual, pure MDMA CAN be dangerous. This depends on the person and how they take care of themselves. I am not at all advocating that MDMA is 100% safe and should be taken carelessly. But if you had done any research, you’d know that actual, real MDMA can do and is doing a lot of good for people who have specific psychological disorders. Have you ever heard of MAPS? Here, do some reading:


            MDMA has the potential to provide relief for millions of people who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Just like any drug, MDMA can be dangerous, but it can also be a godsend.

            My problem with your article is you don’t have a strong hold of the importance of truth logic in your writing. I was frustrated reading your article and comments, and I know I’ve come off as a bit abrupt and harsh, but I think rightly so. Try to see through the harshness of my words and take it as honest criticism from one writer to another. You’re grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure is quite strong, but you lack in being logical and convincing. Your claims may not always be false outright, but they are exaggerated and that is not a good quality to have if you are trying to write an intelligible piece.

          • iamshanemorris

            Going to disagree here. You’re still focused on the nomenclature and pharmacology, rather than the issue at hand.


  • Just Kicks

    Okay, so, upon reading comments I decided to endure this appalling article in order to address some things that both bother and infuriate me. I will comment as I go.

    Primarily, after reading comments, I see that Mr. Morris is trying to dispute comments of thinking-folk who are making totally viable points about how poorly supported and written this article is. I’m in total agreement with the need to make known this culture and the deaths that are occurring in order that people can become more well-informed about the fact that often, mystery powder is being sold as molly. What infuriates me is you are a total moron in this article. Why the fuck are you explaining in detail how to sneak ecstasy into a venue? That is a total fucking contradiction if you are truly trying to bring awareness about the dangers of molly.

  • jennAY

    I’m on board with this article 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

  • Tom Blanc

    Oh shit he can use wikipedia… and out of two accounts you can base a prominent opinion on the subject cause he’s a drug dealer.. first off, molly is MDMA otherwise none as Methylenedioxymethamphetamine so if your using wikipedia correctly dumb ass you would have noted that… the only difference is your dealer is handing you meth bombs cause i assume you don’t know what real molly taste or looks like … for every capsule you take anything over .2 is usually 50/50 split filler… filler meaning they are adding a subject powder to keep the most of there molly i.e. 5htp, baby laxative.. shit pretty much anything you can think of to continue selling and extend the cash flow… and if you got a problem with getting shitty molly you should probably buy from a reputable source or get yourself a fucking test kit online… this scene has always involved drug activity and always will be.. you condone your own actions and if your making mistakes like this and not taking proper measures to assure a good night then your the only person to blame, don’t waste your time writing on the topic assuring such negative claims, cause i’ve been through a good amount of raves out here in dallas where ecstasy blew the fuck up and i’ve always respected the drug and the dosage…

  • Tom Blanc

    Oh shit he can use wikipedia… and out of two accounts you can base a prominent opinion on the subject cause he’s a drug dealer.. first off, molly is MDMA otherwise none as Methylenedioxymethamphetamine so if your using wikipedia correctly dumb ass you would have noted that… the only difference is your dealer is handing you meth bombs cause i assume you don’t know what real molly taste or looks like … for every capsule you take anything over .2 is usually 50/50 split filler… filler meaning they are adding a subject powder to keep the most of there molly i.e. 5htp, baby laxative.. shit pretty much anything you can think of to continue selling and extend the cash flow… and if you got a problem with getting shitty molly you should probably buy from a reputable source or get yourself a fucking test kit online… this scene has always involved drug activity and always will be.. you condone your own actions and if your making mistakes like this and not taking proper measures to assure a good night then your the only person to blame, don’t waste your time writing on the topic assuring such negative claims, cause i’ve been through a good amount of raves out here in dallas where ecstasy blew the fuck up and i’ve always respected the drug and the dosage…

    • iamshanemorris

      Apparently, you can use Wikipedia enough to spell Methylenedioxymethamphetamine – but spelling just about every other word is difficult for you.


    • Sus (Pronounced Sooz)

      Lol you’re seriously fucking stupid. No one would cut it with 5HTP, that shit is expensive. Jesus.

  • KR

    This is the most ignorantly written article I’ve ever read. Your experiences with ‘Molly’ are tainted by your gullibility (or attempts at writing scare-tactic fiction). As Cris said, no one cuts MDMA with more expensive drugs like heroin. That’s bad business and wasting money.

    MDMA has been around for decades and popular since the late 80s/early 90s.

    The list could go on.

    You clearly don’t actually know how to use Wikipedia. Stop talking, please.

    • iamshanemorris

      You’re right. I didn’t use Wikipedia. I used the National Library of Medicine – because unlike Wikipedia, it only features peer-reviewed medical journals. It’s all written by these “fancy-shmancy” people who wasted like a gazillion years in “medical school”, to become “experts in their field”. Then, they use “science”, and “irrefutable evidence” to produce, uh… I think they’re called “faxts”. I’m not sure on the spelling there, but it’s basically a thing that means it’s 100% true and accurate.

      We call the people who specialize in how the human body works “Doctors”.


  • Mitch Hex Lyons

    This is just as fucking stupid as the problem itself. Plain and fucking simple. Molly = street name for MDMA. People are fucking assholes and make cheap synthetic versions of MDMA or sell other drugs . It’s people like you and the fucktards that take bunk shit that lead to people saying “we took Mollies” “we popped Molly”. Honestly stfu Test your shit or go home

    • iamshanemorris

      Indeed – because pure MDMA is perfectly safe. Ask any doctor. That’s what they’ll tell you.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dylan-Barnes-Diana/846745703 Dylan Barnes-Diana

    The only thing that makes the article plausible is how custy the EDM scene is to begin with. I know for a fact pretty “good” as in well meaning bro-kids who were still willing to sell M1 as molly, cuz it’s “one molecule off bro.” Luckily the majority of EDM music is so terrible I would never be tempted to go to a show, I’m 100% clean now, just did my first festival 100% clean (Interlocken) and had a blast. I’m going to see my favorite band the Disco Biscuits who are named after Mahlie sober, cuz they are my favorite band no one gets down like they do as a jam band. Theres some fucked up greedy Darwinism shit going on right now in this world it’s like if you like shitty music you’re probly gonna die. What crazy times we live in, you’d think people that dedicated to selling a drug would at least have the drug they are trying to sell. I know in the scenes I rolled with once I got to know people I could always find something that turned purple-black instantly, and eventually distinguish it by taste (mahlie) or smell (sass)

    • iamshanemorris

      The opening paragraph states that I’m talking about EDM. But yeah, aside from that…

  • shaun connery


  • CMurph

    These arguments are just going around in circles. Everyone just needs to calm down and smoke a j.

  • ShaneThought

    Money is the root of all evil. Not drugs or the gangs associated with them. Take away money and people have no reason to take advantage of one another.

    • iamshanemorris

      Oh right. Good idea. Let’s just pretend our economic system doesn’t exist.

  • Manditas

    Soberingly true… Minus one thing. Coke is not coke. It’s laced and chemical up just like everything else. Recent testing by a party safe group at festivals came back with results that 2 in 1000 bags of coke contains actual cocine

    • iamshanemorris

      Source? (It doesn’t exist.)

  • bcstoner


    • iamshanemorris

      The context of the article, once again: You don’t know what’s in a bag unless you test it. Since you tend to write in ALL CAPS, I’m going to assume you’re not one of the people with testing strips.

      • bcstoner

        I used all caps to try to emphasize how fucking stupid you are by writing this article. Obviously it didn’t take.. MDMA is Molly and Molly is MDMA. Just because you’ve got shitty drug dealers or been to a few raves and bought shitty drugs doesn’t change a fucking thing. They are still the same. You are being more dangerous by spread stupid fucking misinformation than the drug dealers out there selling bull shit fake drugs. Every drug thats ever been sold ever has been cut or faked and sold to stupid assholes like yourself. Does that mean cocaine really isnt cocaine? No. It just means you are stupid. Pure molly exists you are just too fucking stupid to find it.

        • iamshanemorris

          Sorry. I mean to write “kits”. It’s late. But making personal attacks seems a little juvenile. But then again, you’re the person defending a scheduled controlled substance that kills people… so yeah…

          • bcstoner

            IAMSHANEMORRIS -” I never tested anything with a kit. I’d take a key-bump as a sample, and see how it made me feel. I weigh about 200 pounds, so I figured if it worked on me, it’d work on some 120 pound sorority chick”

            Crazy quote to come from such a big talker about testing.

          • bcstoner

            I guess you could be defensive if I was defending advil, water, cars, or just about everything else in the world that kills people as well. WHOA WATCH OUT THIS DUDES DEFENDING SHIT THAT KILLS PEOPLE!! IM CRAZY!!!!!

      • bcstoner

        And once again. To prove how fucking dumb you are… testing STRIPS? We aren’t running fucking urinalyses here. All testing kits are liquid which are dropped onto the actual drug or a chemical thats broken in a bag to test. Strips… Fuck.. Put a bullet in your head. You dont know a thing which you write articles about fuckhead.

  • bcstoner

    This idiot knows nothing about what he’s talking about… He deletes replies that destroy his dumb article. He thinks you buy testing STRIPS to test drugs. He thinks urinalysis is the same as drug testing. He has bad drug dealers that take advantage of his stupidity and thinks that molly can be anything. No. Molly is MDMA. The only reason it would not be is a dealer taking advantage of someones stupidity. Which obviously SHAME morris is not lacking in. I hope you continue to buy crap drugs at raves and maybe you will die before you’re retarded spread of retarded misinformation actually hurts someone.

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  • Sam Miyagi

    Orally ingesting heroin would have much less effect on your body, than the typical routes of ingesting it. Unless you are IV’ing MDMA, I agree with Cris, and highly doubt that you tasted some Molly and said this is heroin.

    You’ve got your timeline out of kilter also. Dubstep started getting widespread airplay in 2006/7 and was developing as a sound earlier than that. Also, there may not be such a thing as pure MDMA, however, unadulterated MDMA is definitely different than something that’s been cut or tampered with. I think that’s what people are referring to when they say “pure”. I really liked your comment about Stockton and Malone, though, good metaphor.

    Please don’t have infer any disrespect with these comments but your comments are really fallacious, irresponsibly so. I recommend doing a bit more research and organizing some of the anachronisms but hey that’s just me.

    If you’re interested in this sort of stuff, you might find David Nutt’s paper on addictivity & harm of various compounds interesting.


  • Alexiss Mooney

    I applaud you sir.

  • anonymistah

    5 lbs does NOT equal 35, 840 grams. It equals 2, 272 grams.

    • Mr.J

      2,267.96* 😉

  • do something with your life

    you are all stupid fucking crack heads….

  • anthony

    its a damn shame that people need to do drugs or drink to enjoy yourself at an edm concert
    ive been to ezoo edc ny pacha and pier 94 completely sober everytme and those were the most bonechilling adrenaline rush nights of my life

  • Fixda Fernback

    You’re a fucking moron. 1) I don’t meet anyone halfway intelligent these days, that take any powdered/crystallized drug without testing it first. 2)Heroin being sold as MDMA is not only extremely unprofitable for whoever would supposedly do that, but it’s also been shown to be false. Only two batches EVER of MDMA were officially tested with heroin in them, and there was suspicion they were dosed with H and sent in for testing JUST to show up on the dance safe/bunk police website. 3)Cocaine has been cut with SO MUCH worse than baby formula/laxative. Again, look at testing results (The DEA used to release testing results of the drugs they’d confiscated through their Microgram website). If you think cocaine is fine but molly isn’t because it’s a white unkown powder, what the FUCK do you think cocaine is? And for someone that works in the scene supposedly, or did, you don’t seem to know shit about the scene itself.

    The idea of raging responsibly and taking care of yourself and others has only grown and grown over the past decade. I see the people with “Where’s Molly?” shirts getting made fun of, because they’re clearly the DudeBros that care more about getting high than the scene and the music, but for most of us, it’s the opposite. When we choose to partake, it’s to enhance an experience rather than escape from reality, but life itself offers plenty of natural highs. And finally, it’s not the MDMA itself that kills, rather it’s the irresponsibility surrounding it. Look out for yourself, and others, and this will happen less and less. Information is free and available easily these days, don’t harm yourself through inaction. To the author: your words and ignorance here do more of a disservice to us in the scene, than the recent news about EZoo ever could.

    • Fixda Fernback

      Then again, maybe I’m just luckier at picking shows and festivals to go to, and haven’t been surrounded by the extreme amounts of idiocy everyone else seems to be. If you think it’s a problem, SPREAD THE WORD. Test, rest, hydrate, be aware. These four steps will help not only you, but your fellow friends and festival/concert-goers, have a safe yet fun time, if you insist on doing drugs. The onus of responsibility should be on no one but the user themselves, not the scene in general. Guess what? If kits become as common as they SHOULD, then people won’t even bother with trying to sell bunk shit.

  • Ali Crem

    couldn’t have said it better myself shane!

    • iamshanemorris

      Thank you!

  • dave

    jesus, you are FUCKING stupid. people die because of dumb assholes like you whole spew misconceptions like what you wrote.

  • dave


  • dave

    and if you’re getting/selling it for 50/g, no wonder all YOU and your play pushing button colleagues get is bunk. jeezus christ, YOU are one of the people that’s wrong with that scene. way to incriminate yourself on the internet and your “partners”. hope big brother reads this and the feds kick down your door because of stupid postings like this on the internet. once again, you’re a fucking custy braaah

    • iamshanemorris

      Thanks for your valuable insight, Dave.

      • dave

        it’s better than this douche’s

        • iamshanemorris

          I’m “this douche”, Dave. I wrote this.

  • blackpearl

    ha ha only $50 for a g of molly

  • Bob Meister

    You should be in prison by now…at least for being a total dumbass if nothing else. Young people doing drugs while listening to music…god knows this is the first time in world history this has ever happened.

  • Carons4

    These big promoters allowing the drugs into their festivals should have volunteers working testing booths so people can get their shit tested to see whats in it. When you buy from someone, go get it checked, and if its crap then you’ll know. Its one way to make festivals safer. Shambhala does this and it is a great method to safer drug use

  • Amanda Facemire

    I just read through a few of the below comments and saw a lot of h8terz, so I felt the need to give you some kudos, Shane. This is a delightfully honest article that has truly been an oasis in a sea of bullshit. I am continuously appalled by the lack of knowledge I encounter when dealing with the average molly user. I have had countless arguments, discussions, and straight-up debates with people about how MDMA is NOT “molly”, and most people are either hearing it for the first time, don’t care, or feel the need to shoot back at me with their supposed superior drug knowledge, no doubt compiled through a combination of wikipedia, erowid, dancesafe, and the bunk police.
    It seems some of the people below missed your point. This isn’t about how the average EDM event attendee is there for drugs and NOT music. This isn’t about “exactly WHAT adulterants are used for cutting”. What Shane is saying is that molly and EDM go hand-in-hand, as part of the culture and overall experience of the event (and the entire scene).

    I live in Atlanta. I’m from here. I’m telling you, all it takes is one visit to Rush Lounge, or – God forbid – Connect Lounge to see that there is a serious issue surrounding EDM culture. (Let us also not forget CoLab, home of Horrible Children hosted orgies. But I digress.) The lack of education is truly terrifying, especially when you witness a young person fall out. Unfortunately, the drug industry morphs almost as quickly as the technology industry. Legislation can’t keep up with it, which certainly means public education can’t. I’ll be volunteering at TomorrowWorld 2013, and I’m already mentally preparing myself for the inevitable casualties. So thank God for you, spider man. This should be required reading for every high school health class.

    • iamshanemorris

      …finally. Someone gets it. That took long enough.

  • Murad Gas

    Then you wake up?

  • Joshua

    This was a highly informative article for understanding the intricate relationship between show promotion and the drug economy. It’s helpful to hear an insider’s experience in regards to how the culture at music venues and festivals emerged.

    With that said, I think that something very important stated by Cris, a previous commenter, is being drowned out due to the intensity of his response to this article, and I would like to just take some time to reiterate it as it could legitimately save lives and ultimately reduce the sale of nefarious or suspect drugs.

    It is very easy to obtain reliable test kits that can help ensure you don’t ingest an undesirable substance (again http://dancesafe.org/products/testing-kits). A full test kit suite (accurately tells you that you have MDMA or MDE) is $65 for ~40 tests. If you are buying a gram of Molly (roughly 3-8 “rolling” sessions) at a time, you are buying insurance on your life for around $1.63 for every ~5 experiences. If you are buying greater amounts its even cheaper and even if you are buying individual .1g pills at a time, that’s still just an extra $1.63 tacked on to each. Or at least buy the Mecke Reagent and/ or Marquis Reagent (each $20) so you know you are getting some MDxx substance.

    Also, I think it prudent and responsible to promote a habit of testing before use since this article calls attention to such a highly deleterious behavior – namely going to an event to find and consume an unknown, unlabeled substance. With all substances (e.g. alcohol, caffeine, prescription medication), you should carry out the reasonable precautions for reducing the known risks of ingestion. For example, don’t buy alcohol from a suspicious, or even seemingly innocent yet non-licensed, street vendor who bottled his own fermented grapes. You wouldn’t buy a random concoction from a non-staff member in the bathroom or dark corner of a bar if he was selling it as a “rum and coke.” But you will take it from the licensed bar tender who is employed by the liable venue owners who you observed pouring your cocktail from labeled and branded containers. Because MDMA is still banned as a controlled substance, there is no regulating body that can ensure your purchase is safe for consumption so you have to take it upon yourself to do so.

    Another point, don’t be rash when it comes to mind altering, mood enhancing, or any other type of non-endogenous compound. If you need to have a substance at the event tonight, purchase it with enough time beforehand to test it – it takes roughly 5 minutes to set up a plate, pinch off a few specks, and drop and analyze the results of the reagents. If you can’t get any before you travel to a festival, don’t take what you buy right away – be sober the first night and test it so you’re good for the next two nights. There’s nothing but your own negligence forcing you to take the unknown substance at the risk of your life.

    Be safe. There are serious consequences that could prevent you from experiencing that “indescribable bliss” ever again for the rest of eternity.

  • Jon OfThe Shred

    Maybe if the music wasn’t so bland people wouldn’t need to roll their tits off to enjoy it. The potential of electronic music is staggering, it’s a shame so many people are content watching some asshole press the space bar on their laptop and fist pump for two hours.

  • Jon OfThe Shred

    Maybe if the music wasn’t so bland people wouldn’t need to roll their tits off to enjoy it. The potential of electronic music is staggering, it’s a shame so many people are content watching some asshole press the space bar on their laptop and fist pump for two hours.

  • Jesse Spergel

    Not going to lie, I enjoyed the article. Not as much as I am enjoying reading these comments of people trying to protect there ego. Most of you are opposed to this article because you think of yourself as intelligent and well informed with trustworthy drug dealers. Unless your buying directly from the cook, how can you be so sure of anything? Even if your dealer is your best friend or family member, all they know is what they are told but the dealer above them. I understand you can test it but what percentage of these kids do you actually think are testing this shit? You really think little Jessica fucktard from the suburbs whose going out with her merry band of sluts to pick up molly at a festival is going to bring along a fucking test? No, shes going to do whatever shes handed and eventually blow guys in the portapotty.

    This was written to show what is wrong with 90% of the users, not the 10% of people who have the foresight to test what they buy. The only explanation for your anger is insecurity. For those of you on here that do test, what are you getting so fucking butthurt about? Hes not talking about you. Its the equivalent of a guy writing an article about the dangers of shark attacks while surfing in the Pacific and being bombarded by a slew of people who are commenting “That’s total bullshit, you idiot, I surf in the Atlantic”.

  • ziggy dollar fucking bills

    This guy is retarded. If hes done molly so many times he’d know the difference between mdma crystals and heroine. Thanks for spreading more misinformation about molly you tool. TLDR.

    Molly = mdma crystals
    what people are od’ing on = methylone/butylone and other sketchy RC’s
    Molly was pretty clean until around 2010 when the electronic scene was blowing up and dealers realized they could make more money off fake bs.

    Buy a god damn test kit.
    Don’t injest unknown powders…. duh!! It’s not molly that is dangerous it is stupidity.

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  • Clinton Graybill

    Thank you so very much for writing this. This article hits incredibly close to home for me in many ways. I want to add that this is equally true in the Burning Man/Alternative Festival scene and all of what you talk about is the norm. Every season a new generation of party-goers come in and no one is willing to educate people about the dangers associated with the lifestyle. My community tries to take responsibility and help people new to the scene learn how to take care of themselves, but this is something that role models in the scene need to stop ignoring. If Bassnectar or the Disco Biscuits would just post something on their websites talking about things to look out for, things you can do to help yourself before events (Buy a test kit, for example, these are cheap, legal and effective). As you said in your article, the answer isn’t drug shaming because people want to feel good and will go where they can do that the most easily. I believe the answer is just not being afraid to talk about it, for the health of the scene. Thanks again, Shane!

  • amy m.

    are you kidding me dude? “At least if my blow has been stomped on by more Mexican drug dealers than the entire cast of “Breaking Bad,” I’ll know the worst I’m putting in my nose is baby formula, some Bayer, and then maybe a tiny bit of cocaine.” You really think that’s the worst that could happen? You’ve clearly never heard of levamisole. http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/the-mystery-of-the-tainted-cocaine/Content?oid=4683741

  • miller

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa so much fail. don’t even know where to begin

  • miller

    dood no one ate molly until i was like pablo esaboor wid dat sheet and noone ever ate malloy after dis articulo

  • miller


  • ChrispiCream Wiseacre

    Um you’re a huge dumbass this is misinformation. Drugs aren’t totally entwined in the scene, that particular drug is intertwined with idiots, and SOMEHOW idiots have become intertwined within the EDM scene. I blame electro. Noobs, wannabees, and people that are there to get “Fucked up yo! Yea let’s get WEIRD, we’re so WEIRD!” They’re preppy children. They’re not addicts, they’re not junkies, they’re not dancers or music lovers – in other words, they’re not professionals. You’re clearly not a professional either. What real scientist doing experimental research in the field is going to repeatedly ingest something and not even know what’s in it?? MDMA = Extacy. MDA = Molly. You are TOTALLY right, that “molly” is a white powder, and many of these caps are not filled with Molly (MDA). Have I tried bath salts? You’re damn right I have. I am a master of my craft and have done intensive study in the discipline of doing drugs. Point is, it takes a pinhead of mephodrone (bath salts) to get SO, SO, like sososososo high, if you ate a cap of it, you’re done. No ambulance, no hospital, no stomach pumping, no charcoal, you’re finished.

    ANYWAYS, anyone with access to google would know more about drugs than you do. And to people who are criticizing the article where he “thought he got heroin”, I think he means that particular cap made him nod and become disoriented and nauseated, like when you shoot your first BD10 of tar. That’s kind of his point, this chemical is a bathtub drug and it’s done wrong all the time. THAT’S WHY YOU BUY TEST KITS OFF THE INTERNET AND TTEESSTT THE STRANGE WHITE POWDER. Test before you ingest. Unless you are a grown up and do real drugs, the correct way, then dying from taking Mystery Molly Murder caps isn’t an issue for you. You need to be clothed, (the fucking bitches go out in underwear or less for their outfit,) you need to be hydrated, (stupid fu**in bros are drinking BEER not water,) REST at times, (that stupid “freak” move or whatever doesn’t tire you out properly like real break dancing and liquid, so you don’t stop start stop start, you’re just thrusting your crotch or butt at the nearest human being.

    The drug isn’t stupid. The people taking it are. Research chemicals do the job of killing morons, and I gotta tell ya… that doesn’t bother me. Get out of my scene, who invited you here? Who told you about this? When were your born??? 1996?? FOR GODS SAKE WHERE’S YOUR MOTHER.

  • Mur

    I saw this happen firsthand at Identity festival in 2012 in Atlanta. We talked to multiple kids who had their molly taken at the door but still let in and not arrested or harassed much more. just left without drugs. then witnessed much later in the night several security people walk by as other kids were blatently doing their drugs and all they did was pass by at a few foot distance, pause to glance over the kids shoulder to see them dipping out a baggie, nod his head up and down as if he was pleased and then walk on. it really weirded my friend’s and I out. That whole festival was weird as shit. filled with weird symbolism in the video screens, weird men in suits and stern faces handing out experimental Rockstars to crazed rolling kids, and lots of weird security. We eventually left early because we got so weirded out. We all agreed something was absolutely up and being contrived and manipulated. We felt sorry for the kids who didn’t see it and don’t get it. its really sad too because i am one of the ones who truly love the music.

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    Whoever wrote this article is a self-important retard who never heard of using a fucking testing kit. It’s unfortunate how many people are gonna be misinformed because of this.

  • jesus

    I thought the interesting part of this article was the part about how it’s intertwined with the industry. I’d like to see a follow up on this by someone more reputable (like a famous DJ) either confirming or denying these stories about promoters paying off security guards to let pre-approved dealers into events. I don’t want to believe this is true because it gives me the heebie jeebies thinking that the supply side of the music industry is effectively manufacturing the demand. It was also written by a guy named Bro Jackson. But it does make economic sense and it isn’t that ridiculous.

    Everything else was common sense mixed with a bit of generalization but nothing too heart-stopping. It could have been summed up like this:

    Unregulated market of illicit substances = severe lack of information. Given the situation, the following are the best ways to be safe. Forgive me if I forget something.

    Best: Don’t do drugs. This is the best harm reduction strategy and will prevent overdoses 100% of the time.

    Second best: Get a mass spectrometer or make your own drugs. (Ok next)

    Third best: Buy from a reputable source that has been tested for purity by an independent party, and reviewed and rated by multiple people, perhaps through some kind of semi-regulated marketplace ;). And buy a test kit. **Keep in mind the kit will tell you if your desired chemical is there or not, but it won’t tell you what else is in there along with it.**

    Fourth best: Buy from someone whom you trust, and whose product you know others have tried and enjoyed, and test it yourself with a kit.

    Fifth: Buy from a stranger but still test with a kit.

    Anything less than this is very, very stupid. Anyone who thinks they can tell what’s in a powder or a liquid or a piece of paper by how it looks/smells/tastes is naive. Guess what, a lot of chemicals taste bitter and smell weird. And for Christ’s sake, follow the rules that everyone knows:

    1. Know how much you’re taking. If you don’t measure your dose you are an idiot. You are dealing with very potent chemicals. You probably know a weed dealer whose scale you can borrow. Start small, wait a while, and go from there.
    2. Set and Setting. If you normally get anxious at big events with thousands of people but think molly will make it great, it probably won’t. You could get anxious and then you’ll get anxious that you’re getting anxious and you’ll have a panic attack.
    3. Don’t volunteer to be the guinea pig.
    4. Peer pressure etc.
    5. Be good to your body in the ways you know how (Water, food, vitamins, rest, etc.)
    6. Everyone is different. Don’t take a lot cause your friend could handle a lot, and don’t think cause you’re big you can handle more.
    7. Don’t buy something from a stranger because they “seemed legit.” Drug dealers are not stupid (not all of them anyway). And the person selling you bunk drugs might not even be trying to screw you over. They might legitimately think it’s the real deal. Makes no difference.
    8. Educate yourself. Keep up with the latest research. While real evidence is limited, every bit helps. Anecdotal evidence can be helpful too but remember to take it with a grain of salt.

    And even if you follow all these rules, you still might have a shitty time. That’s life. Interesting article.

  • Daniel Gould

    so at the end of the day, wouldn’t the real danger be fact that this stuff is criminalized and forced underground, making it possible for people to get contaminated goods or beat up by haitian gangs? this shit is entirely unregulated and completely illegal, leading to huge profits for the dealers and cooks and no accountability for anyone who is well-connected enough to get around the corrupt law enforcement apparatus. i don’t think molly itself is really all that dangerous if it is in fact Pure. alcohol is the most popular social drug in the world and people drop dead every day from drinking too much. but our society has acknowledged that alcohol is a social reality and we try to find ways to deal with it responsibly and healthfully. Ultimately it is the corrupt drug war regime around MDMA that makes it dangerous and sketchy, by enabling and even incentivizing people to get away with selling impure stuff. Sorry, but young people having fun on MDMA isn’t that alarming – it’s the social construct of hypocrisy and criminalization surrounding all of it that actually makes it a health problem.

  • oriblitz

    Shane, either you suck at math, or you are the most sensationalist liar in the blogosphere. Here’s my exhibit A:

    “and 5 pounds is 38,840 grams”

    Give me a break dude

    • iamshanemorris

      28 x 16 x 5 = 2,240. That times 50 = $112,000.

      The error has been corrected. But the math remains the same.

  • Ali

    I just want you to know that I respect the hell out of you for writing this piece; that definitely takes some balls. I got into the electronic scene when I was about 17, and I am now 26. I watched molly and the whole electronic scene blow up around me. It’s gotten to the point for me, personally, where I don’t go see some acts I love because I’ve seen young kids seize right in front of me or pass out on the floor in the back of a venue. I hate seeing kids rolled out on stretchers when I’m leaving a show. I’m all for enjoying yourself in whatever way you see fit, however, I can’t handle people knowingly selling drugs that aren’t what they claim to be to young kids (or anyone) just to make a buck.

  • Mark Vukman

    Mixed feelings about this article. Shane, I disagree with a lot of what you said, but can also very much appreciate you bringing up the risks associated with M (or whatever it may be) use. Unfortunately a lot of people here (on both sides) have resorted to using foolish personal attacks and abhorrent flaws in logic to further their opinions.

    Your drug dealer/club promoter dynamic is an interesting one. Especially since you worked in the industry. Great food for thought. As a veteran of the industry I am sure you can appreciate that there are many people who love the music. I am one of them. I also indulge so I see the validity of both sides. People do need to know the risks and glamorizing them is not a good idea.

    What I take away most from this article is the further proof that the current “War on Drugs” climate is directly contributing to people dying. Let’s face it, humans have been taking substances since the dawn of time, and this won’t change soon. Instead of the current system that creates an underbelly of seedy drug dealers, we should be treating this scene with the harm reduction approach. Any time I am at a festival or show, you can always count on me to help somebody out (to the greatest of my abilities) even if it’s as simple as giving them my water bottle.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  • Kisteroff

    I believe that there are always exceptions to the rules. For example, I’m someone who goes to shows for the music, I stay near the back and avoid the crowds because I have absolutely no desire to be pressed up against others.
    That being said, from my experience, at least 90% of people at these EDM and dubstep shows I go to are on some sort of drugs. And I don’t mean weed or cocaine, but some sort of psychedelic drugs.

    All in all, I really don’t think people go for the music, as least not most people. It seems like these shows are about an “experience,” provided by drugs. The music appears to be simply a feature of the “experience”, but certainly it is not the main focus.

  • Momchalant

    I rarely read this long of articles, but it was worth it, and one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time.
    After a bad breakup, I found some new “friends” and got into the EDM world, Molly, etc. I pretty much got everything for free because I had boobs and knew how to flirt. I always heard “this is pure MDMA” and “this is the best shit you’ll ever take.” There was a 98% chance I was already under the influence of something else, so this all sounded good to me.. until the next day. Thankfully, I got out of all of that mess and now have a wonderful little boy who has a mama that will teach him the honest truth of all of this madness.
    Before I even discovered Molly, I was taking MDMA in pill form. One night, I took two pills and once I started to come down, I kept puking. I puked at least once an hour for about six hours. The final time I puked, I puked up something that was the size of my fist and looked like a brain. Nothing else, just whatever the hell that was. To this day, I still have no idea what it was after extensive research and Googling what it could have been.
    I wish everyone could take into consideration that if you don’t know what’s in it, don’t take it, but we can’t save the world. But we can write great articles like these to help maybe just one or even two people realize this isn’t the path they want to go down.

  • Lylax

    @shane morris,

    you were in a diaper when MDMA hit the clubs in the late 80s early 90s. why even boast such crap…..and if your a consumer of drugs get a test kit. the only one responsible for your actions is YOU!!! YOU decided to buy some shady drugs, YOU decided to consume it, YOUR convulsing on the floor because YOU did not test your drugs.

    this statement:

    ” I’m the dude who used to tell people that lie. That’s what drug dealers
    do. They tell you that what you’re getting is the best shit, and it’s
    perfectly safe – and that’s how they keep you coming back.”

    makes you sound like your the asshole who would not use a test kit on anything and just go about your business to turn a profit.

  • nhr215

    Totally self-serving “article supposedly about deaths from drugs but if you count how many words are about the author and how many are about ODing, you can tell this guy is just one of 1,000 self-promoting jackasses online….

    Wasn’t worth the read…

    • iamshanemorris

      Yeah, fuck that self-serving jackass… oh wait… that’s me.

  • nhr215

    This child sounds like he’s like 25 and was in “the scene” for a couple of years… Hello the rave/dance community has been around for like 30 years… And MDMA, and other synthetic designer drugs have been around that the whole time…

    And let me add that any illicit drug can be spiked. I’ve had pot with PCP before, and god knows what in my Acid. This is not molly-specific by any means… Its just the current flavor of the month.

    Get over yourself!

  • TheBurgla

    You have a very interesting story and some very provocative and legitimate points to make, however the fallacy of your argument is in some ways the same mindset you are yourself criticizing; there is no completely true statement or rule that applies here, or ever for that matter. There are always exceptional circumstances, and real molly does exist and is attainable, though it is increasingly harder to get and the economics of the drug are increasing incentives for the market to become more risky and subscribe to ideals you have described, however that mostly applies to the mainstream markets that you have obviously been immersed in, while the days of old have moved into more underground circles. There is a demand for real molly which will drive the creation of it for those who understand what it is and seek it out, but as for your experience the large market molly is too easy to take advantage for it to ever to be corrected. What you don’t seem to realize however is that all this recent attention and controversy is going to fuel some kind of change, socially, economically and possible legislatively…and the market is going to change again in a way no one can predict yet..

    There is an interesting article on the recent events that you might find interesting.

    • iamshanemorris

      Disagree. The majority of people want MDMA to remain illegal.

  • Winston Struye

    Hey Shane, I’ve just read the article and was really glad I did, I’d now consider myself more “informed.” Most of the comments are just worth a simple glance over, but I’ve got a few real questions that I hope you see have a bit more legitimacy than most of these other ones-

    1) You must understand, for someone who comes on the internet and is “friends with alot of the artists” and talks about how “I was at the festival with the VIP badge”, it’s a bit hard to understand when you write a article slamming this culture that you’ve supposedly got so much out of. But I would like to ask, what do you suggest those people who do legitimately enjoy the music and would to “responsibly” enjoy quality substances do? For me, I’m plain and simple a huge fan of the music and a fan of great substances also, so what am I supposed to do now? Never ever take drugs again and complain about the people at festivals? You didn’t mentioned test kits in the article and in all the comments I’ve looked at you haven’t mentioned them, whats your opinion on them? I guess I’m a bit confused about what “positive advice” your giving.

    2) Also, have you ever taken MDMA or Molly or whatever before? So I would assume then, you’d understand why it’s been such a positive thing for so many. It sounds like you were selling it alot, alot of it, why did you keep selling it then if you were seeing people die from it? Because you assumed they had just had “bad mollys”? And you said you “tried running a clean business” but then you “had hot girls selling my product cause they were easier for people to trust”? I am correct in pretty much saying you had your one experience with your friend Brandon and then after that you’ve kinda stopped cold turkey? I guess I’m not seeing the point when you became someone sneaking into tons of drugs before the security showed up to now writing an article slamming everything about them and not mentioned one positive thing about them? Was there a clear point in time kinda thing when your opinion changed? Correct me if I’m saying something wrong

    3) This article is clearly pointing this very specific drug and a specific genre of music at a specific time, yet the party where you saw a kid overdosing was at a rap concert? Do you maybe think you could have said this happens across a large amount of cultures and this danger is obviously just as apparent with alcohol and weed and speeding on the freeway?

    But I would like to say man, I really appreciate you writing the article that goes against the norm, it takes alot and you grabbed it on the horns, well done.

    An informed reader with just a few questions


  • Weaver2

    Why can’t you just, I dunno, not do drugs? I’ve raved without drugs for like 12 years.

    Maybe if any of you lot were actually there to listen to the music we wouldn’t have such shit events full of shit people. If you can’t enjoy the party or the music without drugs, then pack your shit and get out of the fucking way because I’m trying to dance over here. The rise of “EDM” and the #yoloswag crew (who decided it was now their favourite thing in the world) only brought in a bunch of posers acting out a bad caricature of how and what they think ravers are.

    These aren’t raves, and the people at them aren’t ravers.

    This isn’t to say the underground doesn’t have a drug problem (even to this day), but at least people know how to take their shit safely there.

  • MC

    “Well, TomorrowWorld is projecting 50,000 people per day in attendance, and five pounds is 35,840 grams – so it’s not actually just possible he’ll sell five pounds. It’s probable.” Please explain how you got to that number….

  • nickyp

    I too had a bad encounter with molly, the 3rd day of ezoo i was happy it got cancelled, I may have been one of those people who went down on the third day. And the scary part about my experience is even with both the mecke and marquis test kits we still couldnt get an exact reading of what we had it matched nothing on the charts. I learned my lesson and as an artist im trying to get people to stop the drugs its pointless. No one realizes anything till its life or death.

  • Helena

    The only thing I feel the need to point out is that you can’t choke on your own tongue. But other than that, I applaud the spirit of the article. It’s refreshing to see someone who’s not afraid to step up and tell some unpopular truths.

  • NinjaCville

    On one hand, there seems to be some morality in writing this article. On another hand, it sounds like someone who didn’t really succeed is now blasting their competition and inviting legal action upon people that probably viewed you as their friend. No one forces anyone to take these things. The continual stupidity of the war on drugs is what causes the issues with purity and organized crime. It’s pretty OBVIOUS kids are going to take ANYTHING they can get to get a buzz, so why shouldn’t the gov help make that buzz safe? The analogs, the bath salts – no one makes those because they are the best compound, they make them because the Fed has taken away the ability to obtain proper precursors to make real hallucinogens and entheogens. Considering the percentage of people taking these compounds, vs. the people who aren’t so successful at taking them, tells a much larger story about their relative safety. And for all the folks who think this is a line of bull, check out this article in a trusted medical journal, the Lancet, where MDs took a common-sense and empirical approach to grading the relative danger of substances of abuse. Google for the Lancet, and the title is “Development of a rational scale to assess the harm of drugs of potential misuse.” These medical experts took real statistics and real observations (probably not made while they themselves were high, like you, the author), and rank alcohol way above Ecstasy. Focus on the path to legalization and you will see far better results. Then the people spending money in the clubs and festivals would be buying merchandise, because they’d be able to bring in safe substances and have a good time.

  • Dubflip

    Bullshit 5 times in the first 5 paragraphs. That isn’t how you sneak pills in as it would get caught 100% of the time, those drugs are never in molly, and if you don’t know what is really in E I don’t know why you are trying to lecture others. And the molly world started the year you did? And because of police dogs in LA? I can’t even… AND THEN YOU ADMIT YOU WERE NOT EVEN SELLING MDMA.

    What is dumber than believing a guy that he will sell 5 pounds a weekend? THAT IS 73 Gs PER HOUR THE FESTIVAL IS OPEN

  • disqus_lUKTZTWlrI

    Shane, big thumbs up on your article. Of course your audience would like some hard evidence or sources (myself included) but even without it, I find your argument compelling and without too many loose ends… except for maybe the whole overdose story, that doesn’t add up. Isn’t there a medical staff on site at the venue?

  • kingcole225

    Molly is MDMA. The only reason this has been confused is because nearly all MDMA isn’t MDMA at all. In fact, ~50% of “MDMA” in America doesn’t actually have any “MDMA” in it at all, and about 30% is a mix of MDMA and other stuff. The reason people have taken to thinking Molly is different is just because drug dealers, once caught, have tricked the buyer into not caring that they just got impure MDMA, and instead they convince themselves that they just messed up their drug knowledge.

    Sources: http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/mdma/mdma.shtml

  • Jack

    What a stupid article. There is lots of bad mdma (which is not mdma) out there and good pure mdma. Just gotta know your sources. Dumb shit kids go around taking everything. Cocaine is regularly cut with speed and other less expensive stimulants. Like with marijuana, this added violence, the deaths from overdosing on bad product, is another reason to legalize and regulate. Drugs are never going away. Why don’t people see that?

    • iamshanemorris

      I just did another story with NowThis News. We tested it with Hamilton Morris from VICE. None of the samples we got had MDMA in them. NONE.

  • 12798166

    Assuming that “someone involved with the Ultra festival has taken money to allow various groups to sell drugs at Ultra” is a ridiculous and uneducated claim. The company chooses to invest their efforts and a prodigious amount of money in online advertising and campaigning. That is what drives thousands of EDM fans to Miami for the festival every year, not the drugs being sold over the course of the weekend.

    As stated, most attendees are not from the city of Miami, traveling long distances to experience Ultra which makes it nearly impossible to bring drugs from the location of departure. If their primary motive was to do drugs, they would have stayed home.

    Ultra is such a huge and successful corporation, I doubt they would ever risk their affluence by ever inviting part of the drug cartel into a venue with an immense amount of law enforcement.

    • iamshanemorris

      I’m glad you’re holding the party line with Ultra, and I hope your bosses paid you well to write this anonymous response. “The company” chooses to invest in online advertising. I know. Buzz, Complex, etc. I see the ads. We all do.

      People go to Ultra to do drugs. It’s sorta like, “the thing to do” when you’re there. Ask some Miami VICE police about it.

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  • Jonn F

    you clearly dont have a fucking clue and you must get shit drugs where i come from mdma will be mdma

  • Jamie Sullivan

    These articles were extremely extremely insightful… I’m sure you have
    gotten the nastiest and most hateful comments from this, but I want to
    thank you for the insider perspective. I’m
    25 and I’ve been in the scene since I was 18 and it’s been interesting
    the way perspective changes you as you get older. And you’re right- a couple years ago I felt like I was lying to myself saying, everything’s cool… when it was totally not. I doubt many young
    kids are going to have an open mind about this, but just having the
    balls to come out and explain these things and give such an honest
    personal account is really rare. I think this will be on my mind for
    good now- I don’t think I’ll look at festivals the same way again. There’s a crew in the east bay that is doing some of the stuff you suggest- informational flyers and a team of “safety patrol” peers who are there to provide help/check on people.

  • sferios

    Hi. I’m the founder of DanceSafe. I’m currently producing a full-length, feature documentary on MDMA. I’d love to interview you about the experiences you discuss in this article. If you’re interested, let me know how to contact you. – Emanuel

  • LamboGhini

    The “edm is only good while ur on drugzz” point is invalid. I started off listening to electronic music when I was dead sober. Sure, there is alot of garbage and overpaid DJ’s on the decks. Yes there is rampant drug use. Thats the fun of it. Not everyone is on drugs, some are there purely for dancing and friendship. If your smart you pay $50 for tests. If you take the substances, its your obligation to yourself to find a surefire way you are getting MDMA. It’s when these people start snorting random dime bags they end up dead. Thats natural selection folks.

  • Devorah

    Hey All, I am doing research for a documentary piece about the EDM scene and would love to chat with people about their experiences and views. Please email me at devorah@part2pictures.com if you are interested in talking (off the record).