Dearest Party Planner. Never was there a more solemn occasion to throw a party.  The final episodes of “Breaking Bad” begin Sunday on AMC. Make your own meth or at least some blue rock candy and invite all your friends over. There is only a first episode of a second half of a sixth season of “Breaking Bad” once.


Walter White Russian – The first drink is innocent enough. The more you drink, the more deadly it becomes
Cristal meth – You can tell the quality by the deep blue coloring
Messy Drinkman – Whatever’s leftover at the end of the party
Vince Killians – A smart and creative Irish Red Beer


Heisenburger – A dangerous treat that isn’t good for the heart.
Albuturkey – An open faced turkey sandwich that is very dry.
Bryan Branston – A healthy breakfast muffin that has a crunchy outside and “Malcolm in the Middle.”
Baking Bad – When all else fails to get the party going, bake in an RV in a desert.
Butterball Saul – Cheap turkey with bad hair.
Bob Toadenkirk – Frog Legs.
ViAnna Gunns – Vienna Sausages.


RULES (drink every time this happens)

  • Walter White gets really angry to get his way.
  • Jesse doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.
  • Skylar White fights with Walter.
  • Skylar is right but is such a bitch about it that you don’t cheer for her.
  • Crystal Meth is cooked.
  • Something goes awry.
  • A dead character is referred to (silently counts).
  • Walt Jr. says “I don’t even know what’s happening,” “I don’t know why you’re acting this way,” or “Nobody tells me anything.”

SOCIAL: DEA = Drink Extra Alcohol. Drink for 10 seconds anytime a DEA Agent appears.